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Chu Zhongtian panicked.

He rushed back to check the estates valuables.

From how her dad was acting, Chu Huanzhao thought that something big happened.

She followed along in a panic.

When Chu Zhongtian looked into the clans belongings, he didnt discover anything missing.

The extremely vital spiritual creek had been contaminated for a long time.

“Did I overthink things” Chu Zhongtian called over that servant named Jin Zhu, asking him where exactly he brought Qiu Honglei.

Jin Zhu was puzzled.

“Didnt the master tell me to bring the lady to the young masters room”

Chu Zhongtian had a blank look on his face.

“When did I say that”

“Lady Qiu said you did,” Jin Zhu replied in a deadly earnest manner.

Chu Zhongtian: “......”

Why does our estate have so many of these marvels Cheng Shouping has already given us enough headaches, now we have this Jin Zhu too

Chu Huanzhao also reacted by now.

“She went to brother-in-laws room”

“This woman is so shameless!” Chu Huanzhao suddenly erupted with anger.

She rushed towards Zu Ans courtyard, fuming with rage.

Chu Zhongtians eyelids jumped, because he noticed that his daughter really did carry the wailing whip with her.

As such, he chased after her out of worry of something bad happening.

Qiu Honglei and Pei Mianman punched and kicked at each other, their fight already reaching over a hundred moves.

From the initial mutual testing to truly fighting, the two now didnt hold back at all.

Soon afterwards, the two of them both suffered considerable internal injuries.

“Name yourself, bitch!” During the breather between their battle, Pei Mianman gasped for air while asking fiercely.

This was originally the place where she happily waited for Zu Ans return.

Who would have thought that this random woman would pop up! This difference from what she expected left her extremely irritated.

Qiu Honglei refused to be outdone.

“And which bitch are you”

Both of them were wondering who the other woman was.

Was she Zu Ans friend or foe

But there was no intelligence regarding any other woman They both thought that there were still a lot of things that they didnt know about.

The two of them harbored ulterior motives.

No one was willing to ask the other about their relationship with Zu An out of fear of being exposed.

Thus, the two of them started another round of battle.

Both sides struck at the others chest.

“Huh Why are these boobs so big”

“This woman isnt inferior to me! Ah Zu had someone like this by his side”

The battle became more and more intense.

Pei Mianman was startled, because she already heard rushed footsteps.

She released a cold hmph and said, “Count yourself lucky this time!”

She didnt want the Chu clans people to know that she was here, so she couldnt keep fighting against this woman.

Hmph! Just a trifling fifth rank! Ill make sure to make you regret this the next time I see you!

Her figure leapt out with a flash.

Her movement technique was extremely fast, taking her figure into the darkness of night.

Qiu Honglei also rubbed her chest, a hint of pain flashing past her face.

This bitchs moves really were fierce. If it wasnt because I didnt want to alarm the Chu clan, I would have already killed you a hundred times over!

Hmph, just a trifling fifth rank!

“Qiu Honglei, get out here this instant!”

The angry shouts of a young lady sounded from the distance.

“Is it that foolish second daughter” She obviously already carried out a thorough investigation on the Chu clan before she came here.

She had a good understanding of all of the important people here.

She wanted to sort out her messy clothes again.

But after a bit of hesitation she decided to just walk out like this.

“What happened to you” Chu Huanzhao came to denounce her, but when she saw the other partys difficult situation, she subconsciously swallowed those words.

Chu Zhongtian was also stunned.

Qiu Hongleis clothes and hair were a mess, her face carrying an enchanting pink flush.

There was a layer of fine sweat on her forehead.

All of this made her even more seductive, even more lovely and endearing.

“Lady Qiu, what happened” Chu Zhongtian also couldnt help but ask.

“Brightmoon Duke! There was a woman who suddenly attacked me! If it wasnt for Brightmoon Duke arriving quickly, I might have… might have…” Qiu Honglei was already dripping with tears as she spoke.

After spending so much time in Immortal Abode, she already mastered the art of crying.

It filled the hearts of others with pity and didnt seem fake at all.

“A woman” Chu Zhongtian was stunned.

He subconsciously glanced at his daughter.

Chu Huangzhao became nervous.

“What are you looking at me for Ive been with you all this time!”

Chu Zhongtian went inside for a look.

When he saw the messy chairs and tables, Chu Zhongtians expression became strange.

“Lady Qiu is also a cultivator”

Why dont I sense any traces of ki from her body

“I am not any true cultivator, Ive only learned a few tricks.

After all, Immortal Abode is a place where you need some tricks to protect yourself.” Qiu Honglei already prepared an excuse.

Chu Zhongtian nodded.

This explanation made sense.

He gave everything a rough look.

“Seems like the mysterious intruder couldnt see things clearly either in the dark.”

Qiu Honglei added in a hurry, “It is still because Brightmoon Duke arrived quickly, so that thief ran in a panic!”

Even though Chu Zhongtian normally didnt get affected by feminine charms, he still felt good being praised by a beauty.

“It is still the Chu clans negligence.

Weve allowed lady Qiu to become startled this time.

