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 The two of them officially became boyfriend and girlfriend.

After lunch, Wen Nanjin sent Su Yunluo home. 

     When the Su couple saw Su Yunluo and Wen Nanjin together, they thought it was strange.

Then they heard what happened from Wen Nanjin and were surprised and angry at the person who drugged her.

     They felt grateful to Wen Nanjin.

If he hadn’t arrived in time, the consequences would have been disastrous.

     “Luoluo, do you really like Nanjin If you don’t like him, don’t force yourself to be with him.” Mother Su asked after Wen Nanjin left.

     Su Yunluo was a bit helpless, “Mom, I have a crush on brother Nanjin, and brother Nanjin treats me very well.

There’s nothing wrong with being with him.”

     “I know that Nanjin is a good boy.

A talented and capable, and more importantly, he is sincere to you.

But only if you like him.

Mom doesn’t want you to regret it in the future.” Mother Su spoke with a serious heart.

     Knowing that Mother Su was genuinely thinking of her, Su Yunluo was touched. 

     “Mom, I understand what you mean.

I quite like brother Nanjin.

Maybe he’ll be your son-in-law in the future.

How sad he’d be if you said that,” joked Su Yunluo.

     “This child, how could you talk like that” Mother Su glared at her but was finally relieved.

     A few more days passed, and the investigation about the person who drugged her came out. 

     That person wanted to cooperate with Qi’s group, but he had talked to Qi Yunxuan several times without success.

So harboring a grudge, he tried to drug Qi Yunxuan and use it as leverage to threaten him. 

     Unexpectedly, Su Yunluo mistakenly drank that glass of wine, and it became what it was now.

     After finding the culprit, Wen Nanjin and the Su family naturally wouldn’t let him go.

That person was finally fired, and no company dared to hire him.

He could only leave the city in disgrace to earn a living elsewhere.

     Su Yunluo was busy in the studio as usual.

After that fashion show, Su Yunluo also opened up her reputation internationally and signed contracts with many stars to provide dresses for them.

     “Luoluo, are you done being busy” Wen Nanjin called over.

     “There’s a little bit of trouble going on.

What’s up”

     “I wanted to see you for lunch.

Is Luoluo free I’ll come over to pick you up,” Wen Nanjin asked warmly.

     Su Yunluo looked at the time, “Brother Nanjin, I still have half an hour before I’m done.

You can come over and pick me up later.”

     “Okay.” Wen Nanjin hung up the phone.

     Half an hour later, Wen Nanjin arrived at Su Yunluo’s studio.

Su Yunluo raised her head, “Brother Nanjin, just wait a little longer.

I will be done soon.”

     Wen Nanjin waited for her as promised.

Su Yunluo took the pencil and doodled on the paper, then put down the brush and nodded in satisfaction.

     Wen Nanjin approached her and imprinted a kiss on her cheek, “Finished being busy”


Brother Nanjin, where are we going to eat” Su Yunluo asked as she packed her things.

     “There’s a private restaurant that’s delicious.

I’ll take you there to try it.” Wen Nanjin said.

     The two of them soon arrived at the private dining restaurant.

Wen Nanjin had already reserved a private room in advance, and after giving their names to the front desk, a waiter led them to the private room.

     The private room was decorated in an antique style, making people feel very comfortable. 

     The waiter brought the menu to Su Yunluo, but she didn’t know what to eat.

So she asked Wen Nanjin to order.

Wen Nanjin asked Su Yunluo what to avoid and then ordered the unique dishes there.

     In less than 20 minutes, the dishes were served.

Steamed scallops with garlic vermicelli, baby vegetables in soup, boiled shrimp, plum cabbage with pork, and two unique Cantonese dishes.

     Wen Nanjin was very happy to know that she was satisfied with her meal.

In reality, Su Yunluo was Cantonese.

So seeing these dishes made her feel perfect.

     As they ate, they chatted, and the meal lasted nearly an hour.

Just as they pushed open the door to pay the bill, the people from the opposite room also came out. 

     Seeing them, Su Yunluo was stunned.

How did they run into each other again

     “Luoluo.” Mother Qi saw her and said happily.

     “Hello, aunt.” Su Yunluo smiled.

     Behind Mother Qi were Qi Yunxuan and Mu Yuqing that also greeted Su Yunluo, respectively. 

     Qi Yunxuan was as cold as ever, and Mu Yuqing’s voice was soft but with a bit of a nasal voice and looking red-eyed.

It seemed she cried.

     Looking more closely, Mother Qi and Qi Yunxuan’s face wasn’t looking very good either.

It looked like the three of them talked about something.

     It seemed like only then that Mother Qi saw Wen Nanjin standing beside Su Yunluo, “Yunluo, this is”

     “Auntie, this is my boyfriend, Wen Nanjin.” Su Yunluo introduced.

     “Hello, I’m Wen Nanjin.” Wen Nanjin smiled politely.

     “It turned out to be Luoluo’s boyfriend.

He looks really talented.

Auntie originally thought Luoluo could be my daughter-in-law.

What a pity.” Mother Qi’s tone was quite regretful.

     Su Yunluo and Wen Nanjin didn’t change their expressions, but Mu Yuqing was about to cry.

At the same time, Qi Yunxuan’s face had a hint of dissatisfaction with his mother.

     He spoke in a low voice, seemingly comforting Mu Yuqing.

     “Auntie, we still have things to do.

We’ll leave first.”

     Mother Qi nodded, and Su Yunluo took Wen Nanjin’s hand and left.


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