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The overstimulation made the woman unconsciously shed physical tears.

Her originally fair, jade-like body was flushed with an erotic pink, her rosy mouth slightly open, the tip of her pink tongue hidden.


The man’s eyes darkened and covered her with his thin lips.

His tongue forcefully squeezed her mouth, dragging out her soft tongue to dance together and recklessly tasting the sweet taste of the woman’s mouth.


At the same time, his lower body also did not slow down the action.

The thick meat stick ferociously impaled the woman.

He was wildly smashing, reaching the woman’s center every time.

Her flat belly was jacked in an arc.


The woman’s mouth was gagged to make no sound, and a whimper occasionally spilled between her lips and teeth.

Her hands and feet were tightly coiled around the man’s body, like a delicate flower undergoing a storm.


She was contracting rapidly, and every inch of the folds inside was being stretched out and flattened, making intimate contact with the man’s veins.

The wet flesh clung to the rod, squirming, kissing, and sucking, almost making the man’s soul fly away.


The sound of slapping flesh echoed through the room.

The man and woman intertwined on the bed changed positions.

The woman was on her knees on the bed; her small, shapely buttocks raised high.

The man was crouched behind her, constantly moving his waist.

His rod rammed mercilessly inside her again and again.


His thin lips snaked down her flawless naked back, leaving a trail of hot wet kisses that made the woman’s body tremble.


Su Yunluo’s hands gripped the sheets beneath her, bucking her snowy buttocks to meet the man’s storm-like thrusts.

The man’s balls banged against her crotch, and the snow-white buttocks were soon red.


This position allowed the man to enter deeper.

The rounded glans almost reached the woman’s womb.

Su Yunluo whimpered and begged for mercy, “Mmm.

Too hard.





The man sought the woman’s bump in that place, grinding hard and deep.

The woman crawled forward to escape but was shackled by the man’s hands.

The sweet red hole gobbled up the man’s s*x organ with difficulty.


The woman could see a white light flashing before her eyes.

Her mind went blank, and her lower body uncontrollably spasmed and twitched, gushing out a large amount of warm liquid from the depths of her.


The man also no longer held back.

He finally plunged a few strokes deeper inside her and shot all the essence he had saved for days into the woman.


After that, the man picked up the woman and went into the bathroom.

After several days of not having s*x, how could one time be enough Soon, the bathroom was filled with blushing sounds that would not stop for a long time.


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