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“Dont be scared, Ill make sure you die a painless death.

I like the blood of healthy, strong men the most, but youre such a pretty young woman, and even I cant resist having a taste! Ill have to remove your skin as well.

You have such perfect skin and a gorgeous face, so its a huge waste to turn you into a dried corpse! Hehehe…” THe mosquito daoist licked her red lips and cackled in a terrifying manner.

Qiu Honglei was the lady saint of the Devil Sect, and had seen all kinds of brutality before.

However, this woman in front of her was just too weird.

If she let this nun kill her, she would be flayed, and would not be able to rest in peace! She shuddered in fear.

Zu An also felt a chill run through him as well.

This… thing… was named Mosquito Daoist and not Daoist Wen.[1] Was she some sort of mosquito monster

Mosquitoes drink blood! Wouldnt a mosquito of this size easily suck us dry

The effects of Qiu Hongleis lantern grew weaker and weaker, and the daoist nun began to inch towards them.

The two of them were horrified.

In the face of such absolute strength, they were, for the moment, out of ideas.

Zu Ans gaze swept across an oil lamp on a side table.

He picked it up and poured the oil onto those threads, then threw the lantern at those threads.

With a loud boom, the threads burst into flame, the tongues of fire shooting quickly along the threads.

The mosquito daoist let out a terrified cry and frantically retracted her horsetail whisk.

Under normal circumstances, not even the flames of fire element cultivators could reach her agile whisk.

Unfortunately, she was still under the effects of the pale yellow light, and her movements were sluggish, which was why it burned so badly.

Zu An used this chance to crash through the door beside him.

“What happened” The activity had finally alarmed the other members of the Solitary Eight, and they rushed over, drawn by the noise.

Fury consumed them when they saw Qiu Honglei lying in Zu Ans embrace, offering no resistance.

“Damned brat, where do you think youre going!”

“Release our lady saint at once!”

You have successfully trolled the Solitary Eight for 555… 555… 555…

Seeing them rushing at him, Zu An was both panicked and furious.

“Are you all **ing blind Cant you see what is going on!”

All of them were stunned.

They had never seen a criminal go so off-script before.

They were just about to move against him when a daoist rushed out from inside the room.

A number of holes had been burned into the mosquito daoists horsetail whisk, and the white threads had been charred black.A burnt smell wafted through the air.

Even her apricot-yellow daoist robes bore traces of fire damage, large holes exposing the skin underneath and drawing the eyes of all the men.

Even though this woman wasnt as pretty as their lady saint, her body still held some unique charm of its own.

The mosquito daoist had leapt out in pursuit of Zu An and Qiu Honglei, but she frowned when she saw how many others were also present.

For the moment, it seemed better not to act rashly.

Zu An and Qiu Honglei faced off against her, but were afraid of provoking her further.

A strange state of silence fell across the scene.

At that moment, something black and charred rolled down from the roof and landed with a thump.

All of them jumped in fright.

Solitary Wind, who was closest to the object, gave it a look.

“Why is there a dried-up corpse here Hm His clothes look a bit familiar…”

A scream quickly followed.

“Its… its Solitary Ice!”

Even though it was a desiccated corpse, she could still vaguely tell who he was, given the clothes and general appearance.

The others were all shaken.

Qiu Honglei immediately cried out, “Shes the killer!”

She finally realized why Solitary Ice hadnt answered her when she called out earlier, and why Solitary Ice hadnt entered to help even when the fight broke out inside.

After all, he was the one who was in charge of keeping watch on the roof.

Zu An glanced at the mummified remains and swallowed hard.

He had expected that, since she was a mosquito monster, she would drain blood, and consume much more than an ordinary mosquito.

However, he never expected that she would consume so much that even someone like Solitary Ice would be instantly turned into a withered husk.

While they were still processing the shock from Solitary Ices tragic death, The mosquito daoist suddenly moved.

The horsetail whisk in her hands flicked out at Solitary Fire, who was closest to her.

