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Jiang Tong stayed in Jingyun Fashion company for the whole afternoon.

Although she was only an assistant in name and didnt need to work, she still had to put on an act.

Therefore, she familiarized herself with the environment, got to know the people in the company, and even participated in a company meeting.

Around five oclock in the afternoon, Jiang Tong and Zhou Jingyun left the company together.

This time, they didnt take Zhou Jingyuns Maybach.

Zhou Jingyun had a lot of cars.

He changed to a Bentley and didnt use a driver.

He drove the car himself and Jiang Tong sat in the front passenger seat with him.

The bodyguards drove a Mercedes-Benz and followed behind their car.

Although Zhou Jingyun was the CEO, he still had to have his own life.

He fastened his seatbelt and asked Jiang Tong, “Where are we going to eat”

“Lets go to…” Jiang Tong thought for a moment and asked Zhou Jingyun, “Do you mind if more people know about me”

“I dont mind.” Not only did Zhou Jingyun not mind that more people knew about Jiang Tong, but he was also afraid that there werent enough people who knew about Jiang Tong.

“Then lets go to the Taste Pavilion,” Jiang Tong nodded.

The Taste Pavilion was the top Chinese restaurant in City Z.

The seats were usually reserved in advance, and most of the time, it was very hard to make a reservation.

One of the reasons why Jiang Tong chose the Taste Pavilion was that Zhou Jingyun was a regular customer there and a VIP member.

When he talked about work and entertained customers, he would always choose the Taste Pavilion.

Another reason was that the Taste Pavilion was a place where only rich people could afford to go, so it was the easiest place to bump into acquaintances.

Zhou Jingyun drove to the Taste Pavilion.

With Zhou Jingyuns stature, he could have asked for a private room.

However, they didnt go to the private room.

They simply chose a window seat in the hall on the first floor, which was a more convenient place for people to see them.

While they were waiting for the dishes, someone quickly came to greet them.

“Hey, Boss Zhou, what a coincidence.

Youre here for dinner today” The first person who came to greet them was a middle-aged man wearing a pair of glasses.

He was almost 50 years old, he was tall and thin.


Xiao, what a coincidence.” Zhou Jingyun pretended to be very surprised.

Xiao Xiwang was 49 years old.

He was the boss of Xiwang Corporation.

He was in the business of electronic accessories.

He had been married twice and had a son and a daughter.

Currently, Xiwangs Corporation business was very good.

It could be said that it was thriving.

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The moment Jiang Tong saw Xiao Xiwang, she silently recited Xiao Xiwangs information in her heart.

Xiao Xiwang and Zhou Jingyun did not have any business dealings.

One of them was in the clothing fashion line, while the other was in the electronic accessories business.

They did not have much of a relationship.

However, the connections of rich people did not mean that they would only know each other if they did business with each other.

There were too many opportunities to get to know one another: business receptions, some big shots birthday banquets, or the gathering of friends.

Rich people liked to make friends, and they took the initiative to do so because they knew that having many friends provided many paths for them, and having many enemies would give them plenty of obstacles.

Although Zhou Jingyun was a proud person and did not like to socialize, he would definitely know those he should know.

Zhou Jingyun exchanged a few pleasantries with Xiao Xiwang, and Xiao Xiwang naturally noticed the very beautiful Jiang Tong.

He smiled and asked, “Mr.

Zhou, this is…”

“My girlfriend, Jiang Tong.” After Zhou Jingyun said that, he smiled and introduced Jiang Tong, “My dear, this is CEO Xiao of the Xiwang Corporation.”

Jiang Tong stood up.

Before she could reach out her hand, Xiao Xiwang had already reached out his hand first.

The two shook hands and greeted each other with a “Nice to meet you.”

Xiao Xiwang looked calm on the surface, but he was actually very shocked inwardly.

Zhou Jingyuns fake girlfriend act was not a secret in Z City.

It was said that Zhou Jingyun used his fake girlfriends as a shield to resist the arranged marriage at home.

Why did everyone know that Zhou Jingyuns girlfriend was fake Because Zhou Jingyun would never bring his girlfriend to a restaurant for a date.

He would only bring along his fake girlfriends to attend certain occasions.

To Zhou Jingyun, his girlfriend was just a tool.

At some business banquets, if Zhou Jingyun did not say that the person next to him was his girlfriend, everyone would have thought that he had brought his secretary to attend the banquet.

He did not have any intimate interactions with his girlfriend as well.

If Zhou Jingyun didnt speak to them, his fake girlfriends would not dare to speak.

They were always careful in front of him and acted according to his wishes, so everyone knew that his girlfriends were fake.

But this time… Zhou Jingyun actually called Jiang Tong “My dear” Moreover, Zhou Jingyun looked very different today.

His personality was usually cold and unsmiling, and he was always expressionless.

But currently, Zhou Jingyun actually had a smile on his face.

So… This time, it was really his girlfriend

“Miss Jiang, its a pleasure to meet you.

Hahaha, Miss Jiang is beautiful and generous.

You and CEO Zhou are really a match made in heaven.

CEO Zhou is so lucky.” The cogs in Xiao Xiwangs brain turned quickly.

He not only praised Jiang Tong but also Zhou Jingyun.

“Thank you, CEO Xiao, you flatter me,” Jiang Tong said with a smile, and then looked at Zhou Jingyun.


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