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“Stop, stop, how can A’Cheng answer so many questions Let me tell you…” A man who claimed to be a know-it-all spoke.


“My sister-in-law’s name is Su Yunluo, and she is a teacher at Sunflower Kindergarten.

She is 24 years old and has the countenance of a flower, face like the moon,” The man said.


It was unknown where he got it, but he could say it in such detail.

After everyone heard it, they all said, “oh.” After a while, everyone started to congratulate:


“Congratulations, A’Cheng, you are finally going to get laid.”

“Yes, yes, we have a sister-in-law…”

Zou Cheng listened to their words helplessly.

“Don’t be so excited.

I haven’t confessed to her yet, and I’ll bring her to meet you after confirming the relationship.”


Everyone knew that he was attracted when they saw the serious look on his face, so they stopped joking.


“By the way, I have good news for you.

I have successfully proposed to my girlfriend.

It is estimated that the wedding will be held in September this year.” Zhou Zheng threw out the big news.


As a result, there was another round of congratulations in the private room.

Looking at Zhou Zheng’s happy face, Zou Cheng thought that if he was dating Su Yunluo, if he was fast enough, he should be able to get married at about that time.


“Okay, I won’t talk so much.

I’m going to pick up Shengsheng.” When Zhou Zheng walked to the door, he seemed to remember something and said, “By the way, Shengsheng will be at the xx Grand Theater tomorrow night.

Remember to come over to support the show.”


Listening to his rude tone, everyone drove him away with a look of disgust.

While Zou Cheng, who was beside him, was thoughtful: Is it a musical Sounds good.


Recently, Zou Cheng frequently asked Su Yunluo out.

Su Yunluo felt Zou Cheng was interested in her, but he never confessed it.

After all, she was a girl, and Su Yunluo was not in a position to ask him.

Hence, the state of the two became somewhat ambiguous during this period.


And tonight, Zou Cheng invited her for dinner and to watch a musical.

She packed up and was about to get off work because it was almost time.


The female colleague who was close to her at the next table smiled and said, “Luoluo, are you going out on a date with your boyfriend”


Su Yunluo said embarrassedly, “Don’t talk nonsense.

We are just ordinary friends.”


“He’ll be your boyfriend soon.

Come on, such a good man, you must take him down as soon as possible.” The female colleague smiled ambiguously.


“Not talking to you anymore.

I’ll go first.” Su Yunluo blushed and left.


As soon as she walked out of the kindergarten, Su Yunluo saw a black Lincoln parked not far away.

A handsome man was leaning in front of the car, attracting the attention of many people passing.


Su Yunluo walked towards him.

The man looked up as if he sensed someone, “Luoluo.”


“Brother Zou, have you waited for a long time” Su Yunluo asked him.


“No, I just arrived.” The man went to the passenger seat, opened the door, and let Su Yunluo sit in.


Su Yunluo noticed that the man was dressed formally today, and his hair was neatly combed, so she couldn’t help but take a few more glances.

The man saw that the woman’s gaze fell on him.

His face did not reveal anything, but the hand gripping the steering wheel tightened.


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