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Chapter 1259: Fiend Races’ Five Great Experts

Yu Yanluo smiled and replied, “Isn’t that even better The greater Ah Zu’s charm is, the more it proves that I chose the right man.”

Yun Jianyue was speechless.

She had been planning to make Yu Yanluo a bit jealous, and it would be even better if she started fighting with Zu An, since then she’d have something interesting to watch.

To her surprise, however, Yu Yanluo instead took the chance to show more of her affection for him, leaving her feeling extremely annoyed.

In the other group, however, their reactions were different.

A hint of jealousy appeared in Prince Yin Sha’s eyes when he saw that Princess Suolun was warning Zu An.

He had been following Princess Suolun everywhere the entire time.

Even though she treated him rather well, it wasn’t too different from how she treated everyone else.

What the hell is up with this guy, and how did he gain the princess’ favor

You have successfully trolled Prince Yin Sha for 233 233 233…

Princess Changning also gave Princess Suolun a strange look.

She didn’t know why the woman would suddenly favor a stranger.

Apart from being a bit good-looking, this guy didn’t seem to have any good points at all.

A grown man chattering away like that really wasn’t that attractive.

When she saw Princess Suolun’s beautiful hair and graceful brows, as well as her other pretty features, she suddenly thought of Kong Nanwu, who had always been better than her at everything.

A feeling of hatred and disgust immediately welled up within her.

Meanwhile, Zu An gave the roaring lion projections rushing at him a look.

He clenched his fists, and the air around them visibly compressed.

Two large fist projections then smashed into the lions!

The cultivators watching cried out in alarm.

This guy actually had some skill; no wonder he dared to offend Shi Ling!

Fatty Wu Liang sat down on the ground, watching the scene before him with a smile as he listened to the others’ discussions. You guys don’t know jack; I’ll probably have to rely on that guy for my treasure this time!

A hint of disappointment flashed through Princess Suolun’s eyes.

Even though the man’s attack was impressive, that alone likely wouldn’t be enough to defeat Shi Ling.

She had clearly even warned him not to face this attack head on, and yet he wasn’t convinced and hadn’t listened to her advice.

She didn’t know why she would feel that way, however. Could it be that my expectations were too high

Zu An’s fists collided with the lion projections, causing a huge explosion.

The golden lions dimmed a bit, but they weren’t scattered.

Instead, they charged at Zu An with even greater ferocity.

Shi Ling said with a sneer, “As expected, you do have some skill.

No wonder you dared to say those things to me! However, there have been quite a few geniuses who died at my hand in the last few years.

Before a true genius, people like you only exist to serve as stepping stones for my unrivaled glory.”

The other fiend race experts’ expressions changed.

This Shi Ling did act a bit too wild, but he had the right to be that way.

The power of his fist wasn’t something they could easily face head-on.

“Shi Ling’s talent really is shocking.

He is only thirteen years old too, and yet he has already reached this level.

Once he grows up, who can be his match among his peers” Jin Shi remarked with a sigh.

If it were an independent cultivator who had Shi Ling’s talent, they would have already been killed a long time ago.

However, he had the Lion race behind him, which was a powerful force among the fiend races.

No one dared to make the Lion race their enemy like that.

“Not only is his talent shocking, he had extraordinary opportunities too.

I heard that when he was young, one day, he went out to play and accidentally fell off a cliff.

In the end, he found a secret cultivation manual left behind by a great senior,” someone remarked.

“I also heard that when he was young, he almost drowned while he went swimming, but he instead fell into a spiritual spring that cleansed his muscles and purified his bone marrow.

That’s why his body became so strong,” Duan Tiande added, his eyes sparkling.

Both the Elves and Dark Elves had weak bodies.

He thought to himself, how great would it be if he had that kind of opportunity

“And yet, even with such aptitude, he could still only be second in the Lion race.

I have heard that the Lion race’s great prince is even more of a monster.

I wonder just what kind of an existence that is…” Princess Changning added with an excited expression.

Women always naturally adored the strong.

She even began to wonder to herself, how did the Lion race’s great prince compare to the Golden Crow Crown Prince Of course, my own big brother crown prince is definitely more formidable.

Princess Suolun said, “I have had the chance to meet him before.

The Lion race’s great prince indeed has extraordinary talent.

When he was twelve, he already dominated the Lion race’s younger generation.

Not counting the older generation, he was already unrivaled in the west.

Among the fiend races’ younger generation, the Western Lion, Northern Tiger, Southern Demon, Eastern Dragon, and Central Emperor are known as the five great experts.

