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Jiang Tong pushed open the door to Zhou Jingyuns office.

Zhou Jingyun was making a phone call by the window, and he subconsciously paced back and forth, looking very annoyed.

“Has she been saved Whats the specific situation Mmm… mm… how many months will it take for her to recover Okay, that means she cant come to the press conference, right Yes, I understand.

Okay, I understand…”

Jiang Tong didnt disturb Zhou Jingyun.

She found a sofa far away from Zhou Jingyun and sat down.

She crossed her legs naturally and looked at Zhou Jingyun on the phone while rubbing her chin.

Five minutes later, Zhou Jingyun finally finished the call with a cold expression.

“Who was injured” Jiang Tong asked.

“Shen Kaiqi, car accident,” Zhou Jingyun replied.

He walked quickly to the file cabinet and took out a folder to look through.

“Shen Kaiqi Shao Ying did it” Jiang Tong asked.

Zhou Jingyun didnt even raise his head as he asked, “You even know about Shen Kaiqi”

Jiang Tong smiled.

“Shen Kaiqi is a big star.

Who doesnt know about her” Jiang Tong rarely smiled when she was with Guan Sandao today.

That was because she had always distinguished between “People she could use” and “People she could make friends with”.

“You know thats not what Im asking.” Zhou Jingyun frowned and looked at Jiang Tong.

“How do you know Shao Ying did it”


“Its very simple.

Jingyun Fashions press conference is about to begin this year.

This press conference may not be that important to your company, but its very important to you personally.

Thats because you want to get Jingyun Fashion listed and raise money before the results of the bet are out! You want to try and raise your wealth as much as possible.

Thus, you need to make sure Jingyun Fashion does well and deliver good results.

So that when the company goes public, the stock price will be even higher.

In this era of social media and digital traffic, it is very important for a cosmetics and fashion company with a high-end positioning to get a qualified spokesperson!” Jiang Tong smiled and continued, “However, Shao Ying has been hindering you in all aspects, including the matter of Jingyun Fashion looking for a spokesperson.

In the past few years, those who could endorse Jingyun Fashion were some B-list, third-rate, or even outdated celebrities.

This year, Jingyun Fashions performance is still okay.

It was not easy for a top female star to be willing to endorse Jingyun Fashion, but Shao Ying has been playing tricks behind the scenes.

She has even violated the rules of the bet and used the power of the Shao family to intervene.

Therefore, no matter how you negotiate, you cant find a spokesperson that meets your requirements.

It wasnt until two months ago that you secretly talked to Shen Kaiqi.”

Shen Kaiqi was a singer who had just debuted.

She was currently a new generation female singer who was extremely popular.

According to Zhou Jingyuns plan, he would officially announce Shen Kaiqi would be their new spokesperson in front of everyone during the new product launch.

Shen Kaiqi would attend Jingyun Fashions launch that day.

She would be on Jingyun Fashions platform and endorse Jingyun Fashions new product line that day.

Zhou Jingyun wanted to borrow Shen Kaiqis popularity and explosive power of the Internet and social media to make his companys new product popular and a trend everywhere! He wanted to transform Jingyun Fashion from a small and popular brand in the country to a big and well-known brand in the country and abroad!

For this press conference, Zhou Jingyun had really prepared too much.

“Yesterday, I helped you find the traitor.

Shao Ying knew that the plan to steal the product information was exposed.

Today, Shen Kaiqi had a car accident and was unable to attend the press conference.

The company is also unable to go forward with the subsequent promotions.

Obviously… all of this was done by Shao Ying.

Otherwise… do you believe that this is just a coincidence” Jiang Tong said with a smile.

“You really know a lot.” Zhou Jingyuns eyes were dark.

In fact, Jiang Tong didnt need to say much.

Zhou Jingyun also knew that Shao Ying did it.

This was also the reason why he was so angry today.

He didnt expect Shao Ying to be so ruthless and so twisted! She couldnt steal the product information, so she directly sent someone to run over the spokesperson.

Shao Ying was determined to sabotage his new product launch!

The reason why Zhou Jingyun secretly signed Shen Kaiqi was to prevent Shao Ying from causing trouble.

He thought that Shao Ying did not know about the spokespersons matter.

However, Jiang Tong had helped him find the traitor yesterday.

There had always been a spy acting as an assistant by his side.

Therefore, Zhou Jingyun understood that Shao Ying had always known about the secret agreement between Shen Kaiqi and Jingyun Fashion.

He was always at a disadvantage in his fight and bet with Shao Ying! The reason for this was not that Zhou Jingyun was not capable, but that the Shao family and the Zhou family were on Shao Yings side.

He was fighting alone!

Shao Ying had used her familys power.

Other than the Shao family covering for Shao Ying, even the Zhou family would help cover for her.

If Zhou Jingyun dared to cross the line and break the rules of the bet, the Zhou family and the Shao family would directly betray him and make him lose!


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