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Jiang Hanfei was Jiang Qin’s idol.

In the beginning, she embarked on the road of acting, partly because it was her dream and partly because of Jiang Hanfei.

Jiang Qin had seen every movie he made and could memorize the famous lines without missing a word.

Her greatest wish was to be able to act in Jiang Hanfei’s films, even if she was just a stage actress.


But Jiang Qin didn’t expect that she would be able to realize this wish, which made her cherish this opportunity very much.


Halfway through the shoot, Su Yunluo came to visit the studio.

Today’s scene didn’t go too well.

Jiang Hanfei’s face looked a bit bad, but his expression suddenly turned soft when he saw Su Yunluo.

“Luo Luo, why didn’t you tell me you were coming over”


“I just wanted to take a look.

I didn’t disturb you, right” Su Yunluo spoke with some uneasiness.


“How come.” Jiang Hanfei spoke in a soft voice, “Wait for me nearby.

I’ll be ready soon.”


“Hmm, you get busy.” Su Yunluo nodded.


The people on the set looked at this scene in front of them and felt incredible: They had heard that Jiang Hanfei and his girlfriend had a good relationship, but they didn’t believe that.


In their impression, Jiang Hanfei was a person who did not smile.

Even if the shooting was going well, he was rarely smiling.

Also, apart from the announcement of his relationship, he had always kept a low profile and did not show his affection to the public.


However, today they found that Jiang Hanfei also had such a gentle time.

He got along with his girlfriend just like any other person.

Looking at his doting eyes, everyone on the set was a human being and could easily see that it was the way they usually got along.

The man was tall and handsome, and the woman was petite and beautiful… what an enviable pair!


Before they finished sighing, Jiang Hanfei’s cold sentence of “continue filming” brought them back to reality.


Jiang Qin, who was about to leave after filming the day’s scenes, naturally saw this scene.

Now her heart was shouting like crazy: Ahhhhh! Her idol spoiled her girlfriend so much, and …… the girl was so beautiful! She would love to meet her!


So, when Jiang Hanfei and Su Yunluo left hand in hand, Jiang Qin stopped them.

“Miss, my name is Jiang Qin.

May we get to know each other” The blushing look made Jiang Hanfei and Su Yunluo confused.


But in the end, the two got to know each other.

When the shooting ended, the two successfully became good friends.


Su Yunluo was not busy and often came to visit the set.

So, the staff on the scene were overwhelmed to see their director and wife spreading dog food like the couple didn’t care.

On the other hand, Jiang Qin was worshipping her; If it weren’t for her, she wouldn’t have seen her idol like this.


Jiang Qin became Su Yunluo’s fan girl and often looked at her with adoring eyes.

Therefore, Jiang Hanfei was jealous and wanted to stay away from her.


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