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The decoration of the villa was very luxurious.

Jiang Tong looked around and then casually sat on the sofa.

She asked, “Tell me, what happened”

The reason why she looked at this house was that she had never been here before.

In the five-hundred-year cycle, she had never entered this house.

To be precise, she had never entered the interior of this house.

She had been to this neighborhood a few times to investigate intelligence on other people.

She had never entered this house before because Zhou Mingfei had many houses in City Z.

This villa had been handed over to him three years ago.

Later, the renovations gradually wasted more than a years time until the beginning of this year.

However, Zhou Mingfei had not officially moved here for half a year.

Perhaps because this villa was too far from the Lihao Ballroom, it was not very convenient to go back and forth every day.

Zhou Mingfei could not live here, so Jiang Tong naturally had no reason to come and see what the situation was like in this house.

“This house is not bad, right” Zhou Mingfei sat opposite Jiang Tong and habitually took out a cigarette.

He even threw a cigarette at Jiang Tong.

“I spent a lot of money on the renovation of this house.

I specially hired a designer from abroad!”

“Dont smoke.” Jiang Tong did not answer Zhou Mingfeis words.

Instead, she pointed at the cigarette in his mouth.

“I cant have the smell of cigarettes on my body.

If your big brother smells it, he will nag me again.”

Zhou Mingfeis fingers that were about to press on the lighter stopped just like that.

He suddenly remembered that Jiang Tong was already pregnant… pregnant women couldnt smell smoke! Jiang Tongs memory was very good.

She always remembered her identity as a pregnant woman.

“Yes, its my fault.

I wont smoke anymore.” Zhou Mingfei took down the cigarette and threw it on the table.

“The house is not bad.

The decoration is also pretty good.

It has been quite tastefully done up.” As Jiang Tong said that, she glanced at the piano in the hall.

She smiled at Zhou Mingfei and said, “But why do you always like to put the piano in your own house You dont even know how to play it.”

“My big brother really tells you everything,” Zhou Mingfei smiled and said with a hidden meaning.

“Zhou Jingyun often tells me about you.

Although he seems to be quite fierce to you, he really cares about you and is always worried that something will happen to you,” Jiang Tong said.

“Of course.

We are biological brothers,” said Zhou Mingfei.

He raised his hand and gestured, “Sister-in-law, why dont we take a tour upstairs and downstairs”

“Take a look at what” Asked Jiang Tong.

“Just take a look,” said Zhou Mingfei with a smile.

“I booked this house five years ago.

The house was handed over to me three years ago and I started the renovations for it.

I havent lived in it for more than a year.

This house is regularly cleaned by people.

It has three floors above ground and one floor below ground.

It has a total of four floors.

The area is about 600 square meters, and there are large courtyards at the front and back.

“When I first bought it five years ago, the price was a bit cheaper than it is now.

It was less than 60 million dollars.

It has gone up a little over the years.

If we add in the renovation should we decide to sell it, we can definitely sell it for 100 million dollars.”

“What do you mean by this” Jiang Tong frowned.

Was Zhou Mingfei showing off to her But there was no need.

Zhou Mingfei could show off to others, but to his sister-in-law, without knowing her background, Zhou Mingfei would not show off such things.

It would be easy for others to look down on him.

“I dont mean anything.” Zhou Mingfei smiled and took out the key from his pocket.

Then, he pushed it in front of Jiang Tong.

“Thank you, sister-in-law, for helping me yesterday.

The property deeds and paperwork of this villa are all in the car.

Sister-in-law, you have your ID card, right Lets go transfer the ownership right now!”

Zhou Mingfei gave away a villa worth 100 million dollars just like that.

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“Youre gifting me the house” Jiang Tong smiled.

She was neither surprised nor surprised.

She was very calm.

“I helped you because of your brother.

Its not for your house or to get anything from you.”

“Sister-in-law, what you said…” Zhou Mingfei shook his head.

“Even blood brothers have to clear their accounts.

If you didnt help me yesterday, Im afraid I would have lost hundreds of millions.

This money isnt much.

The main reason is that if you didnt give me advice, I might have been kept in the dark.

One day, I might have been taken away by the police.

Lets not talk about the reminder youve given me.

Just the casino incident alone has helped me get back my capital.

I even won more than 100 million.

This house is only 100 million.

No matter how I think about it, I still havent given you enough.

Moreover…” Zhou Mingfeis tone changed.

“Actually, Im also planning for Big Brother and your future.”

“For our future” Jiang Tong raised her eyebrows.

“Yes,” Zhou Mingfei nodded.

“Sister-in-law, although you and my big brother arent married yet, youre already pregnant.

Its only a matter of time before the two of you get married.

Sister-in-law, youre still living in your old house, right I know that you keep a low profile, Sister-in-law.

You dont like to show off.”



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