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After a four-hour flight, Su Yunluo finally made it to L Country.  The one who came to pick up the plane was her teacher, Michelle.

Michelle really hugged Su Yunluo.

Su Yunluo also hugged her back.

Michelle took her to the hotel to rest, then offered to take her to the show, to which Su Yunluo consented.

Michelle brought her backstage to the catwalk, where several models were rehearsing.

They saw Su Yunluo and were interested.

Not that these models had never seen a Chinese face before, but they had never seen one so delicate and as beautiful as a doll!

The models wanted to say hello to Su Yunluo but were afraid to frighten her.

They all kept at a short distance, watching her.

Su Yunluo was the first to approach them, “Hello, I’m Su Yunluo.

It’s great to see you.”

Seeing that Su Yunluo was so proactive, the models greeted her with enthusiasm as well.

They were very interested in Chinese culture and asked questions on it, to which Su Yunluo replied one by one.

The ambiance was harmonious.

When one of the organizers of the fashion show showed up, she seemed very strong.

“Beautiful little elf, welcome to this place.”

“This is Ms.

A.” Michelle introduced to Su Yunluo.

“Hello, Ms.

A.” Su Yunluo greeted her.

They went on to talk about the fashion show.

Su Yunluo’s opinion was unique, and Ms.

A praised, “Betty, you speak so well.

I am sure that we will have a lot of fun working together.”

This “Court” themed fashion show for Su Yunluo was easy to deal with.

After all, China had a story that went back 5,000 years.

The clothing style in each dynasty was different.

Plenty of documents were available for reference.

Su Yunluo borrowed from Chinese dynasties and foreign court costumes and merged modern items to produce a beautiful outfit.

The top was inspired by the style of the Mandarin jacket from Manchuria.

A golden silk thread ran along the neckline and wrists.

The motif was the colored phoenix peony, used only by the empress.

The embroidery technique also served to give life to the motif.

There were modified cheongsam velvet robes and silk shirts with rolled-up buttons from the Qing Dynasty.

On the day of the program, the models wore all sorts of Chinese court costumes on the catwalk.

The exquisite costumes and embroidery craft caught everyone’s attention.

Everyone was filled with praise.

Through this show, Su Yunluo managed to open her popularity at the international level.

Su Yunluo and the models gathered for a group photo after the show.

Even so, she saw Wen Nanjin standing nearby.

Su Yunluo believed at first that she was wrong.

When the group photo ended, Wen Nanjin was still there looking at her, “Brother Nanjin, what are you doing here”

“I am friends with the organizer here.

She asked me to stop by.” Wen Nanjin explained.

That’s when Ms.

A came over, “Rick, you and Betty know one another”

“Well, she is my friend’s sister.” Wen Nanjin nodded.

“This is not surprising.” Ms.

A looked at them with an ambiguous smile.

After that, everybody got together and had dinner.

Those models saw how good-looking Wen Nanjin was, and one by one, they blushed like a teenager.

Some took the initiative of confessing their love for Wen Nanjin at the table.

But Wen Nanjin turned them down, saying he already had somebody he loved.

The girl asked whom he loved, and Wen Nanjin smiled but did not respond.

The models were confused because they couldn’t resist revealing, “The person Rick likes is right here.”


A continued, “I invited him to come to the show several times earlier, and Rick didn’t come.

This time, he even wanted to come to the show.

I found it weird, but now I see Betty, and I understand.

Betty is the sister of Rick’s friend.”

By then, everybody understood that Wen Nanjin’s girlfriend was Su Yunluo.

Now, the few models that just asked questions couldn’t say anything.

But one person went on to say, “Betty is beautiful and talented.

I’m convinced to lose to her.”

The conversation was directed towards Su Yunluo.

The models asked how long Su Yunluo had been with him and how they got along with each other.

Su Yunluo was flooded with questions and asked Wen Nanjin for help.

“Alright, alright, you guys don’t scare our little elf.” Ms.

A smiled.

“Yes, I am in pursuit of this charming lady.

Don’t scare him off,” Nanjin said.

“Come on.

I’m optimistic about you.” Ms.

A winked at Wen Nanjin.

The models laughed, which strangely embarrassed Su Yunluo, and glanced silently at Wen Nanjin.

Outside the hotel, “Brother Nanjin, why did you say such a thing They all got it wrong.” Su Yunluo was slightly unsatisfied.

“Do you find it strange The man is single, and the lady is single.

What’s so bad about me coming after you Or, Luoluo, don’t you want to see me” Wen Nanjin seemed to be joking.

“I don’t mean that.

It’s just… Su Yunluo was feeling a little down.

Seeing it, Wen Nanjin’s smile deepened. ‘What am I supposed to do Even when you’re mad, you are still so cute.’


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