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It was hot, like her whole body was burning.

Su Yunluo unbuttoned the two buttons of her blouse in an attempt to cool herself down a bit. 

It was pointless, though.

The drug eroded Su Yunluo’s sanity.

The emptiness in her lower body came in a flurry.

Su Yunluo pinched her thighs, attempting to stay awake.

She held onto the wall and slowly came out.

A figure slowly appeared before her, “Su Yunluo, is everything okay”

‘Was she called’

She nodded.

Her eyes regained a little clarity and saw that it was Qi Yunxuan standing before her. 

She must have been hallucinating and saw a hint of worry in this man’s eyes.

Earlier, Qi Yunxuan had already noticed that something was wrong with her and felt that it was better to follow her and take a look. 

Now that she looked like that, it was apparent she was spiked.

“You… ” Qi Yunxuan wanted to come closer, but she stopped by him.

“Don’t come over… The voice was sweet and not at all daunting. 

Su Yunluo withstood desperately the urge to jump at him.

However, she was so close to being unable to restrain herself.

“I’ll get you to the hospital.” Qi Yunxuan wanted to help her.

It was cool when the guy’s hand was resting on her arm.

Su Yunluo unconsciously wanted to come near him.

Remembering something halfway, she pushed him back again.

“Go away… I don’t want to go to the hospital…”

“Stop it…You…”

“Luoluo…” Wen Nanjin finally came, his steps carrying urgency.

Seeing a familiar person, Su Yunluo breathed a sigh of relief and was ready to fall gently to the ground.

Wen Nanjin hurriedly helped her and patted her flushed face.

“Luoluo… How are you Can you hear me”

“Mmm… it’s hot… ” Su Yunluo was utterly delirious.

Wen Nanjin took her and left.

Qi Yunxuan looked at their back that was leaving.

His eyes were dark.

‘Since Wen Nanjin took her, I don’t think something will happen.

“Mmm… It’s hot…” Su Yunluo sat in the passenger seat, wiggling badly.

The buttons of her blouse were already half undone, revealing a large area of snow-white skin on her breast.

“Luoluo… Be a good girl… We’ll get there soon… 

He was distracted by Su Yunluo’s situation while driving. 

Seeing that she couldn’t hold on to the hospital in this state, Wen Nanjin made a quick decision and drove to the nearest hotel.

He parked the car, took off his suit jacket to cover her, and carried her out.

“Luoluo… hang in there a bit longer.

We’ll get there soon… ” Wen Nanjin calmed the uneasy person in his arms and checked in as quickly as possible.

Su Yunluo was lying on the bed with an unusual flush on her face inside the hotel room.

She kept going on and on about how hot it was.

Her hands were tugging at the clothes on her body, pulling her top loosely, revealing the snowy white plumpness that was tightly wrapped in a black corset.

Wen Nanjin grabbed her hand.

Who knew Su Yunluo was so strong, she got away with it. 

A fierce pull removed the last layer of restraints on the upper part of the body, which bounced off the snowy white plumpness.

Wen Nanjin subconsciously stared and was wrapped by Su Yunluo.

“Mmm… So cool… So comfortable…” 

The man’s body felt cold, so Su Yunluo could not help wanting to get closer.

The woman’s soft body wriggled in his arms, rubbing the soft double peaks on her chest.

Wen Nanjin gradually became emotionally affected.

The woman’s small white hands roamed around his body, tugging at his shirt indiscriminately. 

The buttons were ripped off, revealing a honey-colored chest. 

She slid her hand over his chest as if she had found something amusing.

Her fingers caught the flesh-colored beads and squeezed them hard.

“Hiss,” the man gasped suddenly.

“Mmm… I want… Quickly give it to me…” 

Watching his pursed and thin lips, Su Yunluo subconsciously felt that it was something delicious.

Her red lips kissed his fine lips, “Mmm, so cool.

I want more….’

She nibbled randomly without any method.

As soon as she kissed Wen Nanjin, the last trace of hesitation in his mind disappeared.

When she wakes up, no matter how much she hates me, I’ll admit it.

In any case, I will never let her go again.”

Wen Nanjin pushed her away slightly.

Away from the coolness, Su Yunluo was so anxious that she was about to cry, “Umm… I want… Give it to me… ooh…”

“Be good… Don’t cry.

I’ll give it to you.

Wen Nanjin’s voice was hoarse, and he started removing all their clothes.

“Mmm… It’s so cool… “Su Yunluo sighed with satisfaction.

Her body wrapped tightly around Wen Nanjin’s.

Wen Nanjin kissed her red lips, sucking them softly. 

The woman responded passionately to him, as a traveler in the wilderness, chasing this sweetness.

He lowered his head and buried himself amongst the snowy peaks.

The tip of his nose smelled the faint scent of milk. 

The tender pink milk beads were dotted at the top, which was very beautiful.

The thin lips took one of the milk beads and sucked on it as hard as a baby would drink milk.

“Mmm… So comfortable… I want more…” Whined Su Yunluo, lifting her tits up and sending them to the man’s mouth.

Soon, however, Su Yunluo felt uneasy again, “Mmm… It’s so ticklish… Give it to me.


There was an intense emptiness in her lower body, and Su Yunluo’s legs tightened around his waist.

The roots of her thighs rubbed against the man’s crotch.


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