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Chapter 1206: Sharing Misfortunes Together

“Alright,” Zu An replied.

That had been his intention anyway.

If news of this matter got out, not only would it affect Yan Xuehen’s reputation, it would be hard for him to face Chuyan and the others too.

The two of them quickly fell silent.

Zu An was a bit guilt-ridden when he saw Yan Xuehen’s worried frown.

He said, “Big sis Yan, I’ll definitely help you solve this matter.” Considering their relationship, calling her sect master or senior felt a bit strange.

“Big sis” Yan Xuehen replied, her pretty brows furrowing.

“Considering both Chuyan’s relationship and the Unshakable Daoist Manual I passed onto you, it wouldn’t hurt for you to call me master.”

Little White and Little Blue were shocked.

This woman was actually big brother Zu’s master, too

Can there be any romantic feelings between master and disciple

Is human society really this messy

Zu An replied, “I haven’t formally bowed to you as my master, though, and calling you master would make you sound old.

If you don’t feel that ‘big sis’ is respectful enough, how about ‘auntie’”

Yan Xuehen was stunned.

She felt that his expression was strangely expectant and enthusiastic, as if he were hoping for her to agree.

She eventually said, “Forget it, you can just call me ‘big sister’ for now.” She couldn’t figure out what he was thinking, but she felt that ‘big sister’ sounded a bit better than ‘auntie’.

“Oh…” Zu An couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed.

He thought to himself that Yan Xuehen’s clothes were pure like snow, and her usual icy cold nature was a bit reminiscent of Xiaolongnü.[1]

Yan Xuehen suddenly said, “You said you would definitely help me solve this matter.

But what if there’s no way of solving it at all”

Zu An froze.

He didn’t know how to answer that.

Yan Xuehen sighed.

What else could she do She could only go into seclusion in the White Jade Sect and refuse to see him for the rest of her life if that happened.

As time went on, she might be able to sever her feelings.

But she still wasn’t happy about that thought.

Why did she have to be the one to go through that If they really reached that point, she had to make Zu An use this skill on Yun Jianyue too, to let her experience the same suffering.

A slight smile couldn't help but appear on the corners of her mouth when she thought about how Yun Jianyue would feel then.

Zu An was stunned.

Because Yan Xuehen’s nature was usually too cold, she felt like an ice queen.

She was even a bit colder than Chu Chuyan had been at first, and rarely smiled.

But when she smiled, it really did feel like the first melting of snow, or the blossoming of hundreds of flowers.

She was incredibly beautiful.

Yan Xuehen’s heart began to beat faster when she noticed his gaze.

Then, she felt a bit annoyed at her own reaction.

She didn’t know whether she felt truly bashful, or if it was the effect of the Gold Phoenix. Hmph, it’s definitely the effect of that damn skill!

Zu An coughed lightly when he saw how angry she was.

He asked, “Big sis, can you continue helping me apply the ointment”

Yan Xuehen almost laughed out of annoyance. This guy really is thick-skinned! You still have the nerve to ask me to apply medicine even in this kind of situation

But when she thought about how the main reason he had been left like this was her, after some hesitation, she still sat down next to him with an unhappy expression.

She took out a bit of the ointment and pressed it firmly against his wounds.

“Hiss…! Big sis, go a bit softer!” Zu An yelped with a grimace. This woman really is fierce!

A faint smile appeared on Yan Xuehen’s lips when she saw his expression of pain, but she quickly covered it up.

She replied, “How can a real man be unable to bear even this bit of pain” Even though that was what she said, however, her movements still became gentler.

As she smeared the ointment on his skin, her face gradually turned red.

When had she ever made physical contact with a man like this before When Zu An had treated her previously, she had still been wearing clothes, for better or for worse.

Now that they were so close, she could clearly feel his masculine energy in the wisps of heat coming from his skin.

This stupid ‘love is more solid than gold’ skill is activating again!

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 111 111 111…

She was about to say something when a familiar voice called out from outside the door, “Ah Zu, have you fallen asleep yet”

Yan Xuehen jumped in fright.

It was actually Yun Jianyue! If she entered and saw the two of them in the same bed, with Zu An shirtless and the two touching each other… Even though she was helping him apply medicine, considering her understanding of Yun Jianyue, the other woman would definitely twist it into some crazy affair.

Her Devil Sect’s people might just start spreading lies everywhere!

“Not yet,” Zu An subconsciously replied.

Yan Xuehen wanted to stop him, but she was a split second too late.

Yun Jianyue chuckled and said, “Then open up.

I have something to say to you.”

“Sure.” Zu An gave Yan Xuehen a look, gesturing for her to help him open the door.

But to his surprise, she suddenly leapt to her feet like a rabbit and hissed, “Don’t tell her I’m here!” Then, she frantically searched for a place to hide.

