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Jiao Qinglong could tell from Jiang Tongs words that she really understood him and knew a lot of things about him! He looked at the text message on his phone again and raised his head to ask Jiang Tong, “Who is the owner of this phone number”

“Youll know if you get someone to check it.

With your ability, Brother Qinglong, its only a phone number.

It wont take more than a few minutes, right” Jiang Tong didnt say it directly.

Jiao Qinglong was silent for a moment.

He sent the phone number on the message to his right-hand man.

Then, just as he was about to make a call, Jiang Tong said, “By the way, this person has changed his name before.

He has two ID cards and different ID card numbers.

He doesnt use his original identity information anymore.

So, Brother Qinglong, youd better get your people to check his original household registration and get the photo he used to register with.

Although it has been ten years, you should be able to recognize him.

By the way, let me remind you that before you find this person, dont let anyone call him.

After all, the number of people who know this phone number can be counted on one hand.

If you alert him, he might run away overnight.

Once he leaves the country, it will be difficult for you to find him.”

Jiao Qinglong held the phone and didnt say anything when he heard Jiang Tongs words.

He then made a call.

The call went through very quickly, and he said, “I just sent you a phone number.

Get someone to check the information of the owner of this number immediately.

Remember to keep it a secret.

Its best if you get me his photo first.

It doesnt matter if you get the other information later.” After saying that, Jiao Qinglong hung up the phone and looked straight at Jiang Tong.

His serious expression suddenly broke into a bright smile.

He said very naturally and casually, “Little Sister, youre really good.

No wonder you can treat Zhou Jingyun so well.”

“I guess so.” Jiang Tong smiled.

“Tell me the truth.

How did you know about our Jiao Family It seems that you know quite a bit about us.” Jiao Qinglong asked again.

He was good at putting people a distance away from him, yet a smile could make people relax.

“Brother Qinglong, you know that some things cant be said just because I want to.

Its not that I dont want to tell you, but… you should understand, right” Jiang Tong seemed to be deliberately mystifying.

However, because of the previous foreshadowing, Jiao Qinglong didnt think that Jiang Tong was doing it on purpose.

On the contrary, he was even more certain that there was a force behind Jiang Tong, or rather, there was a super large force.

The larger the family, the more secrets there were, and some things were not so easy to say.

However, in reality, Jiang Tongs family ran a noodle shop.

Jiang Tong knew that Jiao Qinglong would definitely investigate her identity and background later, but when Jiao Qinglong finds out about her familys situation, Jiao Qinglong would only think that all the information he found was fake and that it was arranged by Jiang Tong on purpose.

He might not give up and want to continue investigating, but he would never find any useful information, because Jiang Tong really did not have the big background that he imagined! And when Jiao Qinglong, who knew nothing about this, realized that he could not find anything useful, he would subconsciously think that Jiang Tongs background was more terrifying than he imagined.

Jiang Tongs image in his heart would become even more mysterious and lofty!

“I understand, of course I understand.

Your family is more…” Jiao Qinglong didnt finish his sentence.

He turned his head and said, “Forget it, lets talk about something else.

Oh right, I heard that someone almost got into a fight with Qian Mang at the restaurant last night, but it was settled with a few words from someone.

Everyone said that that person was Zhou Jingyuns girlfriend.

So that person was you” It was not a secret in the circle, and even the slightest movement could spread the news.

“Yes, its me.” Jiang Tong nodded and said with a smile, “Its all nonsense.

I did have a misunderstanding with Brother Qian Mang yesterday, but Ive made it clear since that theres nothing wrong.”

Then, Jiang Tong and Jiao Qinglong talked about some other things, such as the matters of the various families in City Z.

Jiao Qinglong had the intention to test Jiang Tong, but Jiang Tong was very clear about such matters in City Z.

There was nothing that she didnt know, therefore, if Jiao Qinglong wanted to use this opportunity to test out something, he definitely wouldnt be able to do so.

At this moment, Jiao Qinglongs phone rang.

He picked up the phone and opened it.

His expression suddenly changed.

The veins on his forehead bulged, and even his eyes were bloodshot! He was furious and incomparably infuriated, but he was suppressing it.

He stared at the phone for a long time before he slowly raised his head to look at Jiang Tong.

Then, he said in an extremely serious manner, “This time, I owe you.

In the future, no matter what happens, just say the word.

If I dont help you do it well, Ill cut my head off for you!”


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