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“Teacher Su, mom and dad, uncle, I won first place.” After all, he was a child.

After everyone dispersed, Su Mingxuan couldn’t help but loudly share his joy.


“Xuanxuan is amazing.

Mom is proud of Xuanxuan.” Zou Min gently praised.


“Yunluo’s piano is also very nice.” Zou Cheng praised in a low voice.

He said this very sincerely.  Earlier, Su Yunluo played the piano on the stage.

She was wearing a white dress, and the stage lights shone like casting a holy light on her.

Zou Cheng thought for a moment that he saw an Angel.


“Thank you.” Su Yunluo said, blushing slightly.


Su Mingze, Zou Min’s husband, looked at Zou Cheng and Su Yunluo with a meaningful smile.

His wife praised Su Yunluo after him, but she did not hear the intimacy of Zou Cheng’s words to Su Yunluo.

Still, he heard it and saw it clearly: Brother-in-law is attracted to her, and she seems interested in him.

It appears that something is going on between the two.


“Teacher Su, it’s getting late, so we’ll go back first.” Zou Min bid her farewell.


“Wait a minute.  Mama, I have something to say to Teacher Su.” Su Mingxuan said.


Although Zou Min was a little puzzled, she still went outside to wait for him.


“Teacher Su, do you still remember when you said that you promised me a wish if I won first place” Su Mingxuan said.


“Of course, I remember.

Then what is Xuanxuan’s wish” Su Yunluo smiled softly.


“The day after tomorrow is my birthday.

Would it be okay if Teacher Su and I go to an amusement park” Su Mingxuan looked at her expectantly.


Su Yunluo was surprised that his wish turned out to be this, but she nodded and agreed.


“That’s great, Teacher Su.

Then we’ll meet you at the amusement park entrance at 9:30.” Su Mingxuan looked happy.


Su Mingxuan’s family was about to go home, but Zou Cheng stayed behind and said he would send Su Yunluo home.

“You go first; I will send Yunluo home.

It’s too late, and it’s not safe for a girl to be alone.” Zou Min nodded in understanding.


“Xuanxuan is very happy today.” Sitting in the car, Su Yunluo took the initiative to chat.

“Yeah, I heard A’Min say that Xuanxuan had been practicing hard for a while and has gotten the first place now, so it’s a good thing,” Zou Cheng smiled.


“Well, I promised Xuanxuan’s wish.

Now it can come true.” Su Yunluo inadvertently mentioned that she would take Su Mingxuan to the amusement park the day after tomorrow.


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