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Zou Jin met Su Yunluo because his sister’s child was in her class.

They crossed paths at a kindergarten cultural performance.

After a few contacts, the two developed into a relationship.


They have been dating for a year and a half.

Su Yunluo always thought he would be the man of her life.

She often imagined the day she became his bride, but unfortunately, that day would never come.


During the meal, Zou Jin was uncharacteristically silent.

Although Su Yunluo felt strange, she did not ask more questions.


When the meal was finished, Zou Jin looked at Su Yunluo like he wanted to say something.

Su Yunluo couldn’t help but speak wonderingly, “A’Jin, what’s wrong with you Did you encounter any problems”


“No.” Zou Jin hesitated for a moment but still spoke.

“Luoluo, I have something to tell you.”


“Go ahead, I’m listening.” Su Yunluo looked earnestly at him.


“I… Am getting married next month… To Xiao Yu, the daughter of Xiao’s Group.” Zou Jin barely finished the sentence.


“Clang,” Su Yunluo dropped the fork on the plate.

She squeezed out a smile.

“A’Jin, this is not true, right You’re kidding me, right”


Under the woman’s begging gaze, the man nodded reluctantly.

“Luoluo, it’s true.

The invitations have been sent out.”

“Why We are obviously in a relationship.

Why do you want to get married to someone else” Su Yunluo questioned him with tears in her eyes.


“I… This is all an accident.”


In Zou Jin’s narrative, Su Yunluo pieced together the causes and consequences of what happened: Zou Jin went to the Xiao family to attend a cocktail party, got drunk, and accidentally barged into Xiao Yu’s room.

They had an affair accidentally, losing Xiao Yu’s innocence.

She wept and wanted to commit suicide.

The Xiao family wanted an explanation, so Zou Jin was forced to marry her.


“You want to marry her.

What about me What about me” Su Yunluo bit her lips, and her eyes were red.


“I… I don’t know.” The man looked pained, then spoke anxiously, “Luoluo, let’s not break up for now, okay Give me some time.

I promise I will divorce her soon.”


“What do you mean You want me to be your mistress Don’t you dream I won’t agree.

Let’s break up.

It’s better for everyone.” Su Yunluo spoke.


The woman’s firm attitude frightened the man.

Zou Jin babbled, “No, I refuse to break up! Luoluo, give me a chance.

This was an accident, and I have no feelings for her.”


Su Yunluo slapped him and looked at him angrily.

“Enough, since you did it, you have to bear the responsibility.

Since you want to get married, let’s part.

Please also stop pestering me.

I am not going to be someone’s mistress!” After saying that, Su Yunluo turned and left without hesitation.

Even though Zou Jin was chasing after her, she did not look back.


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