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Chapter 1080: Wedding Ceremony

The onlookers’ eyeballs were about to pop out when they saw that scene. Is this motherf*cker fighting or flirting!

Yu Yanluo harrumphed inwardly. Hmph, what a witch! She had known of Paper Bride’s infamous reputation, but she still hadn’t expected the other party to be so… so wanton and unrestrained.

Zu An was surprised, but it only showed through his eyes.

Paper Bride’s line was something he might say to tease young ladies, so why had the roles been reversed Even though he was no monk, that kind of preference was a bit too much.

Even though they were both monsters, the capital’s courtesan Nan Xun was clearly gentler and more beautiful.

Paper Bride’s entire being radiated a sense of eeriness, like the scary movies of his previous world.

Wait, could it be because Nan Xun used to be King Qi’s concubine…

Even though he was a bit distracted, Zu An still quickly moved to evade the kiss and replied, “Paper Bride, I’m sorry, but I'm rather reserved in nature and I’m a slow starter.

How about we chat a bit to get closer first”

Yu Yanluo nodded in satisfaction when she saw that Zu An hadn’t let the other party kiss him.

But when she remembered how they had been flirting mere moments before, she still couldn't help but feel a bit unhappy.

Jian Taiding cursed Zu An for his shamelessness. You, reserved A slow starter You!

You have only been in the Duke Manor for a few days, and yet several of my sisters-in-law have already become your shape inside! How the hell are you slow

You have successfully trolled Jian Taiding for 236 236 236…

When Paper Bride saw Zu An move out of the way, she giggled and said, “How naughty~” She sped up even more and only a red shadow remained, making the atmosphere seem even more sinister and eerie.

Zu An wasn’t slow either.

The two competed in speed and exchanged more than ten moves.

Paper Bride’s strength was quite strange.

Compared to a master rank cultivator, she didn’t have the mental insight that let them anticipate attacks ahead of time.

And yet, compared to a ninth rank cultivator, her speed and skills were far above theirs.

“Oh my, how heartless of you.

Am I not just asking for a kiss Why are you treating me so violently” Paper Bride exclaimed with a hint of resentment.

The two of them exchanged a palm, but then Paper Bride quickly jumped back to widen the gap between them.

Yu Yanluo felt goosebumps cover her body when she heard that.

Her pretty brow furrowed and she wanted to help Zu An first.

The dark elf who kept jumping between shadows was just much too annoying, though.

However, after fighting for so long, she had already come up with a plan.

Her brush casually moved around, and a delicate and refined lantern appeared out of thin air.

“You’ve already tried this several times.

It’s useless.” The dark elf laughed sinisterly.

It wasn’t the first time Yu Yanluo had drawn a lantern to fight him.

But even the brightest lamp couldn't erase all the shadows.

As the saying went, when there was light, there was shadow.

He moved quickly and entered the shadows again, quickly reappearing behind Yu Yanluo.

He gripped his sword with an evil grin, bringing it toward her bottom.

Even though he wasn’t someone who cared that much about lust, he didn’t mind playing around a bit.

However, his smile quickly froze, because he discovered he couldn't move at all.

Half of his body was stuck in the shadow, while the other half couldn't come out.

He exclaimed, horrified, “What’s going on”

A sweet scent swept over the dark elf as Yu Yanluo instantly appeared right next to him.

Her fingers struck his major acupoint.

A mouthful of blood gushed out of his mouth.

His entire body became limp; he had clearly been seriously injured.

Yu Yanluo hadn’t only sealed off his acupoint; she had also taken the chance to cripple his strength.

As the clan leader of a great clan, there was no way she would entrust her and Zu An’s safety to the other party’s proposed agreement.

What if the two sides engaged in conflict again Having one less enemy was always a good thing.

Kong Qing frowned, feeling that Yu Yanluo was going a bit too far.

However, his own subordinate was quite ruthless as well, and his final attack had been quite underhanded.

Being taught a lesson that way was still reasonable.

Instead, his eyes narrowed when he saw the lantern floating overhead.

He exclaimed, “The Devil Sect Master’s Empress Lantern”

The lantern had already begun disappearing by the time Kong Qing spoke.

Yu Yanluo’s complexion was pale as she explained, “No, it is merely an imitation.

It cannot compare to the real Empress Lantern.”

Kong Qing was greatly shocked, exclaiming, “Madam can paint these magic weapons that function as if they are the real thing This ability is just way too miraculous.

Even I want to learn how to paint now.”

Yu Yanluo revealed a faint smile.

When no one was watching, however, she secretly wiped away blood from a corner of her lips.

It was clear that such a technique wasn’t something she could use at will.

The rebound for painting something so miraculous had taken quite the toll on her.

