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At 8:00 am Sunflower Kindergarten.


Several teachers stood at the entrance to greet the children.

After all the children arrived, the class officially started.


The first class was music.

When the bell rang, the children sat upright in front of their desks and waited for the teacher to come to class.


After a while, a pretty, gentle-looking female teacher in a white dress walked into the classroom.


“Good morning, children.” The female teacher greeted softly.


“Good morning, Ms.

Su,” the childish voices neatly chorused.


“Good children.

Let’s start the lesson now.

Please turn to the fourth page of the textbook,” Su Yunluo said.


This time Su Yunluo was a kindergarten teacher who graduated from the Teacher College in S City.

After graduation, she passed the selection process.

She was admitted to the most famous kindergarten in the imperial capital: Sunflower Kindergarten.


Sunflower Kindergarten was a private school that offered small, medium, and large classes with various courses, a strong teaching staff, and good facilities.

Thus, it was very popular among parents.


Su Yunluo worked in this kindergarten as a music teacher for a large class.

Because of her pretty looks, gentle personality, and soft voice, she got along well with the teachers in the kindergarten, and the children liked her very much.


Work was not very busy, and she got along well with her colleagues.

The children were also obedient and sensible, so Su Yunluo was very satisfied with her work condition.


“Our country is a garden.

The flowers of the garden are so bright.” The children sang in unison from the previous lesson.

Their voices were too childish and a little out of tune.

But for five or six-year-olds, this strength was good enough.


The day passed quickly.

At 5pm, kindergarten was dismissed.

Su Yunluo smiled as she sent the children off, and the day’s work was done.


She packed up her things and walked out of the kindergarten.

A black Maybach was parked not far away.

Su Yunluo froze for a fleeting second, adjusted her expression, and only then walked over quickly.


“A’Jin.” Su Yunluo smiled at the man in the driver’s seat.


The man got down from the driver’s seat, went around to the other side of the car, and opened the door.

He carefully escorted the woman into the passenger seat before driving away.


“Where are we going now” Su Yunluo turned to ask the man beside her.


“How about Italian food I’ve already booked a place,” the man said while driving.


The man’s name was Zou Jin, vice president of the Zou Group, 28 years old this year.

Handsome and wealthy, he was the dream lover of countless girls.

He was second in line in the family, with a four-year gap between his older brother and two years older than his sister.


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