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Jiang Hanfei stood up and turned back toward Su Yunluo, who returned a smile to him.


After the applause subsided, Jiang Hanfei slowly spoke, “Everyone, I am pleased to be able to stand here today and receive this award.

It has always been my dream to produce works everyone likes, and I believe it is also the dream of all directors.

To the support of all the people who love me.

Here, I would like to invite you to witness a moment.”


After saying that, Jiang Hanfei walked off the stage.

The crowd at the scene was a little uncertain about his move, but Su Yunluo, sitting in the VIP audience, looked at Jiang Hanfei.

He was strolling toward her, so her heart beat a little faster, and she had a feeling about what he was going to do.


As expected, Jiang Hanfei knelt down on one knee, took out a square box from his clothes pocket, and opened it.

It was a beautiful ring.

The crowd of onlookers gasped in surprise and then tacitly stopped making noise.


Jiang Hanfei looked at her with deep emotion.

“Luo Luo, are you willing to give me this opportunity to take care of you for the rest of my life”


Su Yunluo looked at him: This man had been so good and kind to her all this time.

So good that she wondered if it was all in a dream.

Otherwise, how could she be so lucky Although they had only been dating for half a year, she already had the thought of a lifetime with him.

And she looked forward to it if the marriage was with him.


Under the attention of everyone, Su Yunluo slowly stretched out her hand and spoke in a very soft but firm voice, “I do!”


Jiang Hanfei took her left hand and slowly slipped the ring into her finger.

The ring fitted perfectly.


The two embraced each other amidst the crowd’s cheers, and everything was just right.


So that night, Jiang Hanfei was once again on the front page of all the entertainment pages, and his double success in love and career made many people secretly envious.


After that, it was only natural to start preparing for the wedding.

Before that, Jiang Hanfei took Su Yunluo and flew abroad to visit his parents.

Jiang Hanfei’s parents remarried after their divorce and lived abroad for a long time.

Both of them felt very guilty about Jiang Hanfei, and now that they saw that he was going to start a family, they were very happy for him.

Father Jiang and Mother Jiang gave Su Yunluo a costly gift.

They flew back to China to visit the Su family.

Although her father and mother could not let their daughter get married so soon, they could see how Jiang Hanfei treated Su Yunluo.

So they naturally agreed to the marriage.

Moreover, Jiang Hanfei promised to bring Su Yunluo home often.

What else could they say


After the two families set the wedding date, they began preparing for it.


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