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“What does Xuanxuan want to play next” After getting off the merry-go-round, Su Yunluo asked him.


“Uncle, Teacher Su, shall we go to the haunted house” Mentioning the haunted house, Su Mingxuan had a longing face.


Zou Cheng raised his eyebrows, “Is Xuanxuan sure Are you not afraid”


Su Mingxuan nodded affirmatively, “Mmmm.

I heard that haunted houses are fun.

Let’s go play.” He spoke, putting on a spoiled front.


“Well then, Xuanxuan, don’t cry later.” Zou Cheng teased him.


“No way.

Uncle, don’t scare me.” Su Mingxuan determined.


The haunted houses here were graded.

Su Yunluo and Zou Cheng played the haunted house suitable for children.

But more like an adventure treasure hunting game, as long as you find enough treasures inside, you can receive a reward.


After listening to the staff’s introduction to the game’s rules, the three entered the haunted house.

Although it was a children’s version, it still felt a little eerie when you entered it and inexplicably made people feel their backs chill.


It was dark inside the haunted house.

Zou Cheng didn’t dare to let Su Mingxuan walk.

He carried him while Su Yunluo followed closely behind, cautiously stepping forward.


The further they went inside, the stranger noises began to echo.

Su Mingxuan covered his ears in fear, “Uncle, why do I hear as though someone is crying”


“It’s okay.

That’s all fake.” Zou Cheng patted his back to comfort him.


After walking for a while,  Su Mingxuan’s sharp eyes spotted something.

“Uncle, look, there is a box there.”


The three walked over and found that it was a treasure chest.

Su Mingxuan opened it and heard a female voice inside:


[Congratulations to those who are destined to open the treasure box, please continue to work hard! 】


Su Mingxuan was startled and then boldly took out the contents, which were two small golden ingots.

He put the ingots in the basket given to him by the staff and continued walking.


One after another, they found a lot of treasure chests and collected most of the baskets of ingots.


When they were two hundred meters away from the exit, the three found a treasure chest again.

This time the treasure chest was much larger than the previous one.

Su Mingxuan was even more excited when he saw it.

“That’s great, Uncle, Teacher Su! This treasure chest is so big.

There must be a lot of ingots in it.”


Like before, Su Mingxuan dared to open the treasure chest.

Who would have guessed that when he opened it this time, it was not ingots, but a “female ghost”!



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