Solitary Fire couldnt produce his ki armor in time.

The impact caused a fountain of blood to spray out of his mouth as he was sent flying, crashing into a nearby house. 

The mosquito daoist clearly did not appreciate being burned.

She had chosen to deal with Solitary Fire first, in order to avoid history repeating itself.

She flickered, and instantly appeared next to Solitary Water.

Even though the water element was comparatively weaker in terms of offense, it was strong in providing healing.

If he wasnt dealt with first, it could turn into a long-drawn battle.

The mosquito daoist was an experienced fighter, and she knew about this as well.

That was why Solitary Water was the second target after Solitary Fire.

Solitary Water was an old man who had lived a long life, and he was brimming with experience as well.

He quickly summoned his ki armor when he sensed that something was off.

A transparent sphere of light materialized around him as he thrust out the staff in his hands.

There was no time to use any elemental skills—he could only use a physical attack to try to stall his opponent.

As long as he could stall her, just for a short while, his companions could bail him out.

But his opponents body suddenly wavered, causing his staff to pass through empty air.

In a flash, the mosquito daoist was already next to him.

Her red lips curled upwards in a sneer.

She raised a white hand and gently tapped his water element barrier.

Solitary Water was unperturbed. Your element does not counter mine! Do you think its that easy to break through my ki armor

But his composed expression suddenly stiffened.

Cracks began to form on his transparent barrier, spreading out from where she had gently tapped against it.

Her hand formed a fist, and she struck his barrier again.

This time, his barrier could no longer hold, and shattered.

Barely slowing down, her fist continued forward and slammed into his chest.

Solitary Water screamed miserably as his body was blown backwards, sending him crashing into a pile of straw.

Fortunately, his barrier had absorbed a portion of the power of her blow, or he might have been slain on the spot.

Even so, he was seriously injured, and was effectively out of the fight for some time.

The Devil Sects Solitary Eight were all experienced fighters.

They quickly snapped out of their initial shock.

They summoned their respective ki armors.

By the time their opponent attacked Solitary Water, they had already prepared counterattacks, using their respective skills.

An expanse of thistles and thorns suddenly materialized under the mosquito daoists feet the moment she smashed through Solitary Waters ki armor.

Solitary Wood was attempting to restrain her.

The mosquito daoist tapped her feet against the ground and leapt into the sky.

However, the sinister plants seemed like living animals.

They stretched upwards like a net, and a host of green vines wrapped themselves around her legs.

Her expression became cold.

She lashed out with her horsetail whisk.

The soft strands of hair seemed to have turned into incredibly sharp saws.

They tangled around the sinister vines.

With a twist, they chopped through the thick vines, sending green juices splattering everywhere and filling the air with a strong smell of vegetation.

Countless streaks of golden light were already lancing in her direction.

This was Solitary Metals special weapon.

His grasp of timing was perfect, using the exact moment that she had been distracted by his companions to cut off her retreat.

He wasnt holding back this time, not like before, when he fought against Zu An.

Every single abacus bead contained enough power to smash a large boulder to pieces.

He shared a good relationship with Solitary Ice, and was filled with a murderous hate when he saw how tragically he had died.

In his eyes, there was no room for mercy.

Seeing that she couldnt dodge this attack, Mosquito Daoist gave an angry huff.

Her body trembled, transforming into a cloud of mosquitoes.

The numerous abacus beads were now outnumbered by these mosquitoes.

Solitary Metal now fully understood the feeling of trying to use cannon fire to hit a mosquito.

Those mosquitoes could change their formation at will.

His full-powered attack flew through empty air!

“A mosquito daoist! Shes a mosquito daoist from the blood race!” A terrified voice rang out.

The Devil Sects Solitary Eight were all experienced wayfarers when it came to the world of blood and violence, and one of them had swiftly recognized what she was.


Wen (文) is a common character in Chinese names, and the character for mosquito (蚊) is also pronounced as Wen.


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