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Kou Chen could hear the laughter around them grow louder as he stared at Huo Ran.

Some of the girls were way too enthusiastic,

“Why can’t I look at you” Kou Chen retorted. 

Huo Ran was speechless.

The way this kind of ‘what are you looking at’, ‘why can’t I look at you’ act could actually play out in such a scenario was way too unexpected.



“What else am I supposed to say” Kou Chen asked again.

The laughter had already gotten out of control.

Huo Ran had only experienced this during basketball games and he kinda wanted to laugh but he was also feeling pretty awkward. 

“What do you want to say” Huo Ran looked at him with an expression of ‘who’ll come save this doggy’.


“Why would I ask you if I knew… Nevermind, I’ll do it myself.” Kou Chen grit his teeth, turned around, and smacked the desk.

“Anyways, what I mean is that we will date anyone whenever we want, and we’ll say it out loud if we like someone.

After all, the idea is already there so nothing can stop us.

It’s like how flowers will bloom when spring comes.”

“We want to bloom!” Someone yelled.

“To bloom!” Everyone else followed.


“Wu Xiaochen, I like you!” Someone said amidst the laughter and yelling.

“Who!” Jiang Lei stood up, “Who said that!”

Even the teacher downstairs came up to check what all the commotion was about, probably worried that the ceiling was gonna collapse again.


“Alright, alright, blooming is fine, confessing is fine too!” Old Yuan smiled and motioned for them to quiet down, “Keep the noise down.” 

Everyone quieted down and started searching for the mysterious confessor.

“Fuck, who was it, I wasn’t paying attention.” Jiang Lei was excited, “Nobody saw who it was.”

“They probably wouldn’t have said it without all that commotion,” Hu Yi whispered.


In the end, nobody stepped up to admit it.

“Alright, stop looking.” Old Yuan clapped his hands.

“The student must be embarrassed, if you guessed who it was then keep it a secret for him for now.

As long as Wu Xiaochen has received the message.”

“Thank you.” Wu Xiaochen stood up and said.

Everyone clapped. 

“Actually,” Kou Chen leaned back onto Huo Ran after speaking, stretching his legs out.

Huo Ran couldn’t quite make out what he was saying, “Just now…”

“What” Huo Ran moved closer to his face.


“I said, actually that person isn’t just embarrassed to admit it,” Kou Chen turned his head and whispered, “He was never gonna in the first place.

Even though Wu Xiaochen never said it, she has to be the type that’s not looking for a relationship right now.

So he just wants Wu Xiaochen to know that someone likes her.”

“Damn,” Huo Ran whispered back, “That’s kinda romantic We have those kinds of people in our class” 

“Romantic my ass.” Kou Chen said.

“I wouldn’t have said anything at all if I knew I was gonna be rejected.”

“Why, aren’t you always so cocky Scared of getting rejected” Huo Ran said.

“I already know you’re gonna reject me, so why would I let you know I like you” Kou Chen said.

“In your dreams.

Besides, that’s so embarrassing.”

Huo Ran laughed. 

And then he saw that Kou Chen glanced to the side.

He did the same and saw that a few girls in the front were looking at them and giggling uncontrollably.

Huo Ran immediately scooched back to the wall.

Kou Chen’s hand followed him, patting his face.

The girls all put their heads on their desks to muffle their screams.

Huo Ran slapped Kou Chen’s hand away. 

He just realized that there were so many girls in their class.

He felt like he could meet the eyes of one anywhere he looked.

“Can you sit properly” Huo Ran asked.

“Nope.” Kou Chen replied frankly.

“Fight me.”

Huo Ran turned his head away and shut up. 

“Okay, let’s keep going.” Old Yuan said.

“Everyone spoke very well with representation.

As your teacher, it surprised me as well.

I like the way you aren’t afraid to speak your mind and think about the issue.

Let’s continue.”

With Old Yuan’s encouragement and the excitement of earlier, everyone opened up and even the ones who didn’t often speak had joined in.

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He never really thought about this topic anyways.

In all his years of living he’d never really liked anyone like that.

Even looking at the lovebirds in his class, he didn’t have any opinions about them.

Looking at everyone now, some saying that they liked someone in the past, some saying that they like someone right now, some parents are supportive, and some parents are not, he suddenly felt that it was pretty interesting. 

The classmates that didn’t feel much different than him, were actually hiding so many thoughts as they all cheered everyone on as they admitted their crushes.

In comparison, he felt like his seventeen years of life were for nothing, he’d never even had a crush on anyone before.


