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Su Mingxuan fell to the ground in fright, while Su Yunluo screamed in panic.

She turned and buried himself in Zou Cheng’s arms.


“Yunluo, it is fine.

I’m here.” Zou Cheng softly comforted her.


Su Mingxuan sat on the ground, watching his dearest uncle busy comforting Teacher Su.

He didn’t have time to care for him.

He stood forcefully and patted the dust on his butt.


For the next 200 meters, Su Yunluo held Zou Cheng’s arm tightly.

She was taken aback by not paying attention, but now she didn’t have the heart to hunt for treasure and just wanted to get out of here quickly.


After finally walking out, Su Yunluo breathed a sigh of relief while breathing the fresh air outside.

She realized she had been holding on to Zou Cheng’s arm and let go a little embarrassedly.

“Sorry, big brother Zou.”


“Are you all right” Zou Cheng looked concerned.


“I’m alright.

I’m sorry, big brother Zou had to see that.” Su Yunluo felt a little embarrassed.


Su Mingxuan, on the side, wrinkled his face and accused his uncle.

“Uncle is bad.

He is more considerate of women.

Earlier, Xuanxuan fell, but he didn’t ask.”


Hearing this, Su Yunluo’s face turned redder, and Zou Cheng was also a little embarrassed.

He coughed twice to cover it up.


The staff counted the number of ingots they got.

“Congratulations, Mr.

and Mrs., your number of ingots is xx, and you can get family clothes.”


The staff gave them two big and one small clothes of blue Doraemon.

Su Yunluo wanted to explain that they were not in such a relationship.

However, in the face of such an excited Su Mingxuan, she didn’t say it.


Then they did a lot of other rides, and after dinner at the restaurant, they boarded the Ferris wheel.


The Ferris wheel rose slowly, and they could enjoy the beautiful night scenery around it when they sat in it.

There was also a legend about the Ferris wheel: according to legend, when the Ferris wheel rose to the top, if the lovers kissed, they would stay together.


Although it may not be true, many couples still kissed on the Ferris wheel, praying that they and their lovers could be together forever.


By the time they got off the Ferris wheel, Su Mingxuan was already tired and had fallen asleep.

After all, he was a child and should be exhausted after playing all day.


Su Yunluo was also a little tired.

While sitting in the car, she couldn’t help falling asleep.


Zou Cheng drove the car and glanced back at them.

Su Mingxuan was sleeping on Su Yunluo’s lap while the woman was leaning on the seat.


They looked like a mother and son.

Zou Cheng smiled silently.


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