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Chapter 1321: Superman Punch

The Golden Crow Crown Prince’s libido instantly vanished.

After all, that was something he was extremely sensitive about.

He cared about a woman’s purity a lot.

He glowered and said, “You are a glorious Elf race princess, so how can you not have any self-respect, to actually have illicit relations outside of marriage Are you just saying this deliberately to get out of today’s situation That has to be it, right”

When she saw his reaction, a flicker of joy appeared on Qiao Xueying’s face.

She had just thought of that rumor regarding the Golden Crow Crown Prince, and feeling helpless, she had given it a try.

Who could have expected that it would actually work

She spat, “Hmph, you’re a glorious fiend race crown prince, and yet you’re still trying to fool yourself in this kind of situation.

Well, I suppose there’s no harm in telling you.

Have you forgotten that I was acting as a spy in the human world for a long time Back then, the situation was truly terrible, but fortunately, I met him.”

Zu An’s face appeared in her mind.

Qiao Xueying even felt a bit guilty when she talked about that time.

They had practically been enemies when they first met, and she had cursed him day after day, hoping he would die earlier.

That guy really was infuriating back then!

When he saw the sweet smile on her face, the Golden Crow Crown Prince felt as if he were about to go insane from anger.

This was a smile that should have belonged to him alone, and yet it was stolen by someone else!

Damn it all!

You have successfully trolled the Golden Crow Crown Prince for 999 999 999…

“Who is that person!” the Golden Crow Crown Prince exclaimed.

“You wouldn’t know him even if I told you.

Either way, he’s the most handsome, incredible, and strongest man in this entire world,” Qiao Xueying replied defiantly.

She didn’t speak Zu An’s name for fear of bringing him danger.

After all, this guy was the fiend races’ crown prince, someone who had the ability to mobilize endless cultivators.

If he really did send people after Ah Zu, she would really regret it forever.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince’s eyelids twitched when he heard her description.

He cursed, “You damn slut, I shouldn’t have cherished you with utmost care like a goddess all this time, wasting all that time chasing after you.

To think you already went to bed with another man!”

Qiao Xueying spat, “You can even call your actions today ‘cherishing with care’ Hah!”

“Ha… Haha… You’ve done it now!” The Golden Crow Crown Prince was so angry he began to laugh.

He replied, “I will make sure you understand what the title of ‘world’s strongest man’ really means today!”

Qiao Xueying’s expression changed when she saw him draw closer.

She asked, “Don’t you have a strange fetish, that you won’t touch any women who aren’t virgins”

“That’s only toward ordinary women.

For a true beauty, this crown prince doesn’t mind playing around a bit,” the Golden Crow Crown Prince replied.

The three incredible beauties he had met in the Snake race territory appeared in his mind again.

He suddenly thought to himself, What is up with me Why am I always encountering people I can make an exception for

“Hmph, this crown prince will personally examine if you really are a virgin or not.

If you are just trying to deceive me in order to get away, this crown prince can forgive your bit of stubbornness, and I will still make you the crown princess.

But if you really have already lost your chastity…” the Golden Crow Crown Prince continued, his expression turning grim, “not only will I strike the Elf race off the list of three great king clans, I will turn you into a slave.

I will throw you to my subordinates and let you be their public toy.

Let us see if your lover will still want you then!”

Qiao Xueying was so angry her entire body was shaking.

She cried, “You’re supposed to be the honorable crown prince of a country, and yet you’re actually this shameless!” She hadn’t expected her personal affairs to end up involving the entire Elf race.

Furthermore, what the crown prince had threatened afterward was something that would make any woman tremble with fear.

“You forced me to do this.

It’s your fault for being so shameful!” the Golden Crow Crown Prince yelled.

He pounced on her, no longer as calm and patient-seeming as before.

Qiao Xueying’s expression changed and she quickly used a movement technique to move out of the way.

Even though her cultivation had improved a lot after she came back, however, she was still quite a bit weaker than the Golden Crow Crown Prince.

Furthermore, she had been drugged by that despicable poison, so she couldn't use much of her cultivation.

She was quickly pushed into a corner by the crown prince.

Qiao Xueying’s braids began to produce soft green shoots, lashing at the crown prince.

With a casual wave of the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s hand, however, he pushed them aside.

