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After the fashion show, Su Yunluo got on a plane back to China with Wen Nanjin.

After getting off the plane, Wen Nanjin wanted to have Su Yunluo over for dinner.

Unfortunately, Su Yunluo had an appointment and could not do so.

“Luoluo, we’re here.” 

The moment Su Yunluo entered the clubhouse, Ye Zhenzhen saw her.

Today was Ye Zhenzhen’s birthday, and she brought her sister group to a birthday party. 

Ye Zhenzhen brought Su Yunluo into the private room, and the rest were already waiting.

“Luoluo.” They all gave a shout-out to Su Yunluo.

When everybody was here, Ye Zhenzhen, the girl of the day, would make a wish. 

The lights in the room were all off, leaving just the candles stuck to the cake. 

Ye Zhenzhen stood before the cake and made a wish with her eyes closed.

Then they performed a birthday song for her, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…”

After singing the birthday song, Ye Zhenzhen blew out the candles. 

The others inquired curiously what she had wished for.

“If I tell you, it won’t happen if I say it out loud.” Ye Zhenzhen smiled.

People ate cake, chatted, sang, and amused themselves.

Then somebody opened the door, and Ye Zhenzhen’s brother entered. 

Ye Zhenzhen was surprised to see her brother, “Brother, how did you know I was here”

“I heard your ghostly wailing in the hallway.” Brother Ye’s face was helpless. 

Ye Zhenzhen pouted.

“Shouldn’t you be at the office right now Why are you here” Ye Zhenzhen felt a bit confused.

“I’ve come here to talk business,” Brother Ye explained.

“Are you finished then Stick around for a while if you did.

It’s my birthday today.” Ye Zhenzhen was kind enough.

“So you won’t mind if my friends come to sit here too You know these guys anyway. 

“Okay, it’s only lively when there are more people.” Ye Zhenzhen nodded.

Brother Ye went out and came back after some time, followed by four tall men.

Ye Zhenzhen knew everyone, including Qi Yunxuan.

When Ye Zhenzhen saw him, she frowned slightly, subconsciously about to let him out. 

Su Yunluo, next to her, stopped her.

Ye Zhenzhen looked at her with concern, and Su Yunluo nodded her head to say yes.

Even if there were five other men, the mood was not awkward at all. 

Many of the men were able to chat and quickly became lively.

Su Yunluo’s eyes turned to Qi Yunxuan sitting in the corner, sipping wine quietly and looking very out of place. 

After playing for a spin, one way or another, Su Yunluo sat next to Qi Yunxuan.

Su Yunluo shook the wine in the glass.

That was when Qi Yunxuan started a conversation with her, “Miss Su, thank you for helping Qing Qing last time.”

Su Yunluo was stunned, “You are welcome, but Master Qi is not very competent.

You just left Miss Mu there.

Next time, watch out.

After all, not everyone is as kind as me.” Su Yunluo joked. 

Qi Yunxuan did not answer her.

After sitting for a while longer, she felt a bit hot and thought that the air-conditioning temperature wasn’t low enough, so she turned it down a bit. 

Therefore, the longer she sat, the hotter she got.

It was as though her face was burning, with a rapid heartbeat.

Realizing that something was wrong, Su Yunluo left the room in a hurry.

[System, what’s wrong with me] 

Su Yunluo was hot as hell.

She went into the bathroom and pounced on the cold water to cool herself down a bit.

[Host, you received an aphrodisiac.] The System replied.

Aphrodisiac, but she had the same food and drink.

How could she get drugged

[Host, someone drugged a person’s wine, and you mistakenly drank his wine.]

[D*mn, so it turns out… so why didn’t you give me a heads-up ]

[Host, I wanted to remind you, but you drank it all.

] The System spoke out in aggravation.

Su Yunluo sighed, [Can that help me undo the medicine]

[Host, there is an antidote that can help you get rid of the medicine, but you need points for it.

Your points are not enough.] The System spoke weakly.

Su Yunluo was about to freak out.

‘This system is too unreliable.’

She suppressed her anger, [Then tell me, what should I do]

[Host, you can get a man to de-medicate you.]

[That’s an excellent suggestion.] Su Yunluo gritted her teeth.

She no longer knew what to do. 

Subconsciously, she had Wen Nanjin in mind.

Her body was getting hotter and hotter.

There was an itching sensation in her lower abdomen.

‘I really want to get… I want something to relieve this itching.’

[Host, I forgot to remind you that you should not get angry, or the drug will take effect more quickly.


[Okay, you can keep your mouth shut now.]

Su Yunluo’s consciousness began to fade little by little.

She poured more cold water over her face.

She did her best to stay up, pulled out her cellphone, and called Wen Nanjin’s number.

“Hey Luoluo, what’s wrong” the man’s magnetic voice sounded from the other side of the phone.

She said intermittently, “Brother Nanjin… I’ve been… drugged… can you… come over and pick me up.

the address is in.

blah blah blah club…”

When Wen Nanjin heard the words, he said at once, “Luoluo wait for me for ten minutes.

I’ll be right with you.” 

After he said that, he got off the phone.


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