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Jiang Tong took several sips of tea and picked up her phone to call Guan Sandao.

The call was immediately picked up.

“Miss Jiang,” said Guan Sandao.

“Who told Zhou Mingfei about me playing games” Jiang Tong asked directly.

She was 100% sure that it was not Guan Sandao who told Zhou Mingfei.

If he took the initiative to tell Zhou Mingfei about Jiang Tong playing games, it would go against his original intention of building a good relationship with Jiang Tong.

However, Zhou Mingfei must have found out about her playing games first and then told Zhou Jingyun since Zhou Jingyun did not know about it.

After all, Zhou Mingfei was the one who was in charge of the underground matters.

So who was the one who told Zhou Mingfei about her playing games Guan Sandao should know because after Zhou Mingfei found out about it, he would have called Guan Sandao to verify it.

“I suddenly mobilized so many brothers to go to the internet cafe and was discovered by Liu Das people.

Liu Da has been keeping tabs on me.

He was probably afraid that I would take the initiative to stir up trouble, so he told Young Master Zhou,” Guan Sandao quickly said, “Young Master Zhou later called me to verify it, so I told him the truth.”

“Well then, its fine.” After saying that, Jiang Tong hung up the phone.

In fact, she was just asking casually.

Guan Sandaos words were just as she had guessed.

There was no malice in this matter.

Liu Da was just guarding against Guan Sandao, thinking that Guan Sandao was gathering his brothers to stir up trouble behind his back.

Jiang Tong stayed in the teahouse for more than ten minutes before she left.

Although she left later, the bill was paid for by Jiao Qinglong.

Jiang Tong originally had her own plans for today, but the sudden situation at Zhou Jingyuns company made her give up on her original plan and approach Jiao Qinglong.

Now that more than half a day had passed, the remaining time was not enough for her to complete her plan, so she might as well go home and exercise! The last-minute change of plan was neither good nor bad for her, so it would not affect anything.

Jiang Tong originally wanted to befriend another person.

Now that she had changed her target, there was no problem.

There were still a lot of connections worth making.

Therefore, it didnt matter who she befriended first and who she befriended later, except for a few specific connections.

However, it was worth mentioning that if the connections in City Z were divided into different levels, such as Zhou Jingyun and Zhou Mingfei, Qian Mang, and even Ji Lanzhou, they were all top-notch connections.

At the red light ahead, Jiang Tong slowly slowed down her Lamborghini.

There were still a few cars in front of her that stopped at the red light.

Behind Jiang Tong was a private car that stopped very far away from her car.

There was no other reason, it was because the car that Jiang Tong was driving was too expensive.

The private car behind her was afraid of colliding with her car.

If they really bumped into Jiang Tongs car, and if it was a slightly more serious collision, they wouldnt even be able to afford to compensate her even if they sold their car and house!

“Eh” Jiang Tong suddenly noticed that the car on her left lane was somewhat familiar, and the license plate number was even more familiar.

She turned her head to observe it and recognized whose car it was.

It wasnt just Jiang Tong, anyone with a little experience in City Z would know that this was the car belonging to Xie Guofus family, and Xie Guofu was the chairman of the Six Blessings Corporation! This car didnt often appear on the streets of City Z.

It was usually brought outside when there were important events.

Jiang Tong turned her head to look.

The person sitting in the car was not Xie Guofu, but Xie Guofus son, Xie Wenkai!

“What a coincidence,” Jiang Tong muttered.

Then, she thought for a moment.

Since they had met, it was fate.

How could she miss it She decisively changed gears and reversed the car.

As the car behind her did not dare to get too close to Jiang Tongs car, Jiang Tong had enough space to reverse.

She retreated a few meters and was parallel to Xie Wenkais car.

Jiang Tong turned her head and looked again.

The rear window of the Maybach was half-covered with a sunshade.

She could only see a clearly defined side profile.

There were only a few good-looking men in City Z, and Xie Wenkai was one of them!

Looking at Xie Wenkais side profile, Jiang Tong suddenly remembered what had happened in the previous cycle.

She had met many men in the cycle, but Xie Wenkai had left a deep impression on her.

This kind of impression did not come from Xie Wenkais handsome appearance, since Jiang Tong had seen too many good-looking men.

There were all kinds of men.

Just being handsome was not enough to make Jiang Tong look at them differently.

She had a deep impression of Xie Wenkai because Xie Wenkais appearance and heart were at the two extremes of the spectrum!

Take Zhou Jingyun for example.

Zhou Jingyun was cold and hard to get along with.

He was the same on the surface.

Xie Wenkai looked cold, but after getting familiar with him, she would find that he was especially fond of acting coquettishly! Zhou Jingyun was strong from the inside out, and his style was overbearing.

However, Xie Wenkai was different.

Putting it this way, Xie Wenkais behavior was the most contradictory to his appearance and the most obedient man among all the handsome men Jiang Tong had seen!


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