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In recent years, the top four people in the underworld of City Z had been fighting both openly and secretly.

They all wanted to destroy each other and make their power grew bigger.

They even wanted to monopolize! The peak of the conflict broke out in February this year.

An explosion happened at a massage hotel under Yan Baohua.

It was reported that the underground gas pipeline of the hotel had leaked and an accidental explosion had occurred, causing many employees to die.

It was an accident.

Of course, that was not an accident.

Although no one died, it had caused one of Yan Baohuas trusted agents, the nominal boss of the hotel, to be directly sent to prison.

He had not been rescued until now.

This matter directly made Zhou Mingfei furious.

Logically speaking, Zhou Mingfei should be biased towards Guan Sandao since Guan Sandao was personally promoted by him.

It had been several years.

If Zhou Mingfei really supported him, then Guan Sandao should have surpassed Liu Da and the others by a head now.

He might even be able to monopolize.

However, Zhou Mingfei did not do that because he wanted a balance.

A core disciple from a super family could not be an idiot.

Zhou Mingfei had his own wisdom.

He was very clear that once a situation where a family monopolized the entire city, whether or not he could control it well was a problem.

There was also another problem, that was the shot hit the bird that poked its head out.

In the current era, if one tried to act like a dominant family, one would not be far from death.

What Zhou Mingfei wanted was stability.

Therefore, although Guan Sandao knew him first, in the past few years, Zhou Mingfeis relationship with the other three people had maintained more or less the same.

It seemed that he could be considered as a trusted aide.

However, he maintained a sense of distance that was difficult to break through.

Zhou Mingfei was in a sensual business, so it was inevitable that he had to form a relationship with the people in City Z.

If he wanted his business to be big and do well, he had to deal with Guan Sandao and the others.

He did not only maintain a close relationship with them, but also keep a distance from them, maintaining a balance between the four of them.

He understood them and could control them.

After the explosion, Zhou Mingfei gathered Guan Sandao, Liu Da, Yan Baohua, Liao Langkun, as well as famous figures in the underworld and the older generation.

He flew into a rage and directly told them that whoever dared to stir up trouble again, he would personally kill the person! These secret meetings were the March meetings that Jiang Tong mentioned when he used Zhou Mingfeis name to call Liu Da yesterday.

Jiang Tong went back to her room to get her laptop, then returned to the living room.

She sat on the sofa and began to browse through the news.

Jiang Tong didnt think too much about the matter of Guan Sandao sending people to follow her.

She knew Guan Sandaos personality and style of doing things, so she knew why he did it.

In fact, Guan Sandao wanted to take advantage of Jiang Tong.

He wanted to get to know Jiang Tong first, then find the right opportunity, or even create a coincidence, and then secretly build a connection with her.

With Jiang Tongs identity, Guan Sandao would have an advantage in the competition with Liu Da and the others in the future! This was also the reason why Jiang Tong didnt pay attention to Guan Sandao even though she knew that he was following her.

She knew that there was no danger.

Not only was there no danger, Guan Sandao might very well bring her benefits.

At eleven oclock in the evening, Jiang Tong put away her computer and went to sleep.

The next morning, when she was ready to wake up, she picked up her phone and looked at the new date with a smile on her face.

Although she had long confirmed that the time would not reset again, she was still happy when she saw the new date because having a future in life was really great!

She ran too much yesterday.

Her legs hurt a little when she got up, but it did not affect her walking.

She got up, washed up, changed her clothes, and went downstairs to have breakfast.

When Jiang Tong walked out of the building, a strong man suddenly stood up straight.

He threw the cigarette away, stepped on it to put it out.

Then he waved his hand to sweep the smoke around him.

He looked at Jiang Tong and said, “Miss Jiang, yesterday I…”

“You are very free” Jiang Tong rolled her eyes.

This strong man was Guan Sandao.

Looking at the cigarette butts all over the floor, she didnt know how long he had been here and how long he had waited.

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Guan Sandao was really scared yesterday.

He wasnt afraid of Jiang Tong, although in his heart, Jiang Tong was also extraordinary.

His subordinates reported to him that Qian Mang was talking to Jiang Tong alone outside the restaurant yesterday.

He also knew that when Jiang Tong was sent home by Zhou Jingyun, the two of them had even kissed each other and were reluctant to part.

However, Guan Sandao did not understand Jiang Tong.

He only knew that Jiang Tong was very capable and might have a powerful background.

However, this had nothing to do with him.

In fact, he was afraid of Zhou Mingfei.


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