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Chapter 925, Part 2: Goosebumps

Instead, Nan Xun looked at Zu An with her mystical eyes.

Her usually cold and arrogant expression now contained a somewhat mysterious intent.

She said, “Young master Zu, I like this poem a lot.

Can you give it to me”

Zu An chuckled and asked, “Then what will the lady give me in return” Agreeing immediately to what a woman asked for wasn’t something a true king of the ladies would do.

The others present cursed inwardly and berated Zu An inwardly for being shameless.

Even though they all admired his literary talent, none of them were willing to give up that easily when it involved ‘their’ woman.

Nan Xun blushed and replied, “Then… I wonder what the young master wants”

As someone who worked in the pleasure quarters, she also excelled in song and dance.

As such, her response was brilliant.

It sounded like an agreement, and yet she didn’t actually agree to anything, putting her in a comfortable spot to either advance or retreat.

Zu An looked her in the eyes.

There was a mischievous expression on his face as he began, “I want you…”

Even Gao Ying and Pei You shot him a sidelong glance when they heard those words. Why does this guy have to be such an asshole!

The others found it even harder to accept.

They all denounced Zu An for being rude, and they would have thrown eggs at him already if they had any.

The mysterious woman harrumphed.

“He really is a pervert!”

Zu An accepted all of their Rage points with a big smile on his face.

This was a win-win situation!

Lady Nan Xun blushed even more, saying, “This humble girl also wishes to agree to young master’s request, but so many guests have come to visit me today.

We still have the rest of the evening, so I do not dare make a choice too early…”

Zu An praised her for her skills inwardly.

This woman was quite formidable at keeping men on the edge.

She was just like those girls who had backup guys lined up.

They would lead one on with all sorts of excuses and make one think that one had gotten close, but upon trying to take that step one would merely discover that there was actually a huge chasm in the way.

But he had already come prepared, and finished, “I only wanted you to remove the mask covering your face.

What was the lady thinking”

Nan Xun was stunned.

Only then did she realize that she had been played.

She shot Zu An an annoyed look.

A woman might not remember a man who made her laugh, but she would definitely remember a man who made her experience a storm of emotions.

The others who had been cursing Zu An immediately changed their tune.

They began to voice their support toward Zu An, because they wanted to see her without her mask too.

Nan Xun looked stricken, but she reacted quickly as well.

She replied, sounding aggrieved,, “I only planned to show my face to one person alone.”

Zu An said with a smile, “I won’t mind if you let the others see.”

Nan Xun was speechless.

The others thought to themselves, This Zu An really is shameless! Lady Nan Xun was clearly saying that she was going to show herself to the chosen one tonight, and yet you’ve actually put yourself in that spot already

Nan Xun seemed to have heard something.

A hint of bitterness flashed through her eyes, but then she said, “I suppose I have to agree to the young master’s request, then.”

The entire place erupted into a commotion.

Many people even whistled at Nan Xun.

They had thought that Nan Xun might refuse, and yet she actually agreed! They had really wanted to see her full face, and yet they were worried that she might have really already chosen Zu An to be her personal guest.

How could they even describe what they were feeling just then

Zu An thought, One time, I saw the username, ‘want to date but scared to go all the way’.

That’s a pretty good description of their current state.

“But I am only going to show young master alone,” Nan Xun said quietly.

Then, she undid her veil, revealing the expression of displeasure on her lovable face.

Her snow-white skin was spotless, paired with a fine nose and beautiful red lips.

Together with her gorgeous face, her entire appearance really was a work of art.

Gao Ying and Pei You, who had been standing near Zu An, began breathing heavily.

Their eyes widened.

It wasn’t that they had never met beauties of her level, as the crown princess wasn’t inferior to her at all.

However, this courtesan had had so much hype built around her, and the two of them had already dreamed about her for so long.

When they saw her, they could only perceive her as even more beautiful than she really was.

It was to the extent where she had practically become the most beautiful person they had ever seen.

They sighed.

Unfortunately, she favored big bro Zu.

Otherwise, they would be racking their brains on how to take this woman home, even if they had to use their family backgrounds to achieve it.

Both of them woke up a bit when they thought of that, feeling as if they had bitten down on sour lemons.

They couldn't help but look at Zu An.

But they quickly saw that Zu An’s mouth was open even wider than theirs; he looked stupefied.

They immediately felt much calmer when they saw him.

Big bro Zu, you need to work on your willpower, man.

