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Chapter 1233: Personal Visit

Zu An found the current situation extremely strange.

Tushan Yu was a completely different person after waking up compared to the previous night.

That night, she had been so enthusiastic and proactive! She had even shown him her most sweet and charming side.

And yet just now, she had actually thought about killing him.

At first, he had thought that they were a mature man and a mature woman, that it was normal for them to each take what they needed.

Why had she turned on him so quickly instead

However, at that moment, he noticed the freshly bloomed rose across the sheets.

Only then did he realize something: This Tushan Yu wasn’t the fickle beauty he imagined her to be.

Instead, she had always maintained her purity.

But that made it even harder for him to understand it. Then why did she act so decisively last night

Did she make an impulsive decision and regret it

Forget about Zu An, even Tushan Yu, who had already returned to her resting chambers, was confused.

She had clearly been trying to seduce that man, and it had seemed as if she were about to succeed.

Why did it instead seem as if she had gotten seduced instead

Just who is the freaking fox-spirit here!

An attendant said worriedly, “Country leader, last night, your respected self and young master Zu… did that.

If the other party knew, they might not be happy.”

Tushan Yu’s expression turned cold.

She snapped, “Do I need your opinion on my personal affairs Have everyone who was outside that door last night swear an oath of blood.

No news of this is to get out at all.

Otherwise, I will have no choice but to kill you no matter how many years you have all followed me for.”

The attendants shuddered.

They all kneeled down and said, “Thank you for your kindness, country leader.”

They then left after making the oath of blood.

The lead attendant said worriedly, “Country leader, you sacrificed so much last night.

Did you successfully obtain the blood essence”

Tushan Yu quickly felt a surge of emotions.

She hadn’t obtained the blood essence she had planned to get, but there was a different kind of essence… that had filled her up quite a bit.

However, how could she hand over that kind of thing!

“I know what I am doing.

You can withdraw now!” Tushan Yu replied, waving her hand.

“Understood!” Seeing the country leader’s expression grow unkind, the lead attendant didn’t dare to ask anything more.

She quickly withdrew.

“Wait.” Tushan Yu suddenly called out after her.

“Prepare some hot water for me.

I need to take a bath and change clothes.”

“Understood!” The lead attendant had a strange expression.

Only then did she realize what had happened.

However as soon as she reached the entrance, Tushan Yu made her stop again, calling out, “Forget it.

I don’t need it anymore.”

The lead attendant was bewildered.

However, she could tell that Tushan Yu was furious, so she tactfully closed the door to the resting chambers behind her.

Tushan Yu bit her lip.

She really had lost a lot last night!

So many people wanted to acquire transcendent aptitude blood essence.

She would just take the chance to refine the other ‘essence’ for herself and see if it would make up for her losses somewhat.

Meanwhile, Zu An couldn't figure out why Tushan Yu had done what she did no matter how he tried, so he decided to just stop thinking about it.

Instead, he brought out Daji.

He had now gathered all of the materials Daji needed for her breakthrough, and it would be best to do that earlier rather than later.

He took out the various materials and arranged them around her: Ki Fruits, Wuyang Jade, Gray Wolf King Fangs, and the Nine-Headed Pheasant Feathers.

When he picked up the Blue Earthflowers, he couldn't help but say, “Daji, oh Daji, do you know that to obtain the materials needed for your breakthrough, I had to sacrifice my body…”

You have successfully trolled Daji for 1 1 1…

Zu An became happy when he saw the numbers in the backend.

“You’re actually able to produce Rage points now! It looks as if your soul is also slowly being repaired!”

Daji didn’t reply, as usual.

However, there was a hint of disdain within her beautiful eyes.

Zu An didn’t think too much of it, however.

With a big smile on his face, he helped her with her breakthrough.

As the formation began operating, the materials were gradually consumed.

Specks of starlight emerged from them, and they all entered Daji’s body.

When Daji opened her eyes again, her expression seemed to have become a bit more vivid.