You said that this thief was a woman”

“Correct, she is a woman, and her age shouldnt be too great.” Qiu Honglei added inwardly but her breasts are so big.

“A woman…” Chu Zhongtian was a bit stunned. Why are there so many intruders recently Are all of these a coincidence

We really have to strengthen the security around here.

As such, he said, “Lady Qiu, this area is a bit further out so the security might be more loose.

Servants! Bright lady Qiu to a side room to rest.”

He obviously wouldnt let his own son-in-law sleep with this woman.

Qiu Honglei didnt object at all.

“Thank you Brightmoon Duke.”

Meanwhile, she cursed inwardly its all that mysterious womans fault.

Otherwise, I couldve deepened my relationship with Ah Zu further.

Chu Zhongtian called over the butler Hong Zhong after sending off Qiu Honglei, ordering him to strengthen the estates defenses again.

After all, too many things have happened recently.

Chu Huanzhao was thus sent over to her big sister to check on her condition.

Suddenly, she realized that she came to settle things with that vixen.

Why did she just let her go just like that

But when she thought about how she looked like she was already in an unfortunate situation, her anger dissipated a bit.

She thought to herself whoever that mysterious woman was, she really helped her vent out some of her anger.

But a while later, her mood dropped again.

Even though she was usually carefree, she still clearly separated pretty and ugly.

She originally thought that Qiu Hongleis reputation was unfounded.

Just how pretty could she be

But when she saw her herself, she had to admit that this girl was ridiculously pretty.

Every single motion she made fully displayed a womans bearing.

She looked at her own unflattering chest, mumbling quietly, “Hers are even so big…”

“What did you say” Qin Wanru was currently guarding outside her daughters room.

She suddenly noticed her youngest mumbling while walking over.

“Nothing.” Chu Huanzhaos eyes moved.

When she saw her mothers impressive chest, she felt even more depressed.

Why couldnt I inherit this part of my mom Otherwise, why would I be scared of that Qiu Honglei

“Is it really nothing” Qin Wanru reached out a hand to stroke her head when she noticed her daughters unnatural expression.

Something already happened to her biggest daughter, she really didnt want anything to happen to her youngest too.

Chu Huanzhaos face turned red.

She hurriedly changed the topic, “Its really nothing! How is big sis”

Now it was Qin Wanrus turn to blush.

“Your brother-in-law is… carrying out treatment.”

A huge smile immediately appeared on Chu Huanzhaos face when she heard about this.

“Brother-in-law is so great! Ill have brother-in-law treat me if I get sick in the future!”

Qin Wanru immediately turned pale in fright.

“No way, absolutely not!”

“Why” Chu Huanzhao was bewildered.

She couldnt figure out why her mom would act like this.

“Dont ask why.

If I say no, then no.” Qin Wanrus face flushed in anger when she thought of Zu Ans treatment method.

“Why is it okay for big sis but not for me Mom, youre being unfair!” Chu Huanzhao was already unhappy because of Qiu Hongleis matter.

When she thought about how her mother always praised her big sister since they were young, even though she never said anything outright, children still wanted to be the one liked by their parents.

All of her pent up feelings erupted at this time, tears pouring out.

She turned around and ran without turning around no matter how Qin Wanru called out to her.

“This child!” Qin Wanru stomped her feet.

Chu Chuyan was in critical condition right now, so she didnt dare leave the doorstep.

As such, she could only stomp her feet in anger.

Foolish child, do you even know how your brother-in-law is treating your big sister Would you really be willing to be treated by him

Its all that Zu Ans fault!

You have successfully trolled Qin Wanru for 531 Rage!

Zu An shivered inside the room. What does this woman have against me Why is she getting angry at me at this type of time

Chu Chuyan noticed that something was off with him.

She asked, her voice distorted, “Whats wrong”

She immediately jumped in fright, not daring to believe that this was her own voice.

She had never spoken with such an ambiguous voice before, but all of this seemed completely natural.

Zu An smiled.


Hmph, your moms always bullying me.

Its only right that I collect interest from your body.

Qin Wanrus legs were about to give out after standing for so long.

The door to the room was finally opened, Zu An coming out with all of his clothes out.

She complained inwardly are you some kind of animal How much time do you need

But she couldnt even speak these words out loud, so she could only ask, “How is Chuyan.”

Zu An replied, “We are already out of the danger zone.

She should make a full recovery after a few more times.

The illness will also be completely wiped out at the roots then.”

Qin Wanru was stunned.

“You need… a few more times”

“Yup” Zu Ans face turned a bit red.

This was actually his own selfish intentions.

After today, Chu Chuyans condition already improved considerably.

But he still had the final say in this matter.

Wouldnt he be an idiot if he let this great opportunity go

Qin Wanrus expression changed several times.

But in the end, she still didnt choose to say anything and instead hurriedly entered to check her daughters condition.

Zu An wondered if he was too cold if he left now.

But now that a mother and daughter were chatting in private, it would be rather awkward for him to stay here.

When he was just about to leave, he saw Yue Shan rush over in a flustered manner.

“Where is Master and Madam! Something major happened!”


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