Her very soul might be destroyed if she tried to do so a few more times.

Of course, that wasn’t something she could just tell the other side.

The situation was still unclear, so it wasn’t a bad idea to intimidate them a bit.

Her attention quickly shifted to Zu An.

She was worried that he might be wounded by Paper Bride, so she prepared to offer her assistance at any time.

Paper Bride’s movements were just far too strange.

Together with her bright red wedding clothes, the sinister red shadows darting around her could easily leave her opponents disoriented and dizzy without even realizing it.

Fortunately, Zu An’s movement technique was fast, so he was always able to just barely evade her attacks.

As he watched the exchange, Jian Taiding became more and more nervous.

He really wanted to take Paper Bride’s place, but unfortunately, he was seriously injured and couldn't do anything.

He could only speak up to help come up with ideas.

“Attack him from behind!”

“Get him from below; give that area a nice surprise!”

The trash Gray Wolf King hadn’t been reliable at all, so Jian Taiding had to place all of his hopes on Paper Bride.

As such, he carefully watched how she moved.

The woman’s cultivation rank was a bit strange; she definitely wasn’t just at the peak of the ninth rank.

It almost seems as if… she dropped from the master rank

But with the strength she is showing, she does not seem to be any weaker than me at my prime.

Furthermore, with so much ghastly energy lingering around her, her opponents would easily be corroded by it.

Once affected, her opponent would only be able to use seventy percent of their true cultivation.

With such a disadvantage, it would be even harder to win against her, let alone if she used her mysterious and unpredictable methods.

He finally felt a little relief when he had those thoughts. That bastard Zu An has finally met his match.

Paper Bride, suck this guy dry! Once we return to Cloudcenter City, I will give you ten… no, a hundred strong men to express my gratitude.

However,  he was seriously injured and couldn't send her a voice transmission.

And if he said that out loud… So many people were watching.

He still cared about his reputation.

While Jian Taiding was feeling anxious, Paper Bride suddenly screamed miserably and moved away from Zu An.

Her palms flew back frantically, as if she had touched something that burned her.

Jian Taiding was stunned, thinking, What is going on

Why are things going differently from what I expected Should Zu An have not been corroded by her ghastly energy Why does it instead seem as if Paper Bride is the one being affected by Zu An

Kong Qing didn’t understand it either.

He knew Paper Bride’s cultivation better than anyone else.

It should have been enough to spare in order to defeat Zu An.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so confident in making his gamble.

But why was it that in this exchange of palms, a simple and direct exchange without any tricks, Paper Bride was the one at a disadvantage

Paper Bride’s miserable screams didn’t end.

Her palm was initially just scorched black at first, but then it began to produce smoke and eventually burst into flame.

The flames grew frantically, quickly spreading across her entire body, becoming a raging blaze.

The flame was an unusual color, too; it was a sinister green.

In just the blink of an eye, Paper Bride burned to ashes.

Jian Taiding blinked.

Just moments before, Paper Bride had had the advantage; why had she been burned to ashes a second later He couldn't help but doubt his own cultivation.

Why had he made the wrong deductions so many times in a row What self-respect did a master rank cultivator like him have left

Yu Yanluo looked away, feeling disturbed.

Even though Paper Bride was a little too flirtatious, such a death was still too tragic.

However, Kong Qing remained calm.

Zu An also looked in another direction, where a small ice platform lay.

Terrifying laughter rang out from that direction, and a voice called out, “Little playboy, why are you so heartless I went so easy on you, and yet you treated me so aggressively.” A woman in red appeared on the frozen platform.

She sat there with her embroidered shoes swaying lightly in the air.

Zu An chuckled and replied, “Didn’t you want to get to know me better How could I not properly test out your depths Of course I have to go all out.”

Just then, he had used the Primordial Origin Sutra.

Its second layer had natural restraining effects on things such as evil spirits.

He had encountered many such entities in the secret dungeons, and was thus extremely experienced against them.

Previously, he had felt that Paper Bride’s entire body was full of ghastly energy, so he had imbued primordial ki into his attacks.

Sure enough, the other party’s body had been like snow before a blistering sun, quickly melting away.

But now, it seemed the one Zu An had fought against was just a paper puppet.

Paper Bride laughed out loud and said, “Little playboy, your mouth is sweet like honey.

This big sister likes you.”

Yu Yanluo frowned.

Why did their conversation sound so weird

“Ah, I can’t resist anymore.

This big sis has to give your little mouth a kiss today!” Paper Bride’s clothes fluttered around, and the surrounding environment instantly changed.

The snow-white cave vanished without a trace.

It was replaced by a scene of red lanterns and red cloth all around!



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