Then, he grabbed her shoulder with his hand and a burst of ki entered her body.

Qiao Xueying felt her entire body turn limp.

She didn’t have the strength to retaliate at all anymore.

“Where is your lover now He cannot even protect his own woman! Just a piece of trash,” the Golden Crow Crown Prince spat, looking sinister.

When he saw Qiao Xueying’s beautiful and tender face, even though he had admired her greatly before, now, he only felt anger.

He took out a recording mirror from his inner pocket and coldly said, “I am going to record what is about to happen with this mirror, and then I will show it to your lover.

He will forever be a loser in front of me in the future, hahaha!”

He had already felt a deep sense of defeat when he found out another man had taken Qiao Xueying’s first time.

Upon getting that idea, however, he felt relieved.

He decided that he had to make sure to properly display the fiend races’ might in this recording!

“You’re despicable!” Qiao Xueying cried, her entire body shaking.

Unfortunately, not only had she been affected by the drug, her acupoints had been sealed too.

She couldn't retaliate even if she wanted to.

On the other hand, her hatred and alarm completely aroused the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s inner beast.

His long and narrow eyes exuded a hint of viciousness, making his normally decent-looking face appear rather warped.

He reached out a claw towards her collar, about to rip it open…

Suddenly, the nearby door exploded!

A gust of wind swept toward the Golden Crow Crown Prince, making his fine hairs stand on end.

At that instant, it was as if he had sensed the aura of death.

He quickly used the Golden Crow Radiant Flow to evade, and yet the intruder seemed to have anticipated it, following right behind him.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince was suddenly ambushed, so he lacked the initiative.

Furthermore, because all of his blood had been gathered in the lower parts of his body, he couldn't use a good chunk of his cultivation.

He couldn't retaliate at all.

Even so, he was still one of the famous Five Great Experts of the fiend races’ younger generation. There were even some who believed that he was the leader of the five.

As such, his reaction speed was naturally first-rate.

His entire body erupted with a golden blaze: Golden Crow Sacred Fire!

Golden Crow Sacred Fire could burn everything to ashes, so his opponent would only be able to retreat.

Once the Golden Crow Crown Prince caught his breath, he could then launch a thunderous retaliation.

And yet, who would have thought that the attacker wouldn’t evade at all A pitch-black dagger thrust toward the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s chest.

At that instant, he felt as if all of his blood were about to freeze.

He felt a premonition that as long as he was hit by the dagger, he would undoubtedly die.

However, things were happening too suddenly! Furthermore, the intruder seemed to be extremely familiar with his skills, so he was constantly restrained.

He could only watch as the dagger stabbed into his body.

Just then, the golden feather that hung from his necklace ignited, blocking the pitch-black dagger for him.

He remembered that the Fiend Emperor had granted him a life-saving crow feather when he returned to the Fiend King Court, which could help him block one lethal blow.

At the time, he had felt that his father worried too much.

Forget about no one in the Fiend King Court daring to attack him, even if there were any, with his cultivation, why would he use something like that

And yet, it had been used then and there.

When he thought about how his own life-saving treasure had been used up just like that, the Golden Crow Crown Prince was shocked and furious.

His entire body flickered with golden light as he prepared to use his most powerful technique to retaliate.

Suddenly, a fist flew toward him.

Golden Crow Crown Prince was one of the younger generation’s supreme five, so he naturally knew that if he continued to only dodge, he would only fall further into absolute disadvantage.

If the pitch-black dagger attacked again, he didn’t have a second feather to save his life.

As such, he gritted his teeth.

Even if he had to take the blow, he had to retaliate.

Either way, the Golden Crow royal family’s bodies were sturdy, and their regenerative prowess was astonishing.

The fist wouldn’t inflict any serious injuries, and he could even end up being able to seize the chance to flip the situation upside down.

However, his expression suddenly changed.

The fist initially lacked killing intent, but instantly became extremely terrifying, to the extent that it was comparable to a grandmaster’s attack! In barely more than an instant, the fist smashed through his ki armor and slammed into his underbelly.

Terrifying ki surged into his body.

Not even the Golden Crow royal family’s sturdy body could withstand it.

Just like that, the lower half of his body was completely pulverized beyond recognition!


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