How can you end up like that just because you saw someone beautiful

Isn’t Chu First Miss, your wife, also an exceptional beauty Why are you like this right now

While the two of them were criticizing Zu An, Zu An was overwhelmed with shock.

He finally knew why this woman looked a bit familiar! It was because he had just seen her face two days ago! Moreover, it was a face he had almost been in reach of!

However, it had been in King Qi Manor, inside King Qi concubine’s coffin! This courtesan looked almost exactly the same as King Qi’s concubine! The biggest difference was that the complexion of the woman in the coffin was pale, while this woman’s face was rosy.

No wonder I thought she was familiar! Who would associate a popular courtesan in the capital with a dead person No wonder everyone felt as if she had a noble air to her, and that it wasn’t fake.

Of course King Qi’s freaking concubine would seem refined!

At that moment, countless possibilities flew through Zu An’s brain.

He couldn’t believe that two people with such similar faces had absolutely nothing to do with each other. Is this woman that concubine’s twin sister Or maybe she’s the concubine’s ghost

When he thought of that possibility, even though there were bright lights all around him, Zu An felt a chill run down his back.

He had been a cultivator for some time, but he had never experienced something so bizarre before.

He had met ghosts before in dungeons, but they were all monstrous existences.

To a certain extent, this woman in front of him was an acquaintance, so it made him feel as if he were going through the plot of one of those horror films.

The other men also rushed over in his direction.

Zu An’s group was seated in an isolated corner, and Nan Xun had deliberately turned her back to the rest when she undid her mask, so only their group saw her appearance.

The others couldn't hold back their curiosity and couldn't be bothered with etiquette.

After all, most of them were already bound to fail, so they would be satisfied if they could even get a glimpse of Lady Nan Xun’s face.

As such, they all left their seats and rushed over toward Zu An’s table.

However, Nan Xun reacted quickly as well and swiftly replaced her veil.

But Zu An’s reaction left her surprised.

She asked, “Did my humble appearance frighten the young master” Her voice carried a bit of resentment.

If it were any other man, they would have immediately felt their bodies go weak and frantically apologized.

But Zu An just felt all the hairs on his body stand up.

However, he had experienced his fair share of daunting experiences, so he was able to quickly calm himself down.

He said with a smile, “The lady must be joking.

If even such beauty qualifies as a humble appearance, can there be any beautiful people left in this world”

Nan Xun said with a smile, “Young master is too kind with your praise.”

The others weren’t able to see Nan Xun’s true appearance even after rushing over, and they instead saw her giggling at Zu An’s words.

It was as if they had been forced to watch a couple engage in PDA.

Their gazes were full of jealousy as they glared at Zu An.

But Zu An wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to the incoming Rage points.

Instead, his thoughts were moving quickly. Was the concubine’s death faked then But who was the woman in the coffin 

After all, he hadn’t examined the corpse’s face out of respect for the dead.

There was a chance that it wasn’t really her.

But no matter how they changed the face, there was no way they could change it so well or so easily! After all, Sang Qien had even examined the body.

If there had been something wrong with the corpse’s face, she would have noticed something.

Zu An was stumped. If the concubine isn’t dead, things really are interesting now.

She was a concubine, and yet she’s also a courtesan in this brothel.

King Qi really is getting cucked from all kinds of different angles…

He suddenly recalled a piece of news from his past world.

There had been a male celebrity who was arrested for sleeping with a prostitute, after which all manner of information about that prostitute suddenly appeared on the internet.

Everyone wanted to know just how pretty that prostitute had to be, that even a celebrity wouldn’t be able to hold himself back! The various sources proved that the girl really was pretty, but charged more than a thousand dollars a night.

Then, another scoop from the victim’s side revealed that the girl was actually his friend’s girlfriend! It had originally been a tragic story, but someone had suggested something else.

Didn’t that mean the friend who was dating that girl had been making a thousand dollars every night

With Nan Xun’s reputation in the capital, just how much did King Qi make every night

While Zu An was lost in his own thoughts, Lady Nan Xun returned to her stage on the second floor.

Then, she played another round of drinking games.

But after Zu An’s ridiculous performance, the others’ spirits couldn't help but wane.

After all, if they recited the poetry of others now, not only would they not seem all that special, it would only make Zu An look even better. 

Soon afterward, Nan Xun found an excuse to leave.

Those present immediately straightened up.

They knew that she might have already chosen her special guest.

Even though the odds of them being chosen weren’t high, they could still dream.

What if Lady Nan Xun decided to make an unexpected choice


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