Her aura had successfully reached the seventh rank! Now, Zu An just had to feed her Ki Fruits to raise her cultivation realm.

He still had around three hundred of them.

After some hesitation, however, he didn’t immediately feed them to Daji.

He didn’t need to use her skill for now, and he had to leave some for Mo Xi.

That woman didn’t work if he didn’t pay her.

Sigh, Daji really is much more lovable.

As if sensing his thoughts, within the depths of the void, Mo Xi became a bit restless.

You have successfully trolled Mo Xi for 1 1 1…

Zu An was speechless.

By the time all that concluded, it was already growing dark outside.

Yu Yanluo and the other women were all worried that something had happened to him, so they gathered around him as soon as the palace gates opened.

They all sighed in relief when they saw that he was safe and sound.

“Nothing happened last night, right” Yu Yanluo asked worriedly.

“Nothing happened at all; I slept great,” Zu An said.

There was no way in hell he would tell them what had happened.

“Really” Yun Jianyue replied.

She moved closer and gave him a sniff.

When she didn’t smell anything strange, she nodded in satisfaction and said, “I guess you’re being honest.”

Yan Xuehen frowned. This witch really feels no sense of shame… If it were her, she definitely wouldn’t do something so intimate.

Zu An sighed in relief.

He had already learned too many painful lessons, so he had made sure to wash all his clothes and the entire room with his Blue Mallard’s water element.

Of course, the bloodstains on the covers had also been removed.

“Looks like that fat daoist was a liar after all,” Yan Xuehen said.

She sighed in relief inwardly, but then immediately afterward, she felt a bit of disappointment.

“I’ll make sure to give him a good beating the next time we run into him.

He made us worry all night for nothing.” Yun Jianyue snorted.

Only Yu Yanluo’s expression remained conflicted, because the daoist’s divination about her had been too accurate.

Thus, she wasn’t sure about what had happened to Zu An this time.

They went to bid Tushan Yu farewell.

However, the attendants quickly reported that their country leader wasn’t feeling too well and couldn't personally see them out, but she wished them a smooth journey.

In the future, they would meet again at the Fiend King Court.

“She doesn’t feel well” The women all turned to look at Zu An when they heard that reason.

Zu An’s expression changed.

He replied, “What are you all looking at me for”

The women all couldn't help but laugh.

This guy had been a gentleman this entire time, not even speaking a word to Tushan Yu.

How could there have been anything between them

“Since Sister Yu isn’t feeling too well, we won’t disturb her anymore.

Please help us deliver our wishes for a speedy recovery,” Yu Yanluo said, acting naturally.

At the same time, she took out some medicinal herbs from the Snake race and offered it to the other party.

The female attendants naturally thanked her repeatedly. 

Right at that moment, Yun Jianyue finally couldn't hold herself back and asked, “By the way, we didn’t get the Blue Earthflowers your country leader promised us yet.”

Yu Yanluo cared a bit more about formalities, while Yun Jianyue didn’t mind being the bad guy.

Either way, she was already known as a devil by the people, so a bit more wouldn’t make a difference.

The female attendant looked toward Zu An.

Zu An quickly replied, “Uh… they already gave them to me.”

“Gave them to you When” The other women looked at him in confusion.

“Bluefield Country Lord sent someone to deliver them early in the morning,” Zu An said without batting an eyelid.

He couldn't just say that she had personally delivered them the previous night, right

“They were brought over early in the morning” The naturally sensitive women immediately sensed that there was something wrong.

After all, those two hadn’t had any dealings, so even if Tushan Yu was going to deliver them, she should have given them to Yu Yanluo.

Why had she instead sent them to Zu An

They recalled the romantic calamity the fat daoist had spoken of again.

They immediately began to interrogate him one after another.

Zu An’s scalp turned numb.

A single lie would lead to countless other lies, and these women were all the world’s most intelligent individuals to begin with.

Just as the situation was about to get out of hand, however, a loud and clear voice suddenly called from outside.

“This king has long heard of the Bluefield Country Leader's beauty.

He has come specially for a visit today!”


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