The discussion was still going on enthusiastically even as class ended. 

In the end, the dean stepped up to the lectern and finally quieted everyone down reluctantly.

Many people had just remembered that the dean, as a grim-faced piece of clothing, was there to listen to the whole discussion.

“Today’s discussion was very interesting.” The dean said.

“I won’t comment directly on the contents, but I think you’re going in the right direction.

Everyone spoke freely today, and that’s exactly what a class discussion should be like.

It won’t just be a mere formality now, but a place to actually talk to your peers.

That is a great thing.”

Everyone clapped.

Huo Ran clapped as he waited for the dean’s ‘but’. 

However, it seemed like there were no buts.

“Your Mr.

Yuan invited me here to listen to your opinions.” The dean said.

“And I want to say that I hear you, and I’ve taken it all to heart.”

Applause sounded again, this time a lot louder than the polite claps from earlier.

“Thank you Mr.

Yuan, and thank you everyone for your trust.” The dean finished speaking and nodded, before leaving the classroom. 

“Alright, I have to thank everyone for today’s discussion as well.” Old Yuan stood in the middle of the classroom.

“Everyone take some time to calm down and put the desks back.

If there’s anything else you want to say, you can write it in a diary.”

Everyone stood up and chatted amongst themselves as they listlessly put the desks back.

“Get off.” Huo Ran pushed Kou Chen, who was still leaning on him.

“Ah…” Kou Chen dragged out the syllable, before finally sitting up straight, and then he got up slowly and stretched. 

“My stomach is literally numb.” Huo Ran rubbed his belly and pushed them away, dragging his desk back to its original place.

“You think this class discussion can save that couple from Thousand Years’ class”


“Even if it doesn’t,” Xu Chuan said, “It could probably help other couples in the future, at least so that they don’t call their parents over like they’re hosting banquet.”

Huo Ran thought about it.

What if he gets into a relationship and his parents find out 

Nothing much, actually

After the time he fell into that ditch, his parents would treat everything that happened to him calmly.

So if he got into a relationship, it probably wouldn’t be a big deal

It might not be the same for Kou Chen though, he thought as he glanced at him.

Seeing as his dad is a gourmet, his best dish being sausages. 


The effect of the class discussion was lasting, with people still talking about how Old Yuan was even cuter than their own dads in the cafeteria at dinner.

“Auntie just told me,” Kou Chen walked over with his tray, putting it on the table.

“Starting tonight, for four days, it’ll be our turn to clean the cafeteria.”

“The third years are done” Xu Zhifan asked. 

“Nope, it goes back to them after us.” Kou Chen said.

“For half a month apparently, except weekends.”

“It’ll go on like that until the end of the year, right” Wei Chaoren said.

“Doesn’t matter, it’s not like we’re losing anything.” Xu Zhifan waved his phone.

“I asked around, those guys are getting harsher punishments.

They’ll post the notice soon, let’s go check.”

“It’s almost Sports Day,” Jiang Lei asked.

“What did you guys sign up for” 

“I’ll just sign up for a fun game of tug-of-war.” Xu Zhifan said.

“Come on, everyone’s doing tug-of-war.” Jiang Lei said.

“Then I’ll sign up for cheerleading.” Xu Zhifan thought about it.

“Huo Ran, what about you” Jiang Lei gave up on Xu Zhifan. 

“I’ll do basketball.” Huo Ran said.

“You gotta go even if you don’t sign up, right” Jiang Lei said.

“But basketball for Sports Day is boring, if you mess up once you’re done.”


Every year for Sports Day, there would be a basketball game divided by class.

But compared to the usual school tournaments, it would be shorter and on a smaller scale, since they had to fit it in with everything else.

“What about Kou Chen” Jiang Lei asked them all one by one, “You gotta sign up for a cool one.” 

“I’m on the basketball team.” Kou Chen said.

Huo Ran turned to look at him.

He had only shown up to three practices, and yet he’s bragging like this.

“If you skip practice again, you don’t have to come next month.” Huo Ran said.

“I’ll go tonight.” Kou Chen replied happily, “I just don’t want to get into another conflict with Zhou Haichao and them.

They even glared at me yesterday.” 


Basketball practices were usually in the evenings, with only two practices a week being in the afternoon, so it doesn’t clash with their classes.

Huo Ran would get there early every time, and he had already done two laps around the field when Kou Chen arrived.

“What are you doing” Kou Chen asked. 

“Run some laps and warm up.” Huo Ran said.

