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The movie was released in one month, and the gross was 3.5 billion yuan, again breaking the previous record set by Jiang Hanfei himself.

At the same time, the movie reflected the issue of how to be fair to different genders in the modern workplace.

It also triggered an excellent discussion among all the people, and the fever persisted for a long time.


The film’s success also helped Yan Shi and Jiang Qin’s careers reach a new peak.

In addition, the film was nominated for seven awards, including major awards such as Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Director awards.

And today, it was the annual award ceremony of China’s international film festival.


Jiang Hanfei walked the red carpet with the film’s creators, and everywhere they passed, the flashing lights kept lighting up.

The audience on both sides of the red carpet burst out with screams.


Su Yunluo was also there.

Initially, she couldn’t come to the award ceremony, but Jiang Hanfei spoke to the film’s organizer and brought her over.

She was placed in a VIP seat close to Jiang Hanfei’s.


The award ceremony officially began.

According to the usual practice, the start of the award ceremony was broadcast on the big screen.

The host would make a speech, and then the awards would be given.


The first award was the best photography award, established not long ago, so it didn’t make much of a splash.

Then came the second and third.


When the time came to award the best actress, Jiang Qin initially did not have much hope because she was among the finalists alongside powerful actresses.

She did not expect to hear her name from the guest of honor and was at a loss for words.

Then Yan Shi at the side reminded her so she would not lose her composure.


Jiang Qin took the trophy on stage with an eager face and took a deep breath before delivering her acceptance speech: Hello, all the guests and audience! I am honored to stand on this stage today and to receive this award, which I could not even think of.

I would like to thank the cast and crew here.

Most thankful to Director Jiang, of course.

For without him, I can’t stand here today! I will try to do more beautiful works in the future.

Thank you!


The most important award, the Best Director Award, would be given at the end of the ceremony.

Unsurprisingly, this award would fall on Jiang Hanfei.

However, Su Yunluo still looked nervous, while Jiang Hanfei looked calm and relaxed.


“The winner of this year’s Best Director is,” the guest of honor paused for a moment and read out a name, “Jiang Hanfei! Let’s invite him to the stage to receive the award!”


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