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Zu An gave him a look and frowned.

He couldnt see through this mans cultivation.

This meant that his cultivation rank was quite a bit higher than his own.

In fact, he didnt need to check his rank.

Just from his bearing alone, he could tell that this elder was different.

Every step he took seemed to be stepping on your very heart, harmonizing with your heartbeat.

It made one unnaturally produce a strong feeling of nausea.

He didnt doubt for a second that just these steps alone would be enough to shatter the heart of a weaker cultivator.

“Who are you” Zu Ans entire body was on alert.

He didnt dare show any carelessness.

“Han Fengqiu.” The elder stood calmly in place.

He didnt have any intention of doing anything, as if just his name alone was already enough.

The driver with the missing tooth frowned.

“Things are getting complicated now.”

“Is this person formidable” The madam inside said with her pleasing voice.

“He is one of King Qi Manors four great guardians.

He is a cultivator at the peak of ninth rank.” The driver explained.

The madam didnt get too involved in the cultivation circles, so it was natural for her to not know about these things.

Those at the master level were either kings or major officials in the court.

The peak of ninth rank signified that they were basically the highest level figures that could be found within a clan.

King Qis clan was probably the only one who could send out someone like this.

If it was anyone else, who would have the qualifications to have someone at the peak of the ninth rank as a servant

Wouldnt they enjoy themselves much more if they became a great official themselves

The carriage became quiet again.

Zu Ans voice sounded again.

“Han Feng what”

“Han Fengqiu.” The elder repeated again.

He thought to himself that this kid probably realized something and was now confirming it with him.

“Something feng qiu” Zu An asked again.

The silver-haired elder frowned.

However, he still held back and said, “Han Fengqiu!”

However, his voice already couldnt help but get louder.

“Han something qiu” Zu An looked confused, as if he really couldnt remember.

The silver-haired elder: “......”

“Damn brat, were you making fun of me!”

You have successfully trolled Han Fengqiu for 315 315 315…

He refused to believe that a cultivators memory could be that bad.

This kid was clearly messing with him!

Zu An revealed a simple and honest smile.

“You only realized it now You dont seem all that sharp.”

The silver-haired elder: “”

You have successfully trolled Han Fengqiu for 999 999 999…

A laugh sounded from the distant carriage, but it sounded like that person immediately covered her mouth with her hand.

Zu An and the young heirs battle was quite shocking, so no one paid attention to the madam and drivers conversation.

But her laugh during this moment of silence was too apparent.

Everyone looked towards the source of this abrupt sound.

There was actually someone with a voice that sounded that nice in this world

However, this was only a passing thought.

Their heads were quickly replaced by other thoughts.

Zu An: “Hm This voice sounds quite nice.

I wonder what the girl herself looks like… But the fact that she remained here means she at least has some loyalty.

I didnt save you for nothing earlier.”

The silver-haired elder thought to himself; “I cannot see through that driver.

Is he an ordinary person or a powerful cultivator An ordinary person wouldnt stay here and watch this like a play, right”

Murong Qinghe said quietly to Chu Youzhao, “Big brother Chu, your brother-in-law is too reckless! His strength isnt enough, yet he has provoked another powerful expert.

I cant tell if he is a smart person or not.”

As the young miss of the Murong clan, she obviously knew who Han Fengqiu was, and she knew his cultivation level as well.

The peak of the ninth rank was a level that would overwhelm anyone under the master rank!

What she was more worried about wasnt whether Zu An was smart or stupid.

What she was worried about was if it would trouble her big brother Chu.

She still had lingering fears when Chu Youzhao ran out and blocked in front of Zu An earlier.

She didnt want to go through that again.

Chu Youzhao replied, “My big sis said that brother-in-law looks uncouth and impetuous, but he is actually incredibly sharp.

Hell always leave his enemies seething in anger while he himself loses nothing.

Even though this doesnt really agree with the virtue we are taught, its still pretty fun to watch sometimes.”

Her big sisters eyes were shining when she talked to her about this back then.

Chu Youzhao didnt really take it to heart and felt like her big sis was just describing a shameless and despicable man.

