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However, when Xiong Jun applied to leave his job, it happened to be the time Jiao Qinglong woke up from a severe coma.

This might be a coincidence, but Jiao Qinglong always felt that Xiong Jun was the culprit! That was because he disappeared after leaving his job.

It was as if he had vanished from the face of the Earth.

He could not be found at all.

Even his ex-wife and son did not know where he went!

Xiong Jun was not the only one who had left his job after the car accident, nor was he the only one who had lost contact with him.

However, he was indeed the only one who had all sorts of clues pointing to him! Similar eyes, a coincidental departure from his job, a disappearance like he had vanished from the face of the Earth, and the fact that he had been trying to curry favor with Jiao You all along!

Jiao Qinglong did not think that Xiong Jun had been killed so he could not talk.

That was because Jiao You would not be so ruthless to someone who worked for him.

If he had to be silenced and was killed after working for Jiao You, who else would dare to work for him Therefore, Jiao Qinglong thought that Xiong Jun must have taken a sum of money and fled!

Jiao Qinglong could not remember how long he had been investigating Xiong Jun, nor could he remember when he had given up.

Because he could not gain any leads, he could only give up! When he gave up on investigating Xiong Jun, Jiao Qinglong even suspected that he was wrong.

Was Xiong Jun really silenced by Jiao You and buried in some unknown barren mountain that he would never be able to find in his lifetime

It had been ten years, a full ten years.

Before he met Jiang Tong today, Jiao Qinglong still did not have any news about Xiong Jun.

He also did not have any evidence to accuse his big brother, Jiao You, until this moment.

Jiao Qinglong finally had news about Xiong Jun.

Although it was only a photo and ten years had passed, and although the appearance of the man had changed, Jiao Qinglong still recognized him at a glance!

Jiao Qinglong looked at Jiang Tong, who was sitting opposite him, and suddenly felt as if the heavens had opened their eyes.

He felt as if an invisible hand had delivered Jiang Tong to him! Jiao Qinglong had been waiting for a chance to turn the tables and take revenge for his wife, and the possibility of this chance appearing was almost zero.

But Jiang Tongs appearance had turned the impossible into a possibility!

“Little Sister, if you have anything you want to say in the future, just mention it.

Dont treat me as an outsider.

From now on, you will be my biological sister!” Jiao Qinglong didnt wait for Jiang Tong to say anything and directly made a promise to Jiang Tong, then he stood up and said, “I have something to do.

Ill leave first.

Call me.” After saying that, he stood up and hurriedly walked out.

On the way out of the private room, he looked at the pictures on his phone screen twice.

Jiang Tong watched Jiao Qinglong leave with a strange expression.

She didnt think Jiao Qinglong was strange, but she remembered that her new life had just started two days ago, and she already had two older brothers.

Yesterday, it was Qian Mang, and today, it was Jiao Qinglong, she didnt know how many older brothers and sisters she would have in the future.

Jiao Qinglong left, but Jiang Tong wasnt in a hurry to leave.

She picked up the teacup and slowly took a sip of tea.

Then, she put down the teacup and picked up her phone to call Zhou Jingyun.

The matter was settled.

She had to inform Zhou Jingyun about the situation first and ask him to transfer 20 million yuan over.

As for kneeling on the washboard, she would talk about it later.

Jiang Tong was not sure if she would go to Jingyun fashion tomorrow morning, but Jiao Qinglong would definitely send Hong Tongfei over.

Therefore, Jiang Tong had to inform Zhou Jingyun to prepare for the reception in advance.

However, the call didnt go through.

Jiang Tong looked at her phone screen.

Was she being rejected Did he hang up on her Was this man so petty

At this moment, Jiang Tongs phone vibrated.

It was a text message from Zhou Jingyun.

There were only three words: “In a meeting.”

In a meeting again If Jiang Tong remembered correctly, Zhou Jingyun was in a meeting in the morning.

In fact, it was normal to have a meeting in the afternoon too.

After all, such a big incident had happened in the company, and the companys higher-ups needed to discuss countermeasures, but… when Jiang Tong called in the morning, Zhou Jingyun was also in a meeting.

However, he picked up the phone then but did not pick up this time.

Clearly, his mentality had changed.

Previously, when Jiang Tong said to make a bet, Zhou Jingyun had agreed to it.

When Jiang Tong wanted the campaign funds and opened her mouth to ask for 10 million, he gave it to her without hesitation.

However, when Jiang Tong took the money and went to book the venue to play games, Zhou Jingyun could not understand it.

“Men… simply cant be predicted.” Jiang Tong shook her head with a smile and picked up the teacup.

Actually, this was not bad.

The more Zhou Jingyun couldnt understand her behavior, the more shocked and incredulous he would be the next day.

She didnt know if Zhou Jingyun would apologize to her after seeing Hong Tongfei, saying “sorry” to her like a little wife, that he should have believed her.

Thinking about this scene, it was really interesting…


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