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“Brother, A’Qi and I have something to do later.

Can you help me pick up Xuanxuan from the kindergarten” Zou Min said.


“Yes,” Zou Cheng said.


“Then thank you, big brother.

I’ll pick up Xuanxuan at eight in the evening,” Zou Min said happily.


Zou Cheng rested for a while, and seeing the time was almost up, he changed his clothes and went out to pick up his nephew.


When it was time for kindergarten to be over, Su Yunluo sent away most of the children and returned to the classroom, only to find a little boy in his seat.


She walked over and sat beside him, “Xiao Xuan, why haven’t your parents come to pick you up Do you need the Teacher to call them”


The little boy said gently, “No, teacher, my parents are unavailable today.

My uncle will pick me up.”


“Then Teacher Su is here to accompany you.” Su Yunluo patted his head.


The little boy was Su Mingxuan, 5 years old, Zou Min’s son and Zou Cheng’s and Zou Jin’s nephew.


Su Mingxuan wrote his homework for a while and couldn’t help but ask, “Teacher Su, can I ask you a question”


“Yes.” Su Yunluo smiled softly.


“Teacher Su, did you have a fight with uncle” Su Mingxuan looked at her cautiously.


Su Yunluo was startled and asked, “Why did Xiao Xuan ask this suddenly”


“Because uncle hasn’t come to look for you, and he’s been gloomy lately.” Su Mingxuan said.


Su Yunluo explained to him warmly, “Teacher Su and your uncle didn’t quarrel, but something happened, so the two of us didn’t get together.”


“Is it a serious matter Can Teacher Su forgive my uncle” Su Mingxuan looked at her expectantly.


Su Yunluo couldn’t bear to deceive him, and there would always be a day when they would be unraveled.

He would be even sadder, so Su Yunluo hesitated for a while and decided to tell the truth, “Xiao Xuan, Teacher Su doesn’t want to lie to you.

Teacher Su can’t forgive him.

Your uncle is about to get married, and we won’t be together.”


“But, I really want you to be my aunt.” Su Mingxuan said with a torn face.


Su Yunluo gently touched his head, “Don’t repeat such things, or Xiao Xuan’s future aunt will be unfortunate.”


“Okay.” Su Mingxuan was a little depressed.

Although he didn’t know why Teacher Su got separated from his uncle, it was definitely his uncle’s fault.

Still, it was a pity that Teacher Su couldn’t be his aunt.


At this time, Zou Cheng came to pick up Su Mingxuan.

Seeing him, Su Mingxuan’s eyes lit up: Yes, there is also Uncle.

Teacher Su can marry Uncle, so she can be my aunt.


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