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The actors expression darkened at once!

It was generally acknowledged by Hua Jins fans that the actor was prettier than a flower, so fans gave him the nickname “Flowery”.

It meant a man who was more beautiful than flowers.

But… What was that about him not looking like a man! Even a child was bullying him!

“Dont laugh!” Hua Jin roared in fury.

He saw that Youyou couldnt stop laughing and nudged him gently in the side of the head.

“Im talking about you.

Dont laugh! I have to explain so I dont develop gender cognitive impairment at such a young age!”

The boy stopped laughing at that, but began to criticize the actor solemnly.

“I think, Uncle Hua Jin… that you were born with a slight cognitive disability.

You cant blame her for that! Look, at least, she knows that Uncle and I are male.

But with you… she made a mistake.

You really cant blame anyone!”

The actor held up his hands in surrender.

He had learned a thing or two about the boys poisonous tongue.

Nevertheless, he had to give a proper explanation.

The actor turned to Natalia and said solemnly, “Im a man, not a woman.

You may call me daddy, uncle, or big brother, but not mommy, auntie, big sister… do you understand”

“Looks like a man whos been hurt before.” Youyou made another insightful remark.


Like an auntie or a sister or something… Back in the old days, before he became a huge celebrity, the actor had often heard people calling him by these bizarre nicknames as he walked down the street.

Until he became famous, this kind of trouble was endless.

Many anti-fans and straight men were jealous of him.

He was a man, obviously, but he looked like a woman.

The anti-fans would say that his movies always had two female leads.

Apart from the official female lead, the other female lead would be Hua Jin.

When the actor first saw the comment, he was furious.

He did not understand where these anti-fans were coming from and how many of these were remarks made by trollers.

However, later on, he gradually became numb to it.

Eventually, he seemed to have become impervious to these things so that he was not as easily hurt.


The actor grabbed the boy and shook him as he said, “You must not say I look like a woman! Id be so upset! So upset! So upset…”

Youyou got so giddy that he immediately put his arms on the actors shoulders to steady himself.

He said weakly, “All right, all right.

I got it, I got it… From now on, I wont make such jokes about you again.

Stop shaking me, or Ill break.”

Gong Jie ignored how his nephew was being ravaged and shaken like a rag doll by Hua Jin.

Instead, he pulled Natalia towards him and said gently to the girl, “Daddy has work to do.

Just stay with Uncle and be good, okay If he bullies or abuses you, you can tell Daddy.”

Over the past few days, the relationship between Gong Jie and Natalia had grown very quickly.

In fact, Gong Jie had not been at all willing to adopt Natalia initially.

To him, another child was just another burden.

Besides, she wasnt his biological daughter.

He already had a little princess like Yueyao, so no matter how beautiful and cute Natalia was, he was indifferent.

However, after the adoption procedure was settled, Gong Jie finally met Natalia more formally under Alices arrangements.

Amazingly, the moment Natalia met Gong Jie, she felt particularly close to him.


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