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Yun Yuqing felt her mind drift, and the scene of the conversation shed had with her husband in their room appeared in her mind:

“The contingent escorting the criminal will definitely pass by our North Order City.

We cannot miss such a good chance.” King Wus face bore no trace of its usual friendliness.

 Instead, his expression was one of extreme excitement.

Yun Yuqing was confused.

“Isnt our current life considered quite good Why must we take such a big risk”

King Wu snorted coldly.

“Do you think I like living in this **ty North Order City, in the middle of nowhere Isnt this all because I was born of a concubine! My mother isnt the empress, so I could never become the crown prince.

Instead, I was thrown out of the capital and made to serve here.

I was originally willing to accept my fate, but I never anticipated such a great opportunity!

“It seems like the heavens have noticed my sincerity, and granted me this blessing! There really is a time and place for everything! Ive laid low all this time precisely for this day!

“With a legendary technique like the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra that grants eternal life, I can close the distance between myself and the crown prince! This is a world where the strongest rule, after all!”

Noticing the sudden excitement in her usually quiet husband, Yun Yuqing couldnt help but remind him, “The Phoenix Nirvana Sutra is but a legend—something that has never been successfully cultivated for thousands of years.

It might not be that incredible after all.

Look, even this Zu An was captured, despite having such an amazing technique! This only proves that this technique isnt as great as the rumors make it out to be.”

King Wu roared with laughter.

“From our sources, Zu An was just a good-for-nothing, living on the streets, yet he seemed to have become a completely different person in just a few months.

Isnt this concrete proof of the wonders of the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra Even a piece of trash could be transformed into a genius! With my aptitude and cultivation, Ill surely become even more formidable.

“There is another matter that you might not know of as well.

A few decades ago, my father, the emperor, secretly sent out powerful experts led by his trusted eunuchs on an exploration into unknown lands.

The goal of this expedition was to locate the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra! Back then, everyone thought that the entire group had been wiped out, and that the legendary secret manual didnt exist.

However, from more recent intelligence, it appears that those men succeeded in finding the manual, but the eunuch in charge let greed take over, and killed all of his companions.

He then hid within the Chu clan in Brightmoon City, and ended up helping Zu An.”

Yun Yuqings beautiful brows drew together slightly.

“Doesnt this mean that the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra is something the emperor absolutely must have Arent you provoking him by interfering”

“Seizing it for ourselves directly is just begging for our own doom.” King Wu gave his wife a meaningful look.

“Thats why I need your help.”

“Me” Yun Yuqing was confused.

King Wu snorted.

“Have you already forgotten that you are part of the demon race, after living in the human world for so long”

“The demon race…” Hearing those words made Yun Yuqings beautiful face turn pale.

King Wu walked over to the side of the bed with his hands behind his back.

“Even though our human race prevailed after centuries of war, I have to acknowledge the strengths of the various other races.

“For example, the dark elves naturally excel in assassination, while your demon race possesses extreme physical beauty, and the ability to charm others.

“With your abilities, not only will you be able to snare the inexperienced Zu An, even the resolve of fathers Embroidered Envoy would falter if they are caught off-guard.

That is why you are the one who is most suitable for this task.”

Yun Yuqing was clearly distressed.

“If it hadnt been because of the war, no one of the demon race would have willingly used our appearances to charm others.”

King Wus tone also softened when he saw her sorrowful appearance.

“Madam, I have no choice either! I am but an abandoned king.

Many officials show me little to no respect, even in North Order City.

That is why I am helpless even if I want to do something about it.

However, if I can rise to the throne, everything will be different! The worlds resources will be at my disposal! Itll be much easier for me to help your clansmen out of their distress, and free them from slavery, which is controlled by the nobles.”

Yun Yuqing bit her lip, her expression flickering several times.

“Okay, I can try.

But I know how much humans care about chastity.

If I try to seduce him, even if nothing happens, there is no way for me to prove that I remain pure.

Will you turn your back on me because of this”

King Wu laughed and said, “Of course not! I will never do that, even if something does happen.

Ill instead be extremely happy.”

“Happy” Yun Yuqing was momentarily stunned.

King Wu had unintentionally exposed one of his peculiar interests, so he immediately corrected himself.

“What I am trying to say is that I trust you a hundred percent.

Moreover, given the emotions we share, no matter what happens, I will stand by you unconditionally.

I will love you, dote on you, and trust you.

Do you have such little trust in our affection for each other”

“You beautiful man, I love you so much!” Yun Yuqings gloominess was dispelled immediately, replaced by a beaming smile.

She nestled gently against him.

There was a darkness hidden behind King Wus smile.

He had a weird fetish that no one else in the world would be able to understand.

However, he always felt a mysterious sense of stimulation and expectation whenever he thought of it.

Of course, his fetish didnt cloud his rationality.

His wife was so beautiful and loved him so much.

That was why he would always feel a powerful sense of guilt whenever this thought emerged.

Unfortunately, Yun Yuqing didnt know about this side of her husband.

She only wanted to complete her task properly, and help share some of her husbands worries.

Completing this mission might even help her clansmen out of their distress, which motivated her even further.

She excused herself from King Liang and the others.

“Great uncles, please enjoy yourselves.

This humble one isnt feeling too well, so I will have to take my leave for now.”

“Madam, please go ahead and get some rest.” King Liang and Liu Yao had been constantly sneaking looks at this devastatingly beautiful woman.

They both seemed more than a little disappointed when they heard that she was leaving.

But they also knew that it was unreasonable to make her keep them company while they were drinking, and so they didnt urge her to stay.

After leaving the banquet hall, Yun Yuqing didnt return to her residence, but called over some maids instead.

They brought with them some food that had been prepared beforehand, and went to the courtyard where the prisoners were kept.

“Halt!” They made no attempt to conceal themselves, so Huang Huihongs subordinates quickly noticed them.

Yun Yuqing smiled.

“You all have worked hard.

We have prepared this food for everyone.

Ive brought it over for all of you.”

These guards were immediately captivated by her smile.

Their tone also softened considerably.

“I… Ill let Commander Huang know immediately.”

Huang Huihong rushed over when he received the news.

He was shocked when he saw her, but he quickly greeted her.

“Why did Madam personally deliver the food”

Yun Yuqings smile was dazzling.

“I was worried that something might happen along the way, especially given the dark elfs assassination attempt earlier.

If anything happened, the blame would fall on our manor! That is why I decided to deliver this personally.”

“Madam is too kind.” Even Huang Huihong felt his heart beating more quickly as he took in her enchanting appearance.

He subconsciously lowered his head, not daring to look at her face-to-face.

Ever since hed been chosen to serve in the Embroidered Envoy, hed let heart turn as hard as a rock.

Right now, however, for some strange reason, he felt like a youth who was experiencing the first awakening of love.

“Why are all of you standing around Quickly, help them bring the food in!” He immediately berated his subordinates to hide his own embarrassment.

Yun Yuqing smiled.

“Theres no need.

Ill just have my maids bring it in, so that none of you have to leave your posts.”

“This…” Huang Huihong hesitated.

This went against the rules.

Right now, besides themselves, only King Liang and Liu Yao were allowed inside.

However, as he gazed upon Yun Yuqings beautiful smile, he found it hard to refuse.

What she said made some sense as well.

With that, he let them inside.

Besides, its just the pretty and gentle Madam Wu, along with several delicate maids.

It should be fine, right


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