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After complimenting Jiang Tong, Zhou Mingfei continued, “But my big brother is going to marry you in the future.

Youll have to move out of the old house sooner or later.

On the day you marry my big brother, there might be people gossiping that youve hooked up with a rich man, got pregnant before marriage, and used your pregnancy to threaten him to marry you… In order to stop those people gossiping, Sister-in-law, you have to have your own house.

At least, you have to have a decent one, right Thats why you have to accept this house.

It can be considered a wedding gift from me as your brother-in-law.”

Zhou Mingfei had carefully considered the matter of giving the house to Jiang Tong.

He had mentioned it to Zhou Jingyun yesterday that as Jiang Tong had helped him, and even saved him, he had to repay her.

Although he knew that Jiang Tong had some issues, this was a different matter.

Jiang Tong had saved his life.

Zhou Mingfei had thought about giving Jiang Tong money directly, but giving money directly was too tacky.

Moreover, if the amount was too big, it would not be easy to get it.

Zhou Mingfei knew that what he had done was walking on the edge of a knife.

If he was careless and caused any problems, with the big sum of money that he would have sent to Jiang Tong, Jiang Tong would be implicated in his matters as well.

Moreover, Jiang Tong was Zhou Jingyuns girlfriend.

This might even implicate Zhou Jingyun.

Therefore, after thinking about it, Zhou Mingfei decided to give this villa to Jiang Tong.

The biggest benefit of giving a house to Jiang Tong was that the house was a fixed asset, so it would not cause too much trouble.

This was a one-sided gift from him to Jiang Tong.

Furthermore, this house alone cost more than 20 million dollars.

Zhou Mingfei originally planned to move in at the end of the year, but he had recently been targeted by someone and decided to lay low.

Therefore, he could not live in this house.

“Okay, you are quite considerate of your brother and me.” Jiang Tong agreed to accept the house.

Generally speaking, she would not easily accept things from others because that was called receiving favors from others.

She had to return the favor after accepting it.

However, some things that should be accepted still had to be accepted.

She could also guess some of Zhou Mingfeis thoughts.

Moreover, she knew that if she did not accept this house, Zhou Mingfei would be very uneasy.

After all, one could not be without desires, being without desires would give people a very uneasy feeling.

It would make people think that you had a bigger plan.

That was why Jiang Tong had shown Zhou Jingyun that she loved money.

Therefore, she had to accept this villa.

In the next twenty minutes or so, Zhou Mingfei brought Jiang Tong up and down the stairs.

The house was about to be given to Jiang Tong.

It was time to take a look around the house in advance.

After looking at the house, the two went to the real estate office to transfer the ownership.

It was very easy to transfer the ownership without any loan transactions, and the taxes and fees incurred were all paid for by Zhou Mingfei.

This villa went under Jiang Tongs name, and Jiang Tong did not have to pay a single cent!

After coming out of the real estate office, Jiang Tong and Zhou Mingfei separated.

Zhou Mingfei wanted to return to the Lihao Ballroom, while Jiang Tong wanted to go back to her old house to tidy up and prepare to move in.

She had to enjoy what she had to enjoy! Why did she have to live in a small house when she had a big house to live in!

She carried her bag and moved into the villa.

At ten oclock in the evening, in the gym on the ground floor of South Washington, Jiang Tong sat on the ground covered in sweat.

She lay on her back and panted heavily.

She recalled what had happened in the past two days after the cycle ended.

In just two short days, she did not do any business and did not think of ways to make money.

She only got to know some people and said some words to help them.

Just with that, someone had given her a sports car worth a million dollars and gave her a house worth a hundred million dollars.

It was really wonderful to end the repeating cycle!

The next day, Zhou Jingyun came to the company early and held an executive meeting.

It was not working hours yet, but when Zhou Jingyun held the meeting yesterday, he said that he would mobilize all the power of the company to find a spokesperson.

The next morning, all the executives came to the company early for the morning meeting to report to him on the progress.

Zhou Jingyun was really annoyed by this matter.

He was really too angry yesterday and called Shao Ying to scold her profusely.

However, Shao Yings tone was like, “You cant do it.

Hurry up and admit defeat.

Its just one human life” This made Zhou Jingyun even angrier.

The thought of him marrying such a woman in the future made him feel extremely disgusted.

The executive meeting was not over yet.

A woman dressed luxuriously and elegantly, wearing large sunglasses that covered half of her face, appeared at the entrance of the company.

She looked as if she was afraid of being recognized.

The property manager of Huanyu Building accompanied the woman, and behind the woman were two tall and strong bodyguards.

When passersby saw her entourage, they all made way for them.

Jingyun Fashions reception desk usually had to go to work early.

Not long after the receptionist sat down, there were visitors at the door.

It was very strange.

It was not that there were visitors at this time, but who needed the property manager of Huanyu Building to accompany them


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