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Zhou Jingyun rolled his eyes.

He felt there was something wrong with Jiang Tongs head! They were pretending to be a couple.

So what was with this issue oftrust

“Tell me, are you going to bet or not” Jiang Tong urged.

Zhou Jingyun rolled his eyes.

“Fine, Ill bet with you, okay” He was really annoyed.

If agreeing to Jiang Tong could shut her up, he felt that he could place a bet with her.

He said, “I agree to bet with you.

Now you can go.

Go and do your work.

Dont disturb me while Im working.”

“Then its a deal.” Jiang Tong smiled and got up.

She went to the underground parking lot.

After she got into the car, she took out her cell phone and dialed a number.

The call was quickly picked up.

“Miss Jiang, is there a problem with the car” Guan Sandao didnt expect Jiang Tong to contact him so soon.

“Sandao, make the arrangements.

I want to use your people,” Jiang Tong said directly.

“Sure, no problem.” Guan Sandao was very surprised.

He did not expect Jiang Tong to call himSandao directly.

He did not even ask Jiang Tong what she wanted him to do by addressing him in such a friendly manner.

He immediately agreed, “No problem, Miss Jiang.

How many people do you want I will immediately gather my brothers.”

Jiang Tong told Guan Sandao about her request.

After Guan Sandao heard it, he was completely dumbfounded.

What Jiang Tong told him to do was not something difficult.

On the contrary, what Jiang Tong asked him to do wasnt difficult at all.

It was just what she asked him to do was too weird! However, Guan Sandao didnt ask any further.

He didnt need to know the thoughts of big shots.

He just needed to follow her request.

Half an hour later, Guan Sandao and some of his trusted men were guarding the entrance of an internet cafe near Qingchuan Bar.

They kept looking at their watches, waiting for Jiang Tong to come over.

Not long after, a red Lamborghini appeared on the street.

Then, it slowly stopped by the roadside.

Jiang Tong pushed the door open and got out of the car.

“Have you called everyone over” she asked.

“Dont worry, Miss Jiang.

The people we brought are all brothers who play games very well…” Guan Sandao quickly followed behind Jiang Tong.

Jiang Tong walked towards the internet cafe.

The internet cafe was very big and the equipment looked very good.

However, it was empty at the moment.

Other than a few dozen people gathered near the counter of the internet cafe, there were no other customers.

This was because Guan Sandao had booked the entire internet cafe before Jiang Tong came over!

“Miss Jiang.” Seeing Jiang Tong walk in, more than 40 people in the internet cafe bowed and greeted Jiang Tong in unison.

“Everyone relax.” Jiang Tong raised her hand and gestured.

Then she said, “Everyone, find a computer to turn on and play the game…” she gave the name of the game and urged everyone to spread out and turn on the computers.


The group of people sat in a row and turned on the computers skillfully.

They searched for the game and downloaded it.

Most of these people were young people around 20 years old.

They were real delinquents.

They had stopped studying long ago and went to mingle with the underground society.

They stayed in the internet cafe all year round.

They did not have any serious skills, but they were very good at playing games! There were a few middle-aged men among them.

They did not look more than forty years old.

Their awareness and control of playing games were definitely not as good as the young ones.

However, they were very familiar with the game that Jiang Tong had mentioned.

They had played it before.

Jiang Tong walked to the innermost row.

She sat alone in a row and turned on her computer to download the game.

Because the game she wanted to play was on a private server, it was not available on the computer in the internet cafe.

She had to download it herself.

Guan Sandao stood behind Jiang Tong and watched as she skillfully downloaded and logged into the game.

His expression became more and more strange as he watched her.

It was really too weird! When Jiang Tong called him to gather some of his men, he thought it was a big deal.

He also thought that his chance to show off had come.

But he never expected Jiang Tong to ask him to get people to play games with her! She was playing an old game that was released twenty years ago, and it wasnt even on a public server, but a private server! Was this… a game that Jiang Tong should be playing at her age Guan Sandao was a little suspicious of Jiang Tongs age.

As far as he knew, those who still played this game and loved playing on the private server were middle-aged men in their thirties or forties, and there were some rich bosses among them.

Guan Sandao looked at Jiang Tongs back, and the more he thought about it, the stranger he felt.

Jiang Tong was really in her early twenties Wait… no, Guan Sandao was shocked.

Would Jiang Tong use this matter to test him The more Guan Sandao thought about it, the more he felt that it was the case.

Otherwise, there was no way to explain such a strange situation.

Jiang Tong must be testing his patience to see if he could handle such a small matter well! If he could not handle such a small matter well, Jiang Tong would not need to use him anymore in the future! When a big shot did something, he had to look at the details and meaning behind it!

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