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In the evening, Zou Cheng and his friends gathered in the clubhouse.

These people were his best friends.

They had known each other since high school, and it had been more than ten years.

Their relationship was comparable to that of brothers.


Around nine o’clock, a man dressed in a fashionable outfit arrived late.


“Why did you just come You made us wait,” said the man in the private room.


“Isn’t it too early” The flamboyant man rolled his eyes.

The flamboyant man named Zhou Zheng was an internationally famous make-up artist.

His make-up technique was perfect, and you would become a world-class beauty in his hand, whether one was ugly or beautiful.


“Look, it’s really different when you’re in love.

There is a thick stench of love emanating from all over your body.” Someone couldn’t help but tease.


“Oh, no way.

You all know that this is the first time I’m in a relationship.

I’m more innocent, but I can’t compare to your experience.” Zhou Zheng said half-jokingly.


“What you said is wrong.” Someone retorted.

“In terms of innocence, are you comparable to A’Cheng He has been a bachelor since in her mother’s womb, and he hasn’t even given his first love.”


When Zou Cheng heard his name being mentioned, he raised his eyebrows and said, “I won’t be a bachelor soon.”


Once this statement was made, the crowd became curious.

You must know that Zou Cheng was the oldest among this group of people.

Everyone else had girlfriends, but he was the only one who hadn’t.

He had not even had a woman by his side for many years, and his relationship history was blank.

They even wondered if he was gay.


They heard him say that he would soon be free from singlehood.

They all asked one after another:


“Something is going on here.

What is sister-in-law’s name”

“How old is she What does she do”

“Is she pretty”



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