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Bai Yunyun returned to the banquet hall furiously.

She picked up the wine on the table and drank it all in one gulp.

It took her a while to calm down her anger, but her eyes stared at Su Yunluo, hating that a hole could be made.


Jiang Hanfei frowned slightly.

“What happened” He asked in a low voice.



I had a few words with her in the restroom just now.” Su Yunluo explained the matter briefly to Jiang Hanfei.


The people continued to eat and chat.

When they talked about Su Yunluo and Jiang Hanfei’s wedding next month, everyone expressed their congratulations and joked that they would definitely go to their wedding reception.


Bai Yunyun looked increasingly sour and couldn’t help but say, “What’s the big deal It’s just a wedding”


“Well, it’s better compared to some who have given birth but still haven’t been able to get married.” A certain woman at the table couldn’t stand Bai Yunyun anymore and spoke up.


“What do you mean” Bai Yunyun disregarded Xu Xiangchen’s obstruction on the side and spoke angrily.


“Do you still need to ask Isn’t it the truth” The girl spoke innocently.


Before Bai Yunyun could say anything, Xu Xiangchen, who was aside, stood up, “Sorry guys, we have some things going on at home.

We will leave first.” After saying that, Xu Xiangchen pulled Bai Yunyun to leave.


After seeing the two walk away, the girls spoke disdainfully, “Yuck, a scumbag and a cheap woman.”


“Okay, okay, let’s keep drinking.” The class president spoke to round up the situation.


The day of the wedding was soon at hand.

Early in the morning, Su Yunluo was pulled up to get dressed.

The bridesmaids were in the room with Su Yunluo, talking to her to ease her nervousness.


Not long after, Jiang Hanfei came over to greet the bride.

The bridesmaids, led by Jiang Qin, stood at the door and stopped them.


“Not allowed to enter without giving red envelopes.”


“Yes, yes, yes, take out the red envelopes.”


Jiang Hanfei and the groomsmen looked at each other and took out the red envelopes they had prepared earlier.


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