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“Wow! It looks delicious.” Su Mingxuan, on the side, made an exaggerated voice.


“Which dish would Xuanxuan want to eat Teacher Su will give it to you.” Su Yunluo said gently.


Su Yunluo was busy taking care of Su Mingxuan and didn’t even move her chopsticks much.

He said, “Miss Su, eat quickly.

Xuanxuan will be taken care of by me.”


At this time, Su Mingxuan realized that his favorite teacher was too busy caring for him and had no time to eat.

Somewhat remorseful, he spoke, “Teacher Su, I’m sorry, and it’s all Xuanxuan’s fault.

Eat quickly.

Xuanxuan can do it.”


Seeing Su Mingxuan’s appearance as a little adult, Su Yunluo patted his head amusedly.


The two dishes Su Yunluo ordered were from her hometown, and she tried a couple of bites before putting them down.

The dishes were delicious, but unfortunately, they weren’t authentic enough.


Zou Cheng, who was on the side, noticed her movement and asked, “Miss Su, it doesn’t suit your taste”


“No, it’s delicious.

Maybe I’m a picky eater.

Excuse me if I made you feel uncomfortable” Su Yunluo’s tone was a little apologetic.


After eating a meal for nearly an hour, Su Yunluo watched Zou Cheng take care of Su Mingxuan meticulously, peeling shrimp, feeding him, and wiping his mouth.

Being so good to his nephew, Su Yunluo couldn’t help but imagine that if he had children in the future, he would definitely be a good father.


Zou Cheng raised his head and saw Su Yunluo smiling, looking at him, “What’s the matter, Miss Su”


“It’s nothing.

I just think Mr.

Zou is taking good care of Xuanxuan and will be a good father in the future.” Su Yunluo looked sincere.


Seeing the woman’s smiling face, Zou Cheng felt a slight movement in his heart.


Su Yunluo intended to part with them at the door, but Zou Cheng insisted on sending her back.

Su Mingxuan also refused to let her go, so she had to take their car to leave.


The car stopped at the gate of Su Yunluo’s neighborhood.

At this time, Su Mingxuan had fallen asleep leaning against her.

Su Yunluo carefully let him go, put him on the safety seat, and buckled the seat belt before getting out of the car.


After walking a few steps, Zou Cheng also got out of the car and stopped her, “Miss Su.”


Su Yunluo turned around.

Seeing his hesitant expression, she asked confusedly, “Mr.

Zou, what’s the matter”


“About A’Jin.

I’m sorry, I didn’t teach him well.” Zou Cheng apologized to her sincerely.


Su Yunluo was silent for a while, then suddenly said, “It doesn’t matter.

I have broken up with him anyway.

He is a stranger to me now, and Mr.

Zou doesn’t have to feel sorry for me.

After all, it wasn’t you who did the wrong thing.

And Mr.

Zou is a very good person.” The woman smiled playfully at him, then turned to leave.


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