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The battle already reached a climax.

Chu Hongcais sword thrusted out treacherously like a snake, aiming straight at the red haired mans vitals.

The red haired man didnt dare act carelessly.

He immediately shifted several feet to the side.

Chu Yucheng used this chance to escape the misfortune of having his face struck by the scabbard, but he was still kicked by the other partys foot.

His body rolled like a meatball, slamming into a pillar.

The entire Immortal Abode seemed to be rocking back and forth from the impact.

You bastard! He was humiliated like this in front of everyone, moreover in front of that bear girl he had just begun to get close to! What dignity did Chu Yucheng have left His eyes immediately turned red, his mouth shouting as he charged again.

The onlookers couldnt help but sigh with admiration at this fattys defensive strength.

He suffered such a heavy impact, yet why did he seem like he was still perfectly fine

Zu An watched with the cool eyes of a spectator.

He had a rough idea of Chu Yucheng and Chu Hongcais cultivations, both at the peak of the fourth rank.

However, the two individuals styles were totally different.

The former possessed powerful defense but weak offense, while the latter possessed powerful offense but weak defense.

Unless Chu Hongcai could kill the former in one blow, the longer the fight dragged out, the more unfavorable it would be for him if the two of them fought.

Zu An sighed.

From Qin Wanrus earlier words, he could tell that their relationship with the second and third branch wasnt good.

They were always on guard against each other.

But when he saw Chu Yucheng and Chu Hongcai fight on the same side like this, he could tell that they were extremely close.

Sigh, I really wonder if it is because Qin Wanru really fails as a person or something.

Self-reflection is important!

Also, where did this red haired dude come from He doesnt have any trouble facing these two brothers.

His cultivation seems to be much higher

“Is he fifth rank or sixth rank” Zu An couldnt tell.

That red haired man didnt use elemental power, only relying on his bodys strength, speed, and combat experience to easily deal with the situation before him.

Wang Yuanlong finally reacted at this time.

He took out a folding fan and rushed over.

“Brother Yucheng, let me help you!”

Only, it was a pity that his cultivation was far inferior to even the Chu clan brothers, thus an even more of an astronomical gap between him and the red haired man.

What could he even do


A miserable scream sounded.

He was kicked out as soon as he charged over.

He didnt have the powerful fat defense Chu Yucheng had.

This kick and then the fall after seemed to have knocked even his inner organs into disarray.

He lied on the ground, unable to immediately get back up.

Right at this time, a crisp smack noise sounded.

The red haired man found an opening.

His scabbard struck Chu Hongcais arm.

Chu Hongcai immediately felt intense pain erupt from his arm, almost losing his grip on the longsword.

However, even though he didnt lose his grip, the energy within his body was interrupted.

He hurriedly harmonized his breathing, but he couldnt immediately continue the fight.

Chu Yucheng understood this reasoning as well.

He directly blocked in front of the red haired man to buy Chu Hongcai a bit of time.

The red haired man struck Chu Yucheng several times.

If a normal person suffered several of these strikes, even if their inner organs werent heavily injured, their bones would have definitely fractured.

However, this damn fatty in front of him seemed perfectly fine.

After continuing this a bit further, this red haired man became impatient as well.

He directly drew his long blade.

“Damned porky, lets see if your body can take a few chops from my blade!”

Chu Yuchengs expression immediately changed.

He couldnt even defeat his opponent when he didnt use a weapon, so what were they going to do now that he drew his sword

No matter how strong his bodys meat was, it was still a flesh body in the end.

How could it possibly withstand an experts blade

However, an arrow on a bowstring had to be fired.

He could only brace himself, hoping that he could dodge a few blades until Chu Hongcai recovered.

Unfortunately, this red-haired mans strength was several times greater now that he was using a blade.

His figure was quickly shrouded under layers of cold light.

Zu An knew that Chu Yucheng might really have a layer of fat chopped off if he didnt step in now.

He looked left and right.

Then, he picked up a teapot, chucking it at the red haired mans head.

After what he went through in the dungeon as well as the Primordial Origin Sutras transformation, his strength and speed were both already around the fifth rank.

On top of this, he chose his timing well, launching a sudden ambush from behind.

