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Zhou Jingyun took a deep breath and looked at Jiang Tong.

He asked, “Do you have any information on Shao Ying” This was the reason why he had called Jiang Tong over today.

He was already very angry that his spokesperson had been hit by a car, so he wanted information on Shao Ying.

It would be best if it was the kind of secret information that could crush Shao Ying!

“I do, and its the kind thats very lethal.” Jiang Tong raised her eyebrows and gave Zhou Jingyun a wicked and wanton smile.

“Name your price.” Zhou Jingyun looked straight at Jiang Tong.

He wanted to buy information on Shao Yings dirt.

“I cant give it to you,” Jiang Tong refused.

Zhou Jingyuns expression changed, and then he narrowed his eyes.

He began to suspect that Jiang Tong was related to Shao Ying.

“Dont let your anger get to your head.

You know the strength of a big family.

Even if I give you Shao Yings dirt, you wont be able to defeat her.

Not only will the Shao family protect Shao Ying, but even your Zhou family will also protect her,” Jiang Tong said indifferently.

“It might even lead to the cancellation of the bet.

The family will force you to marry Shao Ying.

No matter how bad your relationship with your family is, youre still a member of the Zhou family.

Your actions may very well cause a conflict between the two families.

If you touch Shao Ying like this, the Shao family will not let it go.

Your family will definitely apologize to the Shao family.

So, do you think… with your current strength, you can go against your family And the Shao family”

Zhou Jingyun was silent.

He was indeed thoughtless.

When he called Jiang Tong, it was when he was most furious after receiving the news.

At that time, he really wanted to kill Shao Ying directly! But now, Jiang Tongs words calmed him down.

What Jiang Tong said was right.

He could not directly attack Shao Ying, just like how Shao Ying would never attack him.

That was the bottom line.

Shao Ying would only mess with the people around him and mess with his company.

Shao Ying wanted to marry him, not fight to the death with him.

Zhou Jingyun thought about it and lowered his head to look at the files.

“Looking at the candidate files for the spokesperson” After Jiang Tong asked, Zhou Jingyun grunted.

Shen Kaiqi was hospitalized due to an unexpected car accident.

This was a force majeure for the contract between Jingyun Fashion and the agency that Shen Kaiqi worked for.

Therefore, this cooperation would be automatically terminated.

Both parties would not be considered to have breached the contract.

Therefore, Jingyun Fashion needed to find a spokesperson for its new product launch as soon as possible.

Even though this was very tough and difficult, they still needed to find a spokesperson as soon as possible.

This was because there were only fourteen days left before the new product launch.

There was simply not enough time.

Not to mention that big celebrities schedules were usually difficult to handle, there were also some celebrities who had similar endorsements and could no longer accept cosmetic endorsements.

In addition, Jingyun Fashion was not a big name.

Many popular female celebrities were not willing to accept such endorsements.

They had already reached the level of being able to cooperate with big international brands, so there was no need for them to lower their status.

Therefore, only a few top female celebrities were willing to accept it, on account of money.

However… to begin with, Shao Ying was behind the difficult situation, interfering with all his moves.

If Zhou Jingyun had negotiated with the female celebritys manager today, then tomorrow Shao Ying would find the big boss of the celebritys management company and talk to him directly.

Then, the female celebrity would renege on their agreement with Zhou Jingyun.

In any case, since they had not signed the contract yet, they would just find an excuse and reject it.

This had already happened too many times.

Zhou Jingyun could not use his familys power to find a spokesperson.

He could not even find Zhou Mingfei to help him find a spokesperson because Zhou Mingfeis power was the Zhou familys power.

Using Zhou Mingfeis power and influence would violate the rules of the bet.


Zhou Jingyun could only talk to the spokesperson himself.

He knew that he might not have the chance.

If he could not find a spokesperson, the new product launch would be postponed.

Or even if it was held as scheduled, the influence and impact would be much less than expected.

Zhou Jingyun looked at the files without saying a word.

The atmosphere in the office was a little gloomy.

“Zhou Jingyun, do you need… me to help you find a spokesperson”Jiang Tong suddenly opened her mouth and asked.

Zhou Jingyun looked up at her.

Jiang Tong didnt move and kept her smile steady.

“Arent you an intelligence dealer Do you do this kind of business too” Zhou Jingyun curled the corner of his mouth and continued to look down.

Without yesterdays mood and state, he was a lot more distant from Jiang Tong today.

In fact, this was Zhou Jingyuns personality.

Now that they were in his office, there was no need for him and Jiang Tong to put on an act.

“Its about making money.

As long as the money is in place, I can even find Hong Tongfei for you.

Or you can find any other female celebrity that you like.

The one I found would definitely meet your requirements, she would definitely be hot and popular!” Jiang Tong almost believed it herself.

However, she did have a way to solve Zhou Jingyuns urgent problem.

She could quickly find a spokesperson for Jingyun Fashion, and the celebrity she found would definitely meet Zhou Jingyuns standards.

It might even exceed his standards!


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