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However, one day, Qin Yu suddenly confessed to Zhou Jingyun.

Zhou Jingyun panicked at that time.

He only took care of Qin Yu and viewed him as a younger brother.

He did not have any other thoughts about Qin Yu.

Actually, this matter was not that big of a deal.

Later on, he decided to let it go.

However, for Zhou Jingyun, who was already 27 years old and still unmarried, this was definitely a dark history.

He was currently being forced into marriage by his family.

He had always resisted the familys arrangements and did not date women.

If others were to find out that Zhou Jingyun had such a past, it would have a very negative impact on him.

Zhou Jingyun looked at Jiang Tong and narrowed his sharp eyes.

“Dont you want to feel that you know too much You even know about what happened when I was 17.

If you dont tell me, I would have almost forgotten about that myself.”

“Are you warning me” Jiang Tong said with a smile, “If you are worried, how about giving me another 10 million to keep my mouth shut” She could feel that Zhou Jingyun was already starting to fear her because she knew too many things.

Of course, this was not regarding the fact that she knew about Zhou Jingyun when he was seventeen, but that Jiang Tongs ability to investigate this matter was unfathomable.

No one knew what other important secrets she would reveal in the next second.

This was too terrifying.

Being with a person like Jiang Tong would make Zhou Jingyun feel like he was exposed.

She could see through him and his secrets!

Of course, this was also what Jiang Tong wanted to achieve.

She understood Zhou Jingyun and knew the consequences of her words.

Facing a man like Zhou Jingyun, Jiang Tong only had two choices — conquer him or be conquered by him! Of course, Jiang Tong couldnt be the one to be conquered, so she wanted to conquer Zhou Jingyun step by step.

And thus, the first step was to let Zhou Jingyun know how terrifying she was… of course, this method was very bold.

If she wasnt careful, things would go out of control.

Because once Zhou Jingyun was very fearful of her, she would be dealt with.

But Jiang Tong wouldnt get out of hand.

She would let Zhou Jingyun have the feeling that he is in control of her, and her love for money was the feeling of control that Jiang Tong gave Zhou Jingyun.

Because Jiang Tong loved money, and got money when she stayed with Zhou Jingyun, and the fact that Jiang Tong voluntarily came to work with Zhou Jingyun, Zhou Jingyun felt that he could always use money or benefits to control Jiang Tong.

Before she completely conquered Zhou Jingyun, Jiang Tong would always maintain this balance.

“Is your mind full of money” After Zhou Jingyun said that, he turned his head to look at the people coming and going into the restaurant.

The people who came here to eat were not ordinary people, so no one had the time to notice them.

“If you dont want to give it, then dont give it.

Why are you mocking me for” Jiang Tong rolled her eyes.

“You were the one who first asked me if I knew your secret.

If you didnt keep asking, I wouldnt have bothered to tell you.”

“Do you know her” Zhou Jingyun ignored Jiang Tongs words and raised his chin at a woman who had come down from the second floor.

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Jiang Tong followed Zhou Jingyuns gaze and saw a beautiful woman who had just walked down the stairs.

Jiang Tong glanced at her and said, “Jiang Rou, 26 years old, the youngest daughter of the Jiang Wine Company.

She had an appendectomy when she was young and has a scar of about two centimeters on her abdomen.

She got married in March this year.

Her husband is…”

Before Jiang Tong could finish, Zhou Jingyun gestured in another direction.

“What about him”

Jiang Tong turned her head to look.

It was a man with a scholarly air.

He was wearing a formal suit, and he was standing up and toasting someone.

She replied, “Hao Cheng, the public relations manager of Xingcheng Industrial Group.

Hes 36 years old and married.

He has a three-year-old son.

For years, he had an improper relationship with his female secretary…”

“Alright, youre good.

Lets eat.” Zhou Jingyun interrupted Jiang Tong again.

It was very rare for a calm man like him to feel so helpless.

He had already lost his interest in challenging Jiang Tongs professionalism as an intelligence dealer.

When the two of them ate, Zhou Jingyun would also put food in Jiang Tongs bowl and pour a glass of water for her.

As it was a public place, he did not forget the purpose of coming here.

However, most of the time, he was looking at the table, and no one knew what he was thinking.

“You even know how long the scars on other peoples bodies are.

Then, do you know what characteristics I have” Zhou Jingyun did not look at Jiang Tong.

He asked as he picked up food, as if he was casually chatting.

Jiang Tong let out an “Ah” and looked at Zhou Jingyuns lower body, which was covered by the dining table.

She said with a faint smile, “You dont have any hair down there.”



Zhou Jingyuns chopsticks fell on the table.

He originally thought that Jiang Tong would say that there was a mole on his body or that there was a scar from a fight when he was young, but…


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