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“Think of a way to solve this.” Jiang Tong waved her hand and pushed the blame onto Ji Lanzhou.

She was just sleeping with a man.

She didnt want to spend her whole life with him.

Ji Lanzhou held Jiang Tongs waist with one hand and suddenly pinched it hard.

“Why Dont you want to marry into the Ji family” Although Ji Lanzhou didnt want to have any follow-up with Jiang Tong, her attitude was really displeasing.

Perhaps this was the pride of a man

“Good girl, you and I both have the same thoughts in our hearts.

Dont be so serious with me here.” Jiang Tong dodged for a moment, she smiled and touched Ji Lanzhous well-defined face.

“My future is the sea of stars, not marrying into a rich family and becoming a rich lady.

Besides, what I dont lack the most is money.” Now, she wanted to play with the information in her hands.

She wanted to make life challenging everywhere so that she would not waste the 500 years of her life.

Ji Lanzhou laughed softly and raised his head to kiss Jiang Tongs lips again.

Should he say it or not, this woman was sometimes damn domineering! Just as the two of them were about to go overboard, Ji Lanzhous phone rang.

It was his mother.

Ji Lanzhou pressed on Jiang Tongs back and held her in his arms to calm her down for a while before he took his hand out to answer the phone.

Jiang Tong listened to the conversation between Ji Lanzhou and his mother.

She lifted her body and tugged at the hem of her clothes that had been messed up.

Then, she got up from Ji Lanzhous leg.

Ji Lanzhou hung up the phone and pulled Jiang Tong down to kiss her again.

He rubbed her lips, “Shao Ying is not easy to deal with.

Not only is she ruthless, she is also very stubborn.

She treats Zhou Jingyun as her own property and does not allow anyone to covet him.

If you pretend to be Zhou Jingyuns girlfriend, you will definitely run into Shao Ying.

Be careful.”

“Its just Shao Ying.

Theres nothing to be afraid of.” Jiang Tong smiled confidently.

“Okay.” Ji Lanzhou only reminded her.

He still had confidence in Jiang Tong.

“Alright, Ill be leaving then.” Ever since he did not return home last night, his mother had been watching him even more closely than before.

Once he left the sight of the bodyguards, his mother would call him.

After Ji Lanzhou left, Jiang Tong went downstairs.

She changed her clothes and put on her university sportswear to go out for exercise.

She needed to exercise.

Her physical fitness was very good.

She looked thin, but her body was very healthy.

She didnt need to do any high-intensity exercises as she only needed to maintain a good condition.

But… she didnt want to waste her own abilities.

The so-called abilities referred to physical abilities, such as fighting.

Jiang Tong had practiced fighting before and had mastered a very comprehensive fighting technique, as well as terrifying bodys conditioned reflexes.

With her current physical condition, five or six men might not be able to beat her.

She could rely on her nimble steps and body movements to dodge her opponents attacks, just like a professional boxer.

When an ordinary person fought against a professional boxer, a professional boxer could even stand there without moving his feet.

By shaking his head and body to dodge the attacks, it was impossible for an ordinary person to hit a professional boxers head!

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Jiang Tong could also do this.

As long as she attacked, it was impossible for her opponent to dodge.

Even if she was facing a group of people, she would have the ability to deal with them one by one as long as she was not completely surrounded.

However, the problem now was that no matter how strong her combat ability was, it would be limited by her physical fitness.

In the past five hundred years, only thought, memory, knowledge, and consciousness could be accumulated.

Her body would be completely reset.

Therefore, Jiang Tong decided to start training her body from today, just to make herself stronger!

Soon, two hours later, Jiang Tong ran back to the alley covered in sweat at 11 oclock in the night.

She gradually slowed down her footsteps, from jogging to walking.

Her entire body was drenched in sweat, and her clothes stuck to her body.

Before she entered the apartment building, she suddenly stopped.

She frowned and thought for a while before she walked in.

The person was still staring at her.

He had been following her for an entire day.

How annoying!

Since Jiang Tong knew who had sent someone to follow her, she was not worried that the other party would threaten her.

She had thought that the other party would stop after knowing where her home was, but now it seemed to be endless.

After Jiang Tong returned home, she went to take a shower first.

After she came out of the bathroom in her bathrobe, she picked up her phone and walked to the window.

She looked down at the alley and then dialed a phone number.

The phone was quickly connected.

The other partys voice was cold, “Hello.”

“Ive been followed for a day.

Its time to stop.

Isnt it” Jiang Tong said lightly.


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