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The two people’s feelings grew sweeter in their daily life together.

They wanted to kiss and hug each other all the time.

Even if it was just eye contact, there was a strong flow of affection.

Of course, the most direct way to show that feeling was in the room.


But wherever the two stay together, there would always be physical contact for various reasons, ultimately staging passionate scenes.

The two made love a little too often in the past few days.

Su Yunluo had recently gotten deflowered and should take a good rest, which Jiang Hanfei knew.

But somehow, whenever he had physical contact with her, he couldn’t help but want to love her.

Like a young man, he gave vent to his endless energy on her body.


Su Yunluo’s waist always remained sore and soft, and the hickeys on her body were often old and new, making her feel both helpless and sweet.


This night, Jiang Hanfei was studying the script in his study.

During this period, many film and television companies sent Jiang Hanfei offers to be the director of new dramas.


Everyone knew that Jiang Hanfei had a very high vision, so he was sent the best scripts.

The script was about a heroine who quit her job after getting married to focus on raising her children.

After returning to the workplace, she encountered a series of injustices and finally succeeded in realizing her dream.


The actors and actresses were already chosen, and the shooting would start in a week, so all the movie’s creators studied the script carefully.


“Knock, knock.” Su Yunluo knocked on the door of the study.


Jiang Hanfei looked up and saw it was her.

He showed a smile, “Come over here.”


Su Yunluo put down the fruit and spoke curiously, “Are you reading the script here”


“Hmm, I’ve almost finished reading it.” Jiang Hanfei let Su Yunluo sat on his lap.


Su Yunluo picked up the script and flipped through it briefly.

It was densely marked with a red pen, including the various emotions the actors had to show in each scene.

This showed Jiang Hanfei’s seriousness in his work.


Jiang Hanfei introduced the movie script to her warmly, and Su Yunluo nodded while listening to it.

She suddenly asked, “If I quit my job after getting married, like this heroine, will you dislike me”


Jiang Hanfei did not hesitate to speak, “No, I will support you.”


Su Yunluo whacked him, “You’re thinking great.

I won’t quit my job.”


Jiang Hanfei smiled, “No matter if you resign or not, I just want you to be happy.”


“You can say sweet words.” Su Yunluo smiled with a sweet face.


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