They are all individuals publicly acknowledged to have a chance of reaching the earth immortal level.”

Qiao Heng frowned and replied, “But I heard that the Central Emperor, the Golden Crow Crown Prince, was defeated a few days ago, and it seemed to even be at the hands of a human.”

The others fell silent.

Even though there were many factions among the fiend races with their own hatreds and grudges, the humans were their shared enemy.

For the face of the fiend races to be defeated by a human really wasn’t all that glorious of a fact.

Princess Changning harrumphed and said, “That human probably used some kind of crafty scheme, some kind of despicable method, to win.

He might have also been some older generation expert.”

Princess Suolun said hesitantly, “From what I know, however, he seems to be a young man, and his cultivation seemed to only be at the ninth rank.”

“A young man Only the ninth rank” Princess Changning laughed exaggeratedly.

She replied, “What kind of cultivation does the Golden Crow Crown Prince have He is almost at the grandmaster rank.

He has been undefeated among his peers in recent years, and he even has a deity-grade divine weapon.

How could he possibly be defeated by a ninth rank human race cultivator It was definitely someone with ulterior motives who deliberately wanted to smear the Golden Crown Crown Prince’s name and made up such a ridiculous rumor.”

The others all praised Princess Changning for making sense.

After all, in their opinion, there was indeed no chance of the Golden Crow Crown Prince losing to a human youth, and furthermore one who was only at the ninth rank.

This matter was too fishy; there had to be other things they didn’t know.

After receiving the others’ praise and compliments, Princess Changning gave Princess Suolun a proud look.

Princess Suolun frowned, but she didn’t say anything else.

Meanwhile, the battle had already changed.

The two lion projections arrived in front of Zu An, one biting down toward his shoulder and one aiming for his legs.

Shi Ling clearly didn’t intend to kill Zu An that quickly, but rather planned to cripple him first, before slowly torturing him afterward.

However, who would have thought that Zu An would only calmly raise his fingers, then lightly prod in the direction of the two lions’ heads

Shining Finger!


There was a light puff, and the intimidating lions deflated like balloons, instantly vanishing into the air.

The fiend race experts watching were completely stupefied.

Princess Suolun’s eyes lit up.

How had he done that After all, the Mad Lion’s Hegemon Fist was so powerful that none of them would dare to face it directly, and yet Zu An had destroyed it with just a single finger!

Shi Ling’s expression also changed.

He no longer looked down on his opponent.

He roared and leaped high into the air.

He executed a complicated and mysterious hand technique, and nine lion projections appeared.

They attacked Zu An from several different directions.

He shouted coldly, “You brat, I am going to crush you underneath my feet and make you understand what it means to offend someone you should not have offended!”

Qiao Heng said in surprise, “It’s rumored that the greater one’s achievements with the Mad Lion’s Hegemon Fist are, the more lions will appear.

The more lions appear, the greater its power becomes.

He can already create nine lions at his age! Many Lion Race elders can only produce seven or eight at once; nine is already enough to kill someone at a higher cultivation realm than his own!”

The others all sighed in amazement as well.

Someone remarked, “The Lion race has both the Western Lion and a monster like Shi Ling.

Their rise is already inevitable.”

Zu An obviously knew that Qiao Heng was warning him.

However, he didn’t really care.

Instead, he raised his hand, producing a several-dozen-meter long flame blade, dicing the lion projections into pieces.

The others’ jaws immediately dropped.

They had thought that Shi Ling was careless earlier, but if that still happened when he was attacking at full strength, didn’t it mean he was being completely crushed

Just what is this guy’s cultivation level

They all immediately felt as if they were witnessing a great enemy.

After all, their strength wasn’t too far off from Shi Ling’s.

Even if they were a bit more powerful, that was because they were older.

If this person could crush Shi Ling, didn’t it mean he could similarly crush all of them

Princess Suolun didn’t panic at all, however.

Her eyes flickered with a different light, and her thoughts were indiscernible.

Even Princess Changning changed her previous attitude.

Her gaze now had a hint of eagerness as she looked at Zu An.

Shi Ling was shocked and furious.

He quickly formed another hand seal, trying to condense a new fist imprint.

However, why would Zu An give him the chance He rushed into the sky like a streak of lightning, then stomped down in midair.

With a loud boom, he smashed open a huge crater in the ground.

Smoke and dust flew everywhere.

Zu An stepped right on Shi Ling’s head while asking with a smile, “What did you say just now I didn’t hear you too clearly.”


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