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“Of course its true.” Jiao Qinglong paused, and after thinking seriously for a while, he said, “How about this I promised you before that I will definitely find you a spokesperson.

Not only will I find you a spokesperson, but I will also find you the best spokesperson! Just you wait, I will make a call right now.” As he said that, he picked up his phone and flipped through his address book.

Very quickly, he dialed a number, but the call did not go through right away, so Jiao Qinglong took the opportunity to show Jiang Tong the name on the phone screen.

“Hong Tongfei.” He was calling Hong Tongfei.

Jiang Tong was a little surprised.

At this moment, a womans sweet voice came from the phone.

“Brother Long.”

Jiao Qinglong held the phone to his ear.

Jiang Tong could not hear Hong Tongfeis voice, but she could hear Jiao Qinglongs words.

“Dont complain.

Youve only been popular for a few days.

You should act however the director wants you to act.

How can the director trick you Besides, the director is my brother.

If he criticizes you, it will be for your own good…”

Jiang Tong picked up the teacup and took a sip of tea.

She silently listened to the conversation between Jiao Qinglong and Hong Tongfei.

Although she didnt know exactly what Hong Tongfei said, she could feel that Hong Tongfei must be acting coquettishly with Jiao Qinglong! If there were any fans of Hong Tongfei now, they would probably poke their own eyes out if they saw Hong Tongfei behaving like that with Jiao Qinglong, this greasy fatty.

Because they were simply too incompatible!

Hong Tongfei was a standard great beauty with fair skin, good looks, and a good temperament.

She could act as a lady, and could also act as a young girl.

Hong Tongfei was in line with 90% of mens fantasies about their dream lover! As for Jiao Qinglong, who kept Hong Tongfeis company, he was very ordinary and greasy.

And his appearance was not the main problem.

Although Jiao Qinglong looked ordinary, his facial features were fine.

The main thing was the way he presented himself and his temperament! Hong Tongfei and Jiao Qinglong were really like heaven and earth! When the two of them stood together, they were Beauty and the Beast! It was not an exaggeration at all.

The first impression Jiao Qinglong gave people was that he was not even comparable to a normal person.

He was just a greasy fatty!

However, Jiang Tong felt that this difference could be artificially created.

Jiao Qinglong was just like that.

Jiang Tong knew that Jiao Qinglong had deliberately created such an image.

Therefore, in Jiang Tongs heart, it was not that Jiao Qinglong was not good enough for Hong Tongfei, but that Hong Tongfei was not good enough for Jiao Qinglong! If it were not for Jiao Qinglong, Hong Tongfei would not have been able to establish a foothold in the entertainment industry.

She could only rely on her beauty to attract other rich people and then become dependent on men.

It was impossible for her to become famous as she was now.

Jiang Tong had seen Jiao Qinglongs photo from ten years ago.

She had seen the Jiao Qinglong from five hundred years ago.

He was tall, thin, and dignified.

The reason why he was like this..

it was the car accident that almost killed him ten years ago that changed him.

In order to survive, Jiao Qinglong had no choice but to put on a layer of protection.

He disguised himself and began to overeat.

He began to keep women, he began to be extravagant and rude.

Everything he did was a disguise.

In order to survive, he could sum up these ten years in one word — endure!

Jiao Qinglong had been enduring, waiting for a chance to turn the tables on his opponent! And the person who wanted to kill Jiao Qinglong was his brother, Jiao You! Jiao Qinglong was the loser of the Jiao familys cruel internal strife.

The car accident ten years ago was arranged by Jiao You.

At that time, three people died and one was seriously injured.

Jiao Qinglong was the only one who survived, and among the three dead people was his wife, whom he had just been married to for two years.

Jiao Qinglong did not win against Jiao You.

It was not that Jiao Qinglong was not capable.

In Jiang Tongs opinion, Jiao Qinglong and Jiao You were equally capable.

The reason why Jiao Qinglong could not win against Jiao You was that Jiao You was older than him! There was a difference of twenty years between them! Jiao Qinglongs birth was considered an accident.

In addition, having more brothers meant that there would be more people to split personal property with.

Therefore, the relationship between Jiao You and Jiao Qinglong had never been good.

In addition, as Jiao Qinglong grew up, his abilities became more outstanding, and Jiao You became more and more anxious.

But the final straw was when Jiao Qinglong and Jiao Yous father publicly said at the shareholders meeting that after he retired, the family business would be handed over to Jiao Qinglong and Jiao You to co-manage.

This made Jiao You completely regard Jiao Qinglong as a thorn in his side! To put it bluntly, the reason why the two brothers turned against each other was because of the inheritance of the familys assets.

After the car accident, the Jiao familys company experienced a series of internal turmoil.

There was a major change in personnel, and some people even went missing! After Jiao Qinglong was discharged from the hospital, he once angrily barged into Jiao Yous villa with a gun.

He almost shot Jiao You, but he was stopped in the end.


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