After looking frantically around the room, she finally chose the large wardrobe.

But the moment she opened the door, she saw Little White and Little Blue inside.

If not for her exceptional control over her composure as a sect master, she might already have screamed out loud.

At that instant, the atmosphere froze, becoming extremely awkward!

Never would Yan Xuehen have expected to find someone hiding there, and two people, at that! Didn’t that mean these two had seen everything that just happened!

Yan Xuehen’s face turned completely red when she realized that.

She almost fainted on the spot.

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 444 444 444…

She even had thoughts of just eliminating Zu An forever on the spot.

However, Yun Jianyue could enter at any moment, so she didn’t have the time to settle things with him at all.

She closed the wardrobe’s doors and quickly hid behind the screen divider.

The door opened with a groan.

Yun Jianyue voiced her surprise.

“Oh, you didn’t close the door.

You should have told me, or else I wouldn’t have waited outside… for so long.”

She saw Zu An sitting on his bed with his upper body bare.

She blushed, but quickly hid it.

She asked, “What the heck are you doing”

Zu An replied, “Wasn’t I injured before I’m adjusting my internal energy and treating my wounds.”

“You could do that with your clothes on.

What the heck did you have to strip for” Yun Jianyue replied, her expression strange.

She thought back to his battle against the Golden Crow Crown Prince and asked, “Are you really an exhibitionist”

Behind the divider, Yan Xuehen smirked, thinking, Good, keep going!

Zu An was speechless.

He could only explain, “Aren’t there wounds on my body too How can I apply medicine if I don’t take off my clothes You came at a great time.

Hurry and help me out.”

Yan Xuehen’s smile immediately froze. Weren’t you asking me to help you just now You’re immediately asking someone else to help you

Are feelings a freaking public bus anyone can hop on

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 574 574 574…

Little Blue was even more depressed. I was clearly here first! I brought the medicine too… This other woman helping out was already one thing, but why is another woman coming in now too

You have successfully trolled Little Blue for 555 555 555…

Zu An felt his scalp turn numb when he saw the endless Rage points.

But with how things were, he couldn't be bothered to think about that.

He couldn't just tell Yun Jianyue that there had been other women helping him with the medicine, right

Yan Xuehen, how could you be so ungrateful I’m clearly wiping up after you here, so how can you blame me instead

“Brat, you really are quite daring, hm You actually dare to have me apply medicine for you” Yun Jianyue harrumphed.

“But seeing as you helped me teach that Golden Crow Crown Prince a good lesson, I won’t be so petty.” Then, she sat down next to him, but she was much more confident than Yan Xuehen as she remarked, “Oh Your physique’s pretty good.”

Zu An became a bit depressed.

He replied, “You’ve already seen me buck naked several times; I feel as if I’m losing out somehow.”

Yun Jianyue had an ambiguous smile as she asked, “What, don’t tell me you want to see me too or something”

Zu An said seriously, “I’m not as petty as some people.

If I can see too, I’ll just call it even.”

Behind the screen, Yan Xuehen gritted her teeth tightly. Isn’t this kid talking about me!


Yun Jianyue smacked his back and snapped, “Damn brat, are you tired of living If it were anyone else who said that in front of me, they would already have died several times over!”

Zu An chuckled and said, “Then it seems that big sis sect master already treats me as one of your own.”

“Hmph, you’re surprisingly good at praising yourself,” Yun Jianyue said with a chuckle.

She helped him apply the medicine while looking at the scars on his back.

She exclaimed in surprise, “Hm Who helped you apply medicine earlier It seems to have been pretty carefully done.”

Yan Xuehen immediately began to panic.

“I did it myself, of course,” Zu An replied.

“What, did you think it was Yan Xuehen or something”

Yan Xuehen’s teeth were starting to ache from how hard she was biting down. This kid is absolutely dancing along the border of death!

“Tch, would that stone cold woman ever help another man apply medicine The day that happens will be the day the sun rises from the west,” Yun Jianyue remarked, clicking her tongue.

The two of them had fought for so many years, so how could she not know what her archnemesis was like

Yan Xuehen felt a bit unhappy.

Was she really that bad

Little White and Little Blue exchanged a look, both seeing confusion in each other’s eyes.

Why were these two women’s relationships with big brother Zu so strange

Yun Jianyue’s fingers moved across Zu An’s sleek and powerful muscles.

Her cheeks gradually turned a bit red too.

She quickly changed the topic, asking, “Right, have you seen that stone cold woman I was looking for her, but I didn’t find her anywhere.”


Xiaolongnü is the fictional female protagonist of the wuxia novel ‘The Return of the Condor Heroes’ by Jin Yong. ☜


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