But after hanging around this brother-in-law a few times, she gradually understood what her big sis meant.

Her brother-in-law really was good at pissing people off! That was how King Qis heir was earlier, and now, this elder was going to go through the same thing.

After seeing that great comeback, her eyes were sparkling as well.

She was now full of confidence towards her brother-in-law.

Han Fengqiu retracted his gaze from the carriage.

That carriage was just too ordinary looking, so it shouldnt be anyone too strong even if they had some skills.

The most pressing matter right now was rescuing the heir.

He looked coldly at Zu An.

“Kid, youve successfully made me angry.”

Zu An sighed.

“Why do you stuck up people always sound the same Do you think that youre some powerful CEO or something”

King Qis heir was in so much pain that he was about to cry.

Even though he had more than enough curses to unload onto Zu An when he heard this, he still didnt dare to speak.

This guy really is a madman, so this really was a fight not worth picking.

He would slowly get his revenge once his Uncle Han saved him!

Han Fengqius eyes narrowed.

Even though he didnt know what a CEO was, the ridicule in his voice was obvious.

“Brat, you might pay dearly for those reckless words.”

Zu An said coldly.

“Did you ask me to move my foot just now”

Han Fengqiu nodded his head slightly.

“Indeed, or else this old one…”

Before he even finished his sentence, Zu Ans foot already stomped down.

The sound of bones shattering was mixed with the young heirs squealing.

Everyone here was horrified.

Chu Youzhao was stupefied.

No matter how good her opinion of her brother-in-law was becoming, she felt like he really did it now.

Murong Qinghe looked at Zu An like she was looking at a dead person.

Trampling the young heirs knee in front of an expert at the peak of the ninth level… this man is beyond saving.

He is just waiting for death at this point.

The driver with the missing tooth gasped.

“I thought that he was the slick and cunning type.

I didnt expect him to be the tough and stubborn type! This kid is quite frightening!”

The woman in the carriage frowned, but she didnt say anything in the end.

Han Fengqiu was so angry his entire body was shaking “You dare…!”

You have successfully trolled Han Fengqiu for 998 998 998…

Zu An gave him an indifferent look.

“Youre right.

Sometimes, you really do pay dearly for speaking reckless words.

If you talked a bit nicely, I might have let him go, but you decided to talk to me in that way, as if youre almost afraid that I wont do something to him.

You know, Im really starting to wonder if youre acting as a spy in King Qis manor and trying to use this chance to get rid of the heir.”

Han Fengqius breathing stopped.

He really did feel a bit of alarm in that instant.

He was scared that King Qi might misunderstand.

However, he quickly calmed down.

“Your mouth really is sharp.

Unfortunately, talk is useless in this world!”

His longsword already left his waist as soon as he finished his sentence.

An incredibly sharp streak of sword energy locked onto Zu An.

In that instant, Zu An felt goosebumps cover his body.

He quickly raised the Taie Sword to protect himself.

A loud noise sounded.

He was blasted back several zhang of distance.

Blood was dripping out from between his fingers.

Han Fengqiu was already standing in front of King Qis heir.

He squatted down to take a look.

“Young heir, are you okay”

The young heir in question raised his hand and pointed at Zu An.

He said through gritted teeth, “I wont die.

Break every bone in that bastards body first.

Dont even leave a single one intact!”

When had he ever been injured so badly in his life When had he ever experienced such humiliation There was only one thought in his head right now, which was revenge.

He was going to make Zu An regret being born into this world.

“Understood!” Han Fengqiu stood up.

His aura instantly locked onto Zu An.

Zu An said with a smile.

“Young heir, did you forget the vow you made to this world before the battle This was supposed to be a fair battle between us.

If you use your clans power to get revenge, you might just suffer heavens wrath.”

Han Fengqiu frowned.

If the young heir really made this type of vow, then he really couldnt interfere.

But who couldve expected that King Qis heir would point towards those ice sculptures and say, “I may have said that I wont use King Qi Manors strength to get revenge.

But you killed so many court officials.

This is a crime punishable by death! Uncle Han would only be bringing you to justice according to the law.”


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