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Jiang Tong had already started eating.

After listening to Guan Sandaos sincere explanation, she had to admit that Guan Sandao was very eloquent.

The strange reason he had brought up was explained in such a way that it made Jiang Tong feel like there was some sense to it.

“You know, we lower class gangsters… To put it nicely, we are big brothers in the underworld.

To put it bluntly, we are lower-class gangsters.

Miss Jiang, you and Young Master Zhou are from the same family.

Although Young Master Zhou didnt specifically instruct us to do anything, we all rely on Young Master Zhou for a living.

We have to take the initiative, dont you think so” Guan Sandao smiled embarrassedly.

“Yeah, are you done talking” Jiang Tong nodded calmly.

“Im done.” Guan Sandaos expression was not very good because Jiang Tong did not seem to believe what he said.

However, she did not seem like she intended on finding trouble with him.

“Youre not eating” Jiang Tong asked again.

She had ordered breakfast for two, but Guan Sandao had not touched it.

“Ah Ill eat, Im also hungry.” Guan Sandaos smile was still quite natural.

He picked up a fried dough stick with his chopsticks and stuffed it into his mouth.

Just as Jiang Tong and Guan Sandao were about to finish eating, Jiang Tongs cell phone rang.

Her cell phone was placed on the table.

The caller ID was “Zhou Jingyun”.

Guan Sandao immediately stood up when he saw it and signaled to Jiang Tong that he was going out.

Jiang Tong waved her hand to indicate that he didnt need to leave to avoid suspicion.

There was nothing that he couldnt hear.

“Why did you call Have you arrived at the company” Jiang Tong picked up the phone.

“Not yet.

Im on my way to the office.” Zhou Jingyun spoke very quickly, and there was obvious anger in his tone.

“Come to the office quickly.

Something has happened!”

“Okay, I got it.” Jiang Tong didnt ask much.

After hanging up the phone, she said to Guan Sandao, “I still have something to do.

Lets stop here for today.” After saying that, she got up and walked out.

Guan Sandao didnt say anything.

He took out his wallet and threw a hundred dollars on the table.

Then, he followed Jiang Tong out.

“Miss Jiang, do you want to use the car” He quickly followed Jiang Tong and took out the Lamborghini key from his pocket at the same time.

Jiang Tong turned her head to take a look and took the key.

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Guan Sandao followed Jiang Tong out of the alley.

Jiang Tong saw the Lamborghini and the row of cars parked behind the Lamborghini.

There were also people standing by the cars smoking.

When they saw Guan Sandao come out, they all greeted himBig Brother.

“Whats the meaning of this” Jiang Tong raised her chin.

There was more than one Lamborghini on the roadside.

There was also a red one.

It was the latest model released last year.

“Miss Jiang, Im really sorry to have made you misunderstand.

This car is my apology.

You drive the car.

If there are any problems, Ill handle them.

You see…” Guan Sandao said with a smile.

Guan Sandao lied.

Jiang Tong also knew that Guan Sandao lied.

Because it was only past seven in the morning, the car couldnt have been bought in the middle of the night, right The 4S shop in City Z couldnt have opened in the middle of the night either.

No matter how powerful Guan Sandao was, he would not be able to get the car at night and not go through the formalities to obtain the car.

He could drive the car himself without going through the formalities, but not for the car he had planned to give to Jiang Tong… Therefore, he couldnt have bought the car last night.

Guan Sandao didnt have the ability to predict the future, nor could he have known that Jiang Tong would find out that he had someone following her and the fact that she would even call him.

Therefore, the truth was when Guan Sandao left the Lihao Ballroom in the morning, he decided to form a close relationship with Jiang Tong.

Thus, he sent someone to follow her and then sent someone else to buy the car.

Because Jiang Tong had driven his Lamborghini before, Guan Sandao thought that Jiang Tong liked Lamborghinis, so he bought one.

He planned to find an opportunity to give it to Jiang Tong.

“Okay.” Jiang Tong only replied to Guan Sandao with one word.

She pressed the key, and the red Lamborghinis headlights flickered.

She got into the car and started the engine.

When she started the engine, she looked at the interior of the car.

It was indeed the latest model.

When this car was bought, Guan Sandao definitely did not add any accessories.

Nonetheless, the price of the car was already more than eight million dollars.

Jiang Tong did not really care about how expensive the car was.

However, Guan Sandao had already decided to spend eight million dollars to buy the car yesterday and he was prepared to give it to her at any time… With such boldness, it was no wonder that Guan Sandao was able to reach where he was today.

When Jiang Tong drove the car out of the alley, Guan Sandao stood by the roadside and raised his hand to signal.

He said, “Miss Jiang, take care.”

Jiang Tong nodded calmly in the car.

Half an hour later, Jiang Tong drove to the underground parking lot of Huanyu Building.

She parked the car and turned to see Zhou Jingyuns car.

It seemed that he had arrived.

She entered the elevator and swiped her employee card to go upstairs.

Yesterday, Jiang Tong applied for a job at Jingyun Fashion and obtained an employee card.

When she arrived at Zhou Jingyuns office floor, Zhou Jingyuns bodyguards were everywhere.

These bodyguards didnt stop Jiang Tong.

When they saw Jiang Tong, they even bowed and greeted her, “Miss Jiang.”


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