The red haired man couldnt even dodge in time by the time he sensed danger.


A loud and clear noise sounded.

The teapot shattered to pieces.

Scalding hot tea drenched his entire body.

However, Zu An didnt have any time to feel happy about this.

His eyes carried a grave expression as he looked at that red clothed man.

A transparent layer of light flickered around the other partys body, this barrier especially obvious from the tea dripping along its surface.

Several suppressed cries of alarm sounded from the second floor.

There were also well-informed people in the main hall.

Someone shouted out, “Sixth Rank!”

Originally, they figured that this was just some country bumpkin who got lost, so they watched things play out from the side with amusement.

But now that they knew this person was sixth rank, their expression couldnt help but change.

Sixth rank was already a top level expert in Brightmoon City.

Many teachers in the academy were also at the sixth rank.

The red haired man turned around, shooting Zu An a fierce look.

“Attacking from behind isnt something an honorable person would do.”

Zu An roared with laughter.

“So stealing invitation cards is honorable I am someone who separates my gratitudes and grudges clearly.

Give me a hero and Ill treat him like one!”

“But against someone despicable and low like you, I really have no choice but to use some despicable methods.”

“Haha haha~”

Laughter immediately erupted, among them none more excited than Wei Suo who cheered Zu An on.

Wei Hongde had to press him back to his seat several times to avoid bringing unwanted attention.

“Who are you” The red haired mans face was overcast, but he didnt act recklessly.

The skill the other person threw that teapot with wasnt something an ordinary person could possess.

Remaining careful was still the most important.

“I would never hide my name no matter what I do! My surname is Xie and my given name is Xiu!” Zu An patted his chest, announcing this with conviction.

Everyone in this hall: “”

Do you not know what this phrase means

Even Chu Yucheng and the others gave him some questionable looks.

“Pfft!” Xie Xiu immediately choked on his tea.

What the f*ck

Did I hear my name

Xie Daoyun on the side nodded, trying her hardest not to laugh.

That fella below really was full of surprises.

But when she thought about having a younger brother this shameless, her face immediately flushed red.

She might as well just end her own life at that point.

Pei Mianman next door was resting her chin on her hand, on her face a pensive look as she watched the scene below.

“As expected of this shameless little scoundrel… I really dont know why that stiff Chuyan would end up taking a liking to him.”

The stunning woman in the other private room already arrived by the windowsill.

She was paying attention to the commotion below as well.

When she heard Zu Ans words, she couldnt help but smile.

“Isnt this fellow a bit too shameless”

The man at her side flared his nostrils, greedily taking in her bodys scent.

His hands subconsciously moved towards those endlessly seductive hips several times, but he didnt dare to actually touch them.

“How can a shameless guy like this bear such an important mission Junior sister, its not too late for you to change your mind.”

“Its actually the exact opposite.” This stunning woman revealed a faint smile.

“Only a shameless person like this can fulfill our plans.

Hehe, I am growing more and more interested in him.”

Even though he knew that her words didnt carry any romantic implications, hearing a beautiful person express interest in a man still made him go crazy with jealousy.

“Its time for me to head down before the situation gets out of hand.” The stunning woman turned around, a pair of gemstone-like eyes looking at the man beside her.

“Senior brother, I need to change.”

That man immediately reacted.

“Ill leave right away…”

When he heard that she was going to change, just the thought alone made him extremely excited.

The stunning woman saw him out.

After closing the door, she paused for a moment, and then said with a smile, “Senior brother is not allowed to take a peek~”

That mans face immediately turned red, saying in a panicked manner, “This senior is definitely not that type of person!”

For the sake of expressing his determination, he turned around and left with huge strides, quickly disappearing from the stairs.

“Thanks senior~” After closing the door, the beautiful smile on her face immediately vanished without a trace.

Instead, there was a hint of coldness in her eyes.

The other partys movements before didnt escape her eyes and ears.

“At least he isnt that much of an idiot.”

In the lounge, the red haired man furrowed his brows.

“You are Xie Xiu”

“Who else would I be” Zu An stuck out his chest proudly.

“If we are talking about handsomeness, apart from Chu clans young master, who else can compare to me in Brightmoon City”


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