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Chapter 1315: First and Second Empress

The person looked refined, but when he opened his mouth and spoke, his teeth were completely black, making his appearance seem eerie.

Zu An frowned.

He had been able to tell for some time that this person’s attitude toward them wasn’t that friendly.

After all, considering Yu Yanluo’s stunning appearance, most men would subconsciously become a bit kinder when they saw her, wanting to leave her with a better impression.

Such treatment could only mean that the two sides shared a grudge.

The fact that the man could reach the position of Imperial Clan Director at his age meant his family background must be excellent.

Huh Wait a second.

An Imperial Clan Director who manages the imperial clan’s children

Just then, Maid Xing told Zu An through ki transmission, “This Imperial Clan Director is named Heichi Ran.

His father is the court’s Grand Secretary Heichi Fei.

Apart from that, he has another identity, which is the country’s maternal uncle.

His younger sister is the Fiend Emperor’s first empress, and the crown prince was born to that first empress.”

Zu An thought to himself, No wonder. He had defeated the Golden Crow Crown Prince, causing his prestige to plummet.

How could the prince’s in-laws be happy about that  Yu Yanluo had clearly been caught up in the drama caused by his own mistake.

Wait, since there’s a first empress, doesn’t that mean there’s a second empress

Still, now wasn’t the time to be asking those kinds  of questions.

Heichi Ran gave the area a casual glance, then said with a cold expression, “The Fiend Emperor has issued an order forbidding fights between the different clans.

You actually dare to publicly go against this order Men, arrest him and throw him into prison.”

“Understood!” the Golden Crow Guards replied, stepping out to arrest Zu An.

Zu An said gravely, “Your honor hasn’t even asked any questions before deciding on an arrest.

I fear this won’t be enough to convince the masses.”

“And who are you” Heichi Ran asked, giving him a sidelong glance.

The black teeth in his mouth were especially striking.

No wonder their surname was Heichi.

It really was fitting![1]

The Lion race’s representatives said with a smile, “He said he was the Medusa Queen’s ‘Big Stick General’ or something.”

Heichi Ran sneered.

Because of his official post, he knew a bit about all of the clans’ major positions.

When had he ever heard of a Big Stick General It was clearly some fake title, so he didn’t treat it as a big deal.

He said, “It seems even nobodies are calling themselves generals now.

There is no room for you to speak in a conversation between high ranking officers like us.”

Zu An’s expression turned cold.

This guy really needed a good beating! After all, he even dared to beat up the Golden Crow Crown Prince, let alone some shoddy Imperial Clan Director.

He was just about to act when a group of riders sped over and a voice called out.

“Which bastard dared to hurt my big brother Do you dare to fight against me!”

As soon as the voice spoke, a group of soldiers quickly arrived.

Unlike Heichi Ran’s troops, who flickered with golden radiance, the second group was covered entirely in black armor.

Furthermore, their bodies emanated a powerful vicious aura, clearly honed on the battlefield.

The one in the lead wore a large black cloak, with a black and gold crow embroidered on his clothes.

He was eight feet tall with a stalwart figure.

His appearance was grand and majestic, and the strong horse he rode made his presence seem even more extraordinary.

Zu An’s expression turned serious.

This person’s aura was powerful; he was clearly already at the master rank.

Furthermore, he didn’t seem to be weaker than the Golden Crow Crown Prince he had fought before.

In the human world, he had always heard that the fiend races were in decline.

Now that he had seen it, though, he knew that the younger generation was full of incredibly outstanding figures.

Even though the grandmasters Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue had explained to him that it was due to their bloodline inheritance, and that there was an upper bound to the number of true cultivators, Zu AN saw that they weren’t few in number at all.

Would that end up being a great disaster for the human race

When he saw the new group of people, Heichi Ran’s expression changed as well.

However, he quickly hid it and asked, “Why did second prince come here”

Zu An was moved.

Second prince That meant he was the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s younger brother! 

I really did start a crazy feud.

First, it was the Lion race’s princes who came to get revenge for their younger brother, and now, the Golden Crow race’s prince is here to get revenge for his older brother as well

The Golden Crow Second Prince said seriously, “I heard that the Snake race’s envoy arrived at the King Court, so of course I needed to see which human could defeat my brother the crown prince.

I believe that human most likely used some sinister scheme.

As the younger brother, I will defeat him to get revenge for my older brother.”

Heichi Ran’s eyelids twitched.

Even though the prince was openly saying that he was getting revenge for his older brother, why did this blockhead have to say it so loudly He kept repeating that the crown prince had been defeated by a human to outsiders!

If the crown prince lost, but he won, it was indeed possible that some would take it as a display of the brothers’ camaraderie.

However, those who knew about the Fiend King Court’s situation knew clearly that the second prince was stepping on the crown prince to further his own prestige!

As such, Heichi Ran said unhappily, “That is not a matter second prince needs to trouble yourself with.

I already asked just now.