“By myself” Kou Chen pointed at himself.

“There’s other people on the field, and most people would run alone.” Huo Ran said.

“You’re not gonna do it with me” Kou Chen asked. 

“I’m done.” Huo Ran sighed.

“I’m a new member,” Kou Chen said.

“Aren’t you worried something might happen What if I trip”

Huo Ran looked at him, before finally saying: “If you can trip running laps then you might as well just quit the team.”

Kou Chen tsked and turned towards the field. 

Huo Ran put his hands on his knees and sighed.

“We’re doing drills tonight.” Huo Ran said after everyone finished warming up.

“First years, pair up with an old member and play a half-court game.

See how well you can work together.”


Kou Chen thought about it, and was a bit confused.

He wasn’t a first year, nor was he an old member. 

What should he do


After speaking to the other members, Huo Ran turned to him: “Kou Chen, come with me.”

“Alrighty.” Kou Chen followed him happily. 

Compared to practicing with the other team members, he preferred playing one-on-one with Huo Ran, since his interest in basketball was just that, and he could at least chat with Huo Ran.

“Same as always” Kou Chen asked.

“You on defense, me on offense”

“You’re doing spot shooting today.” Huo Ran said.

“…What” Kou Chen asked. 

Huo Ran tossed him a ball: “Ten shots per spot, starting now.”

“Why” Kou Chen took his spot, looked at the basket, and took the shot.

It went in.

Huo Ran tossed him the second ball: “Stop with you’re nonsense.” 

“If you’re playing me,” Kou Chen caught the ball and took another shot, “You’re dead.”

The ball went in.

“Keep going.” Huo Ran passed him the third ball.

Kou Chen kept it up without a word. 

He made all ten shots.

That surprised Huo Ran a bit.

He only knew that Kou Chen could play basketball, and he had a decent foundation, but he didn’t expect him to be such a good shooter.


“Left side.” Huo Ran passed him another ball.

Kou Chen caught the ball and looked at them. 

“Left side!” Huo Ran repeated, “What are you thinking about”

“Fuck.” Kou Chen moved the ball to his right hand and made the shot.

He raised an eyebrow at Huo Ran.

“You think it’s so easy to play me like that”

Huo Ran was stunned for a few seconds: “I meant go to the left side of the **ing basket!”

“…Oh.” Kou Chen was stunned too, he picked the ball up and walked over. 

As he was about to throw the ball, Huo Ran said: “Left hand.”

“What!” Kou Chen raged, putting the ball under his arm.

“You’re really playing with me”

“Come on.” Huo Ran laughed, “Let me see if you can make it this time.”

Kou Chen raised his left hand in annoyance and shot the ball. 

It didn’t go in.

“Fuck you.” Kou Chen stuck his hand out, “Ball.”

Huo Ran passed him the ball.

Kou Chen caught it and shot with his left hand again. 

It went in.

Pleased with himself, he looked at Huo Ran: “Let me tell you, I was left-handed before 8th grade.”

“And then you suddenly became ambidextrous after that” Huo Ran asked.

“I didn’t want to keep the secret that I was ambidextrous anymore after that.” Kou Chen said. 

Huo Ran looked at him in thought.

“But I can’t really dribble with my left, I can only shoot.” Kou Chen said.

“I dribble with my left hand like a little kid.”


“I could tell.” Huo Ran said.

“How” Kou Chen asked. 

“Before when we played, if you could dribble with your left hand you would’ve done it.” Huo Ran said.

“Did you really need to ask”

Gotta seize the moment.

Kou Chen laughed and went to pick up the ball, making another shot: “You know me so well.”

“Keep going with your right.” Huo Ran said. 

Kou Chen nodded, “Who’s gonna play in the tournament”

“Us,” Huo Ran said, “And the rest of the guys.”

“You can’t even name a third person” Kou Chen was shocked, “Are the humanities really as weak as they say”

“We Chaoren.” Huo Ran said. 

“What about Xu Zhifan” Kou Chen asked.

“He’s gotta put his height to good use.”

“Xu Zhifan only likes morning and evening jogs.

Don’t expect him to do anything else athletic.” Huo Ran said.

“So there’s us and Chaoren, he’s pretty… decent.” Kou Chen said.

“But there’s no way we’re winning”

“Yeah right,” Huo Ran said.

“You have me.” 

“Just you” Kou Chen said.

“You didn’t seem that good last time we played your class, you almost lost.”

“Against your class I only used,” Huo Ran made a pinching motion, “This much of my skill.”


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