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“Uncle,” Su Mingxuan happily ran towards him.


Zou Cheng felt that his nephew seemed very happy to see him today.

He was puzzled but still touched his head lovingly, “Xuanxuan.”


“Teacher Su, this is my uncle.

Isn’t he handsome” Su Mingxuan introduced Zou Cheng as if offering a treasure.


“Well, Xiaoxuan’s uncle is very handsome.” Su Yunluo answered his question and then said hello to Zou Cheng, “Mr.



“Miss Su.” Zou Cheng also said hello.


In fact, Su Yunluo and Zou Cheng knew each other.

He brought her to meet Zou Cheng and even Zou Min when she was dating Zou Jin.

But she didn’t see them much, so she was unfamiliar.

And Su Mingxuan wasn’t there, so he thought that Su Yunluo and Zou Cheng had met for the first time today.


Su Mingxuan’s eyes turned, and he said in a childish voice, “Uncle, I’m hungry.”


“Uncle will take you to dinner.

What would Xuanxuan want to eat” Zou Cheng squatted to look at him.


“Anything is fine.

Xuanxuan is not picky about food, uncle.

Can you let Teacher Su go too” Su Mingxuan asked.


Su Yunluo, beside him, was stunned when she heard her name.

She said, “Xuanxuan and uncle will go together, but teacher Su will not.”


“Where are you going, Teacher Su Xuanxuan is so obedient.

Why don’t you stay with me” Seeing Su Yunluo’s refusal, Su Mingxuan acted spoiled, looking like if she disagreed, he would cry.


“This” Su Yunluo looked at Zou Cheng with some difficulty.


Zou Cheng said softly, “Miss Su, Xuanxuan is usually under your care.

Let me treat you to a meal if you don’t mind.”


“Okay.” Su Yunluo could not refuse anymore, so she agreed to them.


Along the way, Su Mingxuan shared his exciting stories with Su Yunluo, and Zou Cheng, who was driving in front, also interjected from time to time.

The atmosphere was very harmonious.


They went to a Chinese restaurant.

Zou Cheng seemed to be a regular customer here.

After reporting his name to the front desk, someone took them to a private room.


The waiter served tea, put the menu in front of them, and stepped aside to wait.


“Miss Su, you order first.” Zou Cheng brought her the menu.


Su Yunluo flipped through it, ordered two dishes, and returned the menu to Zou Cheng.  Zou Cheng called the waiter and said a few names with Su Yunluo’s orders.

The waiter put away the menu and withdrew.


Ten minutes later, the dishes were delivered one after another.

Five dishes and one soup were full of color, flavor, and appetite.


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