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The blind dates that the Xie family arranged for Xie Wenkai were not very successful.

Of course, it was not because Xie Wenkais conditions were not good, but because his conditions were too good.

The conditions that the Xie family offered were too harsh.

First, it was whether Xie Wenkai would like the lady or not.

If he did not like the lady, even if she was very good, the Xie family would not agree to their engagement.

Secondly, if the ladys familys assets were less than one billion, they did not even have the qualifications to go on a blind date with Xie Wenkai.

The familys assets had to be more than one billion, the lady could not be too young or old.

They had to be healthy.

They could look ordinary, but they could not be too ugly.

In the beginning, many people knew that the Xie family had publicly announced their intention to find a partner for Xie Wenkai, and everyone went over excitedly.

However, their excitement quickly died down because it was too difficult to marry into the Xie family! Later, it was unknown whether the Xie family found the situation to be dissatisfactory or something else, but they stood out and denied that they were finding a partner for Xie Wenkai through blind dates.

Then, everything stopped until today.

Xie Wenkai was still single, and there werent any rumors about him.

“Lets bet!” Zhou Jingyun said to Jiang Tong after repeatedly thinking about all the possibilities.

He was really a headstrong person! He had just suffered a loss once, and he still didnt learn his lesson.

However, he had thought about it carefully this time.

He had thought about all kinds of assumptions.

He even thought about whether Jiang Tong and Xie Guofu were good friends.

However, he quickly denied this assumption for three reasons.

First, the Xie family would not give in.

They had to follow their standards when finding a girlfriend for Xie Wenkai.

Jiang Tong clearly did not meet the Xie familys standards.

Second, although Xie Wenkai was taking over the Xie familys company, he was very obedient to his parents.

He had been disciplined too much since he was young and was used to it.

He could not resist the familys arrangements.

Third, based on Jiang Tongs character, she would never be able to marry into the Xie family! This was because the Xie family wanted an obedient daughter-in-law.

However, Jiang Tong did not seem to be obedient at all!

Zhou Jingyun dared to make this bet not only because he had confidence in the Xie family, but also in Jiang Tong.

How could a capable person like her, who never bowed her head, be at ease as a wife of a wealthy man He knew that Jiang Tong liked to control everything, and he also knew that Jiang Tong was calm and unhurried in the face of any situation.

She would not bow and scrape to others, so she would not marry into the Xie family!

“Are you really going to bet with me again” Jiang Tong grinned, revealing her little white teeth.

She thought that Zhou Jingyun would learn from his mistakes after thinking for so long, but he actually agreed.

“Im going to bet with you.

Whats there to be afraid of” Zhou Jingyun said.

“Im afraid that if you lose again, youll have a mental breakdown and doubt your life,” Jiang Tong smiled.

“Youre the one who will have a mental breakdown.

Stop talking nonsense.” Zhou Jingyun pulled Jiang Tongs collar and pressed her collar flat.

Then, he looked up at Jiang Tong and said, “Tell me the specific rules and stakes.”

“Im afraid that you wont be able to accept my request,” Jiang Tong smiled and shook her head.

“Youre so confident that you can win You currently have no ties with the Xie family though” After Zhou Jingyun finished speaking, Jiang Tong nodded and replied, “Indeed, I have no ties with them.

They dont know me either.” Then, she rolled her eyes and asked, “Then why are you spouting nonsense Are you afraid Do you want to go back on your word and not bet with me Do you want to use such words to scare me into not betting with you”

“Tsk, you really dont have a good memory.” Jiang Tong rubbed her nose, she looked at Zhou Jingyun and continued, “Since you wont regret it, then lets make a bet.

Ill use three days to make Xie Wenkai fall in love with me.

And its the kind where he would never want to leave my side and would only want to be with me for the rest of his life.”

Hearing Jiang Tongs words, Zhou Jingyun laughed.

He slapped his legs and laughed out loud.

“Make Xie Wenkai fall in love with you Hahaha, forget about three days.

Ill give you thirty days!” Xie Wenkai was not interested in women at all.

Furthermore, his family was strict.

People like Jiang Tong would be stopped by the Xie familys bodyguards before she could even reach Xie Wenkai.

“I only need three days.

Do you want to bet or not” Jiang Tong did not care about Zhou Jingyuns mockery.


Of course, I want to bet.” Zhou Jingyun pointed to the ground.

“If I win, I want you to kneel down and apologize to me.” He had to win this one time.

If he knelt down to Jiang Tong once, he wanted Jiang Tong to kneel down to him once!

“No problem,” Jiang Tong agreed.


“What are your conditions” Zhou Jingyun asked immediately.

“My conditions…” Jiang Tong dragged out her last syllable.

Her shoulder swayed up and down, and then she put one hand on Zhou Jingyuns shoulder.

She leaned forward and whispered into Zhou Jingyuns ear, “When I need you, youll come at my beck and call.

For 300 times”

“300 times” Zhou Jingyun asked back.

“If you think its troublesome, then forget it.

If you dont want to bet, then dont bet.” Jiang Tong seemed as though she really did not want to bet with Zhou Jingyun.

She used such harsh conditions to try and force Zhou Jingyun to give up.


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