That human has already returned to the human world.”

When he heard their tone, Zu An thought that maybe he was the one who had misunderstood.

These two didn’t seem to have such a good relationship.

“He actually went back” the Golden Crow Second Prince asked, sounding greatly disappointed.

“That makes sense, I suppose.

He won against big brother crown prince, so why would he dare to come to the Fiend King Court to throw his life away Hahaha~”

He led his subordinates back into the city while laughing loudly.

It seemed that if the one who defeated the Golden Crow Crown Prince wasn’t here, even all of these people added together wouldn’t be able to interest him.

Heichi Ran’s face darkened, almost becoming as black as his teeth.

He roared furiously, “What are you all standing around for Arrest them!”

“Understood!” The Golden Crow Guards all seemed to have woken up from a dream.

They pounced at the Snake race’s envoy.

The Snake race’s guards all drew their weapons to resist.

However, there was a huge gap in strength, and they were in the Fiend King Court.

If a dispute really did break out, they might not be able to make it out alive.

Zu An stood in front of the others and yelled, “Who dares!”

His voice echoed outward like a thunderclap.

The Golden Crow Guards’ faces all turned pale, and many of their horses even rose up in fear.

The place quickly became chaotic.

Shi Min and the other brothers exchanged a look.

Why did that seem like their king race’s extreme skill, Lion’s Roar How was that possible Even among the Lion race, not many people even had the right to learn that.

Heichi Ran remarked grimly, “What Are you all resisting arrest”

Yu Yanluo stepped forward and took out a Golden Crow Token.

She said calmly, “I am the leader of the Snake race, and I have come to join the general assembly while holding a Golden Crow Token.

However, I am being arrested before I have even entered the Fiend King Court.

Did the Fiend Emperor gather us to hold a meeting, or is he merely using this as an excuse to capture all of the clan leaders in one go”

They were already close to the Fiend Race King Court.

Some other small clan leaders and representatives were around them.

When they heard that, they all voiced their agreement, feeling that they were in danger.

When he saw that the surrounding crowd was getting worked up, Heichi Ran’s expression changed.

He was worried that something big would happen, so he quickly said, “Do not try to incite the public.

It is a fact that you all injured someone, which goes against the Fiend Emperor’s orders.

That is why I have to ask you all to come back with me for an investigation.

As for whether or not you are guilty, the Fiend Emperor will decide that himself.

Or, could it be that you are all questioning the Fiend Emperor’s wisdom”

Inwardly, he sneered. Once you’re all arrested, I’ll keep you all in custody for a while.

The Fiend Emperor has so many things to deal with; why would he care about something trivial like this

Yu Yanluo had managed a great clan for many years.

She had seen all sorts of treacherous people and schemes, so how could she fall for something like that so easily She replied, “We do not dare to question the Fiend Emperor’s wisdom, but the Fiend Emperor has appointed so many officials precisely to share his burden.

If the Fiend Emperor needs to personally look into a matter, I fear that the Fiend Emperor will blame this sir for neglecting your duty.”

Heichi Ran’s expression became unpleasant. This witch really is eloquent with her speech.

Yu Yanluo didn’t give him the time to argue and continued, “As for who made the first move, many people passed by here.

Sir can go and ask them for confirmation.”

Shi Min said coldly, “Of course it was your side who attacked first.

What do you all say” He scanned the surroundings with his sharp eyes while speaking.

A pressure began to spread outward.

However, the smaller clans kept quiet out of fear.

Who dared to offend the powerful Lion Race in order to uphold public justice Yu Yanluo frowned.

The situation really was quite problematic.

Zu An roared with laughter and said,“You’re relying on your master rank cultivation to intimidate others as if others can’t do the same.” Then, he released a similarly powerful pressure outward.

It was even a bit more terrifying than Shi Min’s.

Forget about the Lion race princes, even Heichi Ran’s expression changed. When did the Snake race become this powerful Even a knockoff general has master rank cultivation.

If the other man’s appearance and cultivation rank hadn’t been different from what the Golden Crow Crown Prince had described, he would have suspected that this was the one who had defeated the crown prince.

While the two sides were locked in a stalemate, a beautiful sound rang through the air, followed by a refreshing fragrance.

Several strange beasts pulled a gorgeous and fragrant carriage over, accompanied by many eunuchs and maids.

There were also some elite Golden Crow Guards on alert, guarding against possible dangers.

As a gentle breeze brushed past and the fragrant carriage’s veil fluttered, it seemed to tug at the onlookers’ very heartstrings.

All manner of pearl curtains and bells adorned the top of the carriage.

The pleasant sounds must have been made from those little trinkets.

As the curtains fluttered, the onlookers could vaguely make out a beautiful figure seated upright in the carriage.

When they saw the carriage, the Golden Crow soldiers all dismounted.

Heichi Ran led them in greeting her.

“I greet the second empress!”


Heichi literally means ‘black teeth’. ☜


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