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   Later, Su Yunluo learned from someone else that Qi Yunxuan had already proposed to Mu Yuqing. 

     Qi Yunxuan took Mu Yuqing to meet Mother Qi, hoping to agree to their marriage.

Mother Qi had never heard of Mu Yuqing before, and suddenly she heard that he wanted to marry her.

     Mu Yuqing was not worthy of him, no matter what! Mother Qi, in her heart, decided that it was all Mu Yuqing who had encouraged Qi Yunxuan to climb up to their family. 

     Luoluo heard that the mother and son were at loggerheads over this, and Qi Yunxuan hadn’t been home for many days. 

     But Su Yunluo just listened and left it at that.

Her days now were either spent in the studio or dating Wen Nanjin.

Those two had nothing to do with her. 

     Wen Nanjin was really a no-nonsense boyfriend.

Usually, both of them were pretty busy with work.

     He made time always to meet up with her.

Little surprises, small gifts, and such were even more readily available.

Everything about her, he was very attentive.

     As long as she said that a certain thing was pretty, that thing would appear in front of her the next day. 

     Under the man’s pampering, Su Yunluo felt very happy every day, loving him more and more each day. 

     She sometimes wondered what kind of virtue and ability she had to be favored by him.

She could only think that it was fate that made the two meet and fall in love.

The only way for her to live up to his affection was to love him even more.

     It was the weekend.

The two naturally went on a date.

After spending the day at the amusement park, the two were reluctant to part.

     Wen Nanjin proposed to go to his house, to which she readily agreed.

     Wen Nanjin didn’t live with his parents and bought a well-decorated high-rise apartment house in the city center. 

     The community facilities were perfect, and fingerprints were required for entry and exit, so the security was very high.

     The elevator reached the 23rd floor.

Su Yunluo followed Wen Nanjin out of the elevator. 


     When they stood at the apartment door, he entered his fingerprints to open the door and then asked Su Yunluo to enter her fingerprints to make it easier for her to come next time.

     The apartment was designed with three rooms and two halls: a master bedroom, a second bedroom, and a study room. 

     The house was mainly in black and white.

Most of the things were either white or black, but they were decorated with other colors.

It didn’t look too monotonous.

     There was a large floor-to-ceiling window in the living room there that led to a large balcony.

Many green pot plants were planted, and all of them were growing well.

It was clear that the owner of the house had taken good care of them.

     Su Yunluo went to the kitchen again.

The kitchen was complete with pots and pans.

She opened the refrigerator, which was stuffed with fresh ingredients.

The owner of the house was very fond of cooking.

     Su Yunluo was curious, “Brother Nanjin, do you cook”

     “Yeah, I usually cook my own food, unless I have to go out to eat or order take-out when I’m swamped.” Wen Nanjin answered.

     “Then brother Nanjin’s cooking skills should be excellent” Su Yunluo teased.

     “Comparable to a five-star chef.” Wen Nanjin was full of confidence. 

     He wasn’t exaggerating.

Wen Nanjin was very interested in cooking and would study recipes in his spare time.

     Sometimes when he went out to eat, he would remember which taste was delicious then go home to study it and make it with his own hands.

     “Brother Nanjin is so powerful.

Unlike me, I can’t do it.” Su Yunluo was a bit envious. 

     Although she could also cook, what she made was only enough to fill her stomach.

     “It’s okay.

After Luoluo marries me in the future, the kitchen will be left to me.

So Luoluo doesn’t have to worry.” Wen Nanjin smiled dotingly.

     Wen Nanjin originally wanted to send Su Yunluo back.

Who knew that it suddenly started raining heavily outside.

     He could only wait for the rain to stop.

Unexpectedly, the rain outside not only didn’t tend to stop but also became heavier.


     Seeing that it was past ten o’clock, Wen Nanjin thought about it and said, “Luoluo, the rain shouldn’t stop for a while.

Now that it’s so late, why don’t… you sleep here tonight I’ll send you back tomorrow.”

     Su Yunluo thought about it and agreed.

She made a phone call and told Mother Su that she was staying overnight at Wen Nanjin’s.

     Wen Nanjin led her to the second bedroom, “Luoluo, you sleep in this room tonight.” 

     Wen Nanjin opened the closet and took out the clean beddings and pillows, laying them out for her.

     “There’s a bathroom in the bedroom with clean toiletries and a bathrobe.” Wen Nanjin said.


I got it.” Su Yunluo nodded.

     “Rest early.

Goodnight.” Wen Nanjin kissed her forehead, then closed the door and went out.

     Su Yunluo took a hot bath and went to bed in her bathrobe, falling asleep shortly after.

The rain became heavier, accompanied by thunder and lightning. 

     “Boom!” suddenly, a huge thunder sounded.

     Su Yunluo was suddenly awakened.

Looking at the time, it was only 11 o’clock, and she had not slept for an hour.

     She lay on the bed, listening to the thunder roaring outside.

The more she lay, the more afraid she was.

She tossed and turned, but she could not fall asleep.

     Su Yunluo hated the sound of thunder.

In her home, it was fine.

But she was now at Wen Nanjin’s.

Although he was in the next room, she was still alone, and there was still thunder and lightning outside.

     The more she thought about it, the more afraid she was.

She got up from the bed and went to the next room to find